Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A47 Image Plate: Wood Inspired Nails

My kids are now on vacation before the new school year starts. And then we are going to new kindergarden. I decided to switch it because I think that there is not good enough teacher for my older son. Anyways, I found it's very hard to pick up right time to change my nails now. Thats why my mani for this week is super easy :)
To make this nail design I did a magnetic polish background with 2 different colors. First I applied darker brown like normal polish and after it's dry I applied thicker coat of it, placed some light brown dots and magnetized it. Then I double stamped images from A47 plate and added 3 rhinestones to lunula.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"A" series image plates are bigger in size then usual round plates, for example they are bigger then Konad or Bundle Monster. A47 i.p. includs 11 different images. And to me it looks like a wood, right? wrong?Anyways, all those images engraved nicely and I had no problems using this plate. It comes with individual cellophane bag and plastic film which has to be removed before the first use.
Full set of "A" series image plates available on Bunny Nails on-line store for normal price and smooth shipping.
Do you already have this series i.p.? Which plate is your favourite?
This image plate was sent from Bunny Nails store.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Swatch Spam.

Just like to share some of nail polish pictures that I was able to wear for the past few days. Also please check out my Project Beauty Empties for February. I really do enjoy this project :)

Tony Moly Nail Lacquer Glitter in G107 Heavy Brown (헤비 브라운). 3 layers on with clear top coat. Looks slightly dull without a top coat on though. Brown jelly polish with lots of green, red, gold, light blue and brown glitters to it. All glitters has different shape and size. It comes with a normal size brush and dries in normal time too. All though the application is kind of complicated, because this polish has a lot of glitters it's hard to cover free edge evenly, and if glitter will stuck there it will easily be scratched. To remove this nail polish I used foil wrapping method.

San San Nail Polish in Tropical Lemon. 3 layers on without top coat. Creme finish. It comes with a thinner brush and dries a bit longer then usual nail polish. The consistency is slightly watery. But I really do like the color!

The Face Shop in GR505. This nail polish line is from Lovely Me:ex collection. 2 layers on without top coat. Creme finish. Comes with a normal size brush and dries in normal time. The application is a little bit streaky.

Etude House in Manic Mango DOR202. This nail polish is from their Dear My Deep Color Nails collection. 2 layers on without top coat. Creme finish. Comes with a monsterss wide brush. Application is very nice and smooth. Dries in normal time.

Sally Hansen in Mille Fleu. Diamond strength no chip color. 3 layers on without top coat. Slightly shimmery color. Comes with a thinner brush. Dries in normal time, may be a little bit longer. Watery texture which makes this nail polish look sheer.

Aritaum nail polish in White Pink #39. 2 layers on without top coat. Sheer duochrome polish. It looks milky white on the picture but when I move my hands it looks like pearl pink color. I think this nail polish will looks more prettier on short nails. It comes with normal size soft brush. Dries in normal time, easy application.

Friday, February 22, 2013

"HeLLo Kitty Candy Crush" Nails

I have to say that I spend all my time by playing a game on my phone. I downloaded Candy Crush app the other day and since then I play it all the time! Reached level 30 and stuck there lol~ I was out of hearts and decided to make a nail art inspired by this Candy Crush Saga :)
For the nail art accent I used Hello Kitty stickers from Bunny Nails on-line store. And this as well as lots of other fabulous stickers will soon be available on the web-site.
How to make this nail design:
1. Apply a base coat to protect natural nails and create smooth surface for nail polish application.
2. Apply pearl white polish onto all nails.
3. Apply basic white polish on to the nail tips only.
4. With arylic paints and thin detail brush draw horizontal stripes.
5. Outline colorful nail tips with some gold glitters.
6. Apply pearls, rhinestones and stickers to decorate this nail art even more.
7. Seal everything with a good layer of clear top coat.
Hello Kitty stickers was sent from Bunny Nails store.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bunny Nails HD Holiday Image Plates Overview and Nail Art

HeLLo everyone! I had so much fun playing with Bunny Nails Holiday plates today. I'm sure all of you already saw those image plates and most of you have them. This is just some ideas I came up with :) Hope you like them :)

Leopard heart print full image from Valentine's Day section HD-B plate.

Full image of heart pattern from Valentine's Day image section HD-A plate.

Full image pattern for St. Patrick's Day HD-B plate.

Happy Birthday nails HD-B plate.

Beautiful floral pattern of Easter section HD-B plate.

