Is it your real nails? YES! It is my natural nails. U can see more of my bare nails HERE

Naked NailsNaked Nails

Where do you get an inspirations from? Most of the times I get my inspiration from very random things, like new skirt, some of other fashion items, flowers, color wheel, bla-bla-bla. Whatever idea I have in my head I try to recreate it as close and still get something :) Also the most spiritual inspiration I'm getting from you tube gurus and nail bloggers! It is so powerful for me. When I see or read something from the lovely nail gurus it is so inspiring me to do more new designs :)

Your nails are really long.. how do you prevent them from breaking??? Some steps I like to stick too:
1. Always wear a layer of base coat even if you don't gonna apply any nail polish on. This will keep your nails stronger and prevent the washing away natural oils.
2. Moisturizing nails. This is very important! Try to use a nail care moisturizing every night. Don't use an oily products tho, oil textured products can not moisturize as well as a creamy textured nail moisturizers. Use oils for your cuticle.
3. Foil your nails a few times in a week. This will help to "re-fresh" nail edges. Try to foil them in one direction only. And personally I don't like using "smoothing" side of nail foil becuase it makes the nails thinner and easier to break.
4. Good nail polish remover. I personally don't use high quality nail polish remover I just wash my hands really, really well after using the product. I don't use expensive nail polishes as well, just use a base coat before applying any varnish.

What is your nail cuticle care? Seriously, I do nothing with my cuticle. Once in a while I push back the cuticle and thats it! 
I like to apply cuticle balm on, massage for a few minutes and then lightly push the cuticle back. Never cut them. Rarely touching cuticles works for me best.

What is your nail care? I have a bunch of nail care stuff ->  Click [HERE] for the nail and cutlicle routine and products.

What camera do U use for taking pictures? Recently I bought a new phone Samsung Galaxy SIII pink model and I use camera from my cell. Just 8 megapixels camera.

Do U prefer OPI China Glaze or Color Club? I personally don't have all those/US nail polish brands. Those are very difficult find here in Korea or they are just too expensive (one bottle of Nfu-Oh costs $27) So, there is no answer, sorry! But I have tried China Glaze's holo polishes and they are amazing also Color Club polishes are really good too (just have a few colors)

How often do you change your pedicure? I change my pedicure once a week and manicure I like to change 1-2 times a week.

Where can I buy PERIPERA and ARITAUM nail polish? Both of them are Korean brand nail polishes. And I personally buy them on my local beauty stores. For those who are not from Korea I suggest to check out Ebay.

How did you learn to do nails like that?  Practice, practice, practice!

How did you start your blog?  Actually when I started blogging it was all about make-up but after a few years it turned out to be all about nails.

How do you get so many site visits?  I do nothing, I just blog regularly.

P.S. If U have any other questions feel free to ask them on the comment section below!


  1. I purchased the fake hand for my upcoming practical exam. As practice, I gave it acrylic nails. I can't get them off now and I'm afraid that using acetone will damage the actual hand. Do you have any tips for removing the acrylics?
    Thank you!

    1. Hadn't tried acrylic nails on my practice hand yet, but check out this video, may be it'll help ^^

    2. the link -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1jUKQG848w

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  3. Hi! I'm a waygook Nail FREAK in SK, and I am SO excited about all the pretty polishes and stuff I'm finding in the local shops! What I'm missing is nail treatments. Can you recommend Korean brand protective base coats and chip-resistant top coats that prolong wear (I don't have time to change my nails more than once a week)? I'm having my brushes and dotters sent to me, but are there stores can I buy some in case I need new ones, or do I have to go online? I've seen dotters in stores, but no brushes. lastly, what is your favorite place to shop online for nail stuff? Like, who has the best shipping rates to SK? Thanks so much! I'm so glad I found your blog!

  4. Oops, nvm! I found all your recommendations under your My Nail/Cuticle Care Routine and Products link LOl Thx!

    1. HI! Thats good! Hopefully it'll help you :)


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