Monday, February 10, 2014

Dolphin Nails

D - for Dolphins

The other day I have made another entry for Alphabet challenge and it's for the letter "D" now :) I chose "dolphins" obviously and they are stamped just to save time.

I just finished watching Frozen full movie on you tube and I really am not that impressed that I thought I would be, may be because of all that hype about the movie. It is really beautiful though and the "Let It Go" song is totally catching, so I will buy and watch it in HD quality as soon as it appears on my local movie web-site and hopefuly I will change my thoughts about it. But as of right now I think The Snow Queen was much-much better, but thats just my opinion :) 
Have you watched Frozen and/or The Snow Queen? How do you like it?
The weather today is so gloomy, in some parts of Korea it still crazy snowing (not here). So my pictures aren't that bright as it should be but my hub's camera really is good. He recently changed his phone on Note3 and I am in love with his camera lol~

How To Achieve This Nail Art:
1. Apply base coat to protect natural nails. 
2. Apply bright orange polish to the accent nails and the rest of the nails paint with glittery blue.
3. For accent nails apply blue polish to the nail tips only to represent sea.
4. Draw half circles with yellow acrylic paint for the sun and bring it lower as a reflection on the water.
5. Add a little bit of glitters to the orange part and seal everything with good layer of clear top coat.
6. After everything is completely dry stamp black dolphins, I used F2 image plate.
7. To the rest of the nails I drew some white bubbles.
8. To finish of apply good layer of clear top coat.
Thats it for today. Thank you so very much for taking time and visiting my blog!
Let me know what do you think of this nail art?
Have a polished day! 


  1. Amazing as always! The weather is quite bad too in Germany and I also have problems taking proper pics. :(
    I've watched Frozen in the cinemas 2 weeks or so ago and loved it. Too bad it wasn't what you've expected. And Let it go is a very chatchy song indeed. Have you listen to the korean version already? Though I don't understand a word (besides Let it go) I really enjoyed it in korean :D

    1. Thank you!
      I've watched a TV show how they made this song, but I haven't listen full version of it~

  2. this is awesome!!!! love the the dolphins!

  3. Dolphins! I love it! Hihi. And my brother changed his phone to Note3 too and I use it to take macro shots of my nails. He keeps getting annoyed with me because of that. lol.


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