HD-A and HD-B Holiday series nail art image plates a perfect collection of stamping images for Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, July 4th USA, birthday party, wedding or just for everyday manicure. Such wide choice of cute images. I haven't used every single image from these plates but I played with most of them. And they are all nicely graved, great quality, very easy to work with. Full images are long and wide enough to cover long nails as mine in one single stamp. 
More info and pictures from Bunny Nails web-site
HD-A plate is a new plate featuring small and full nail holiday designs that can be used on special occasions or throughout the year!
Measures 14.5x9.5cm full nail patterns measure 2x2.5cms approx. This plate is made of metal and covered with a blue plastic film---please remove it before 1st use.
*Free Worldwide Shipping on HD plates*
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A quick comparison between Bunny Nails and Konad image plates. Clearly Bunny Nails images are much-much bigger! Great for longer nails!
Image plates was sent from Bunny Nails store.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Twisted Zebra Nails

I really had only a few free hours this morning and decided to change my mani. I did everything and when applied top coat white polish got smeared! OMG! I was really angry lol~ because I used not cheap white polish (I have left almost full bottle of it tho) which is from Odyssey Nail System and it wasn't dry after 30 mins! I'm very angry when you have to pay only for the brand name! That's it! The end of the rant hahaha~
Had to remove this mani after I took some pictures. Smeared polish is annoying, agree?
I bought this The Face Shop Face & it polish in PP401 quite some time ago and haven't a chance to use it yet. It's a clear base polish with lots of light purple stripe and gold hexagon glitters to it. For the main background color I used deep purple color and applied 2 coats of PP401 on top. Easy application, normal dry time and normal nail polish brush.
Purple laser rectangle nail art decorating studs. Comes with approx 50 pcs in each pack. Size of each stud is 5mm X 3mm. I've noticed that it's hard to find a use for such type of studs. Other that that I really like how they looks, very-very pretty!
This product was sent from KKCenterHK.
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on 4 Feb 2013 to 21 Feb 2013. 
Coupons code: kkvalentineday20off
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3. The company will retain all the final decisions.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

MODI Peel-Off Base Coat

This is very thick yet strange consistency of the base coat. Because it's thick it dries up for quite a few minutes (10 may be 15 mins), when you think it's already dry - wait some more. It feels sticky in touch and tricky to apply evenly. Look at my ring finger on the picture below, it easily gets bumpy.
1. Evenly apply this base coat all over the nails.
2. After it completely dry apply any desired glitter polish on top.
For my experiment I chose The Face Shop polish from Face & it collection in MX311. It's a clear based polish with lots of rainbow glitters to it. I applied 5-6 coats on my toes to get this opaque layer of the glitters.  
How to:
1. Starting from the cuticle line press down slightly and you will immediately see peel off polish.
2. Do it all the way up and across the surface of the nail. 
3. Remove all residues with nail polish remover. It's super easy to take off the excess polish.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I love using glitters for my nails all the time and this is the easiest way to remove them after. Also it costs 3 500 KRW no more then $3, I guess.
It does't work if I use orange wood stick (only metal cuticle pusher) and I don't want damage my fingernails by peeling this off.
I will go back and buy some more of this peel-off base coats because spring is coming up soon and I'm gonna rock flip-flops and "open" shoes with all glitter polishes on my nails :) And I'm gonna need this a lot for my toes!

Which Peel-Off Base Coat you already have tried (do not mean a glue)? What is your thoughts?

Friday, February 15, 2013

J Lo (Grammy 2013) Inspired Nails

I don't watch Grammys but searched through Google the other day and found this picture. And I found this mani idea is soooo cute and simple :)
J Lo has white base polish with gold glitters in the center, I belive. With gold rhinestone at lunula area on her ring finger as well as gold micro beads to the entire length of the nail on each finger.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Here is my version. I have longer nails with semi-square shape. White polish by itself looks very dramatic on my nails. Thats why I decided to skip the step with micro beads on  to the length of nails because visually it will give the view of more longer tips.
Front view...
To get this design I used 2 different type of gold glitter polish which are The Face Shop Face & it collection polish in GL112 and Lofes polish in Gold Color Sparkles #400. As well as gold studs.
4mm flat rounded studs. Comes approx. 50 pcs in the pack. One side is gold and the other is clear/silver. Great nail art decorations to have. But the only issue I have with them is some of the studs clashed with each other and before start decorating nails you have to separate them from each other. Other than that I really do like this studs, they suits my nail plate perfectly, stays as long as I wear manicure, looks 3D but feels almost flat to the touch. Also I found them re-usable: after first use they become silver (because nail polish remover removes gold cover) and next time you can use them as silver studs as well :)
Studs was sent from KKCenterHK.
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3. The company will retain all the final decisions.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Love Is In The Air" Valentine's Day Nails + My Collective Haul

The Lunar New Year holidays was crazy as always for me. So glad it's over now and I can breathe freely again! Hate all the holidays in Korea!!! Can anyone cancel it please? lol~
On the bright side is that my experiment on the minimum use of nail polish remover success! For the past 2 weeks I used remover only 2 times and my nails looks much better now. Almost all dry places are gone now and in general they looks more hydrated. Gonna keep change mani once a week and no more, during winter time.
For the upcoming Valentine's Day I've made this super easy gradation nail art which took me no more then 20 min to do.
How to do this nail design:
I applied basic white polish on to my nails and sponged neon pink color to the nail tips. Applied a coat of The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex collection in WH003. And randomly sticked some heart studs. And thats it! Super fast, almost last minute Valentine's Day nails :)
For today's mani I used this 6mm pink heart shaped studs. The other side of the studs looks like clear/silver and pretty much usable. Comes with about 50 pcs in each pack. They looks and feels as 3D decorations but they hold very well on the nails, just don't forget to apply a good layer of top coat to secure the studs.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Here is the other studs I've got from KKCenterHK. I will make a nail art with them soon :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Studs was sent to me from KKCenterHK.
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With this coupon, you can have a 20% off discount for any item in
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Coupons code: kkvalentineday20off
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1.This coupon can use Unlimited times.
2. This offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
3. The company will retain all the final decisions.

