Monday, February 18, 2013

Twisted Zebra Nails

I really had only a few free hours this morning and decided to change my mani. I did everything and when applied top coat white polish got smeared! OMG! I was really angry lol~ because I used not cheap white polish (I have left almost full bottle of it tho) which is from Odyssey Nail System and it wasn't dry after 30 mins! I'm very angry when you have to pay only for the brand name! That's it! The end of the rant hahaha~
Had to remove this mani after I took some pictures. Smeared polish is annoying, agree?
I bought this The Face Shop Face & it polish in PP401 quite some time ago and haven't a chance to use it yet. It's a clear base polish with lots of light purple stripe and gold hexagon glitters to it. For the main background color I used deep purple color and applied 2 coats of PP401 on top. Easy application, normal dry time and normal nail polish brush.
Purple laser rectangle nail art decorating studs. Comes with approx 50 pcs in each pack. Size of each stud is 5mm X 3mm. I've noticed that it's hard to find a use for such type of studs. Other that that I really like how they looks, very-very pretty!
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  1. Wild manicure! ;)

    You have an amazing nails.

    I also have a nail art blog :)


    1. Thank you :)
      Ok, I'll check your blog too.

  2. Damn white polish! It's too bad but the mani is awesome!

  3. The studs are pretty - so is the mani. It's a pain that it didn't dry though!!

    1. Thank you Liane!
      I hate when it happens to me lol~


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