Monday, February 25, 2013

Swatch Spam.

Just like to share some of nail polish pictures that I was able to wear for the past few days. Also please check out my Project Beauty Empties for February. I really do enjoy this project :)

Tony Moly Nail Lacquer Glitter in G107 Heavy Brown (헤비 브라운). 3 layers on with clear top coat. Looks slightly dull without a top coat on though. Brown jelly polish with lots of green, red, gold, light blue and brown glitters to it. All glitters has different shape and size. It comes with a normal size brush and dries in normal time too. All though the application is kind of complicated, because this polish has a lot of glitters it's hard to cover free edge evenly, and if glitter will stuck there it will easily be scratched. To remove this nail polish I used foil wrapping method.

San San Nail Polish in Tropical Lemon. 3 layers on without top coat. Creme finish. It comes with a thinner brush and dries a bit longer then usual nail polish. The consistency is slightly watery. But I really do like the color!

The Face Shop in GR505. This nail polish line is from Lovely Me:ex collection. 2 layers on without top coat. Creme finish. Comes with a normal size brush and dries in normal time. The application is a little bit streaky.

Etude House in Manic Mango DOR202. This nail polish is from their Dear My Deep Color Nails collection. 2 layers on without top coat. Creme