My recent and probably the most good buy is this Business Card Holder. I use this for stamping image plate holder. It has 200 pockets and round plates fits perfectly in it. But the octagon plates are little bit bigger in diameter so I put them in plastick pockets and attach to the binding. Anyways, I'm so glad about image plate organizing :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Yesterday I wanted to get an eye brow pencil from Laneige but it was out of stock and I got one from Mamonde in Brown. I also picked up lip liner with re-fill from Laneige in Natural Beige, a few Laneige Water Bank Essence samples (planning on buy a full size product) and some MODI polish. Not sure how new they are but I've got their peel-off base coat which I can't wait to try out, Pumpkin Jelly (yellow polish with red glitters), Broken Promise (sky blue polish with blue and gold glitters to it), Festiva Avenue (another blue polish with gold glitters).
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And last but not least... I got nail mail from Bunny Nails this morning. She sent me tons of amazing products including her new image plates HD-A and HD-B, new XL double sided stamper kit, A series image plates, lots and lots tons of amazing nails stickers of Hello Kitty, mettalic gold and silver images and so many other goodies as well as 2 franken polishes :) Soooo thankful for this package, Dulce! I will post lots of stamping nail designs since now :) 
Make sure to check out Bunny Nails image plates store if you wanna have those beautiful images :)
Thats it for today! Have a great Valentine's Day you all!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"Paradise Flowers" Nail Art

Recently, I began to notice that my nails are over dry. The nail surface began to peel off and this really makes me worry! So, I decided that I need use more rarely nail polish remover and acetone and change my mani only once a week. Will see how it works. Any other advices you have?
How to create this nail design:
1. Apply nail strengthener and base coat at first to protect natural nails and to create a smooth surface for nail polish application.
2. Apply sky blue polish all over the nails as a main base color.
3. Sponge neon yellow and neon pink polish on top.
4. Apply a coat of any clear glittery polish to smooth out everything.
5. With nail art brush and black acrylic paint draw some rose petals and fill in the rest of the space with the same black paint.
6. Add some nail art decorations and seal everything with a good layer of clear top coat.
Here is picture of my right hand. Still waiting when my middle finger nail to grow to the length of the rest of my nails. Look [HERE] for my broken nails >_<
Thats it for now! For those who celebrate a New Year this weekend I wish all the best! More patience and effort and you will be rewarded :)

Friday, February 01, 2013

"Dark Side of the Moon" Nails

HeLLo everyone! Before you learn how to do this nail art let me share a quick experience I had during doing someone's nails. It's important for everyone, I promise!
Last week wife of my brother-in-law asked me to do her nails and I said yes, of course. I went there and she had a friend of her and her doughter who are also wanted to get a manicure. I was very confused, because I took only one pair of sterilized tools and had no idea there is more then one person who gonna get a mani from me (for free! I don't take money from relatives). Anyways, the friend was first and she was in love with her purple gradient nails, then her doughter and I was in a great mood too. Next was wife of my brother-in-law. I started doing her nails, obviously with already used cuticle nippers and other tools. I took with me spray sanitizer but wasn't count on it to much. So I was afraid to get her bleeding to avoid getting infection and all the subsequent problems. I'm always very gentle with cuticles because it's important factor. And she said: "You'll be more respectfull if you cut it off cleaner!" I really had no words to say. I finished my work and left without their thanx. Of course I will never ever do her nails again because such people don't know about nails nothing and don't understand that I personally do care about their nails a lot!
The thing that I want to say is be gentle with your cuticles. Don't cut it off if not necessary. Just apply a little bit of cutile oil and push it back. Doing it once or twice a day will show a huge noticeable difference and you will get the prettiest and the cleanest cuticles ever. Then more you touch/cut them off then more faster and rougher it'll grow. 

I made those nails a few days ago and wasn't sure to show them or not. Anyways, here is my galaxy inspired nails I have on right now. 
How to get this nail art:
1. Apply base coat to protect your natural nails and make nail polish last longer.
2. Apply a coat of sheer beige polish.
3. Sponge deep purple polish to the nail tips only.
4. With white acrylic paint draw some sphere looking shapes.
5. To the white area randomly sponge some blue, lilac and pink colors. Add black dots to the nail edges as well.
6. Apply a coat of flakie/glittery nail polish to smooth everything out.
7. Add some blue and silver glitters to the smile line and seal everything with a good layer of clear top coat.
Let me know what do you think about this nail art. Would you make it for yourself?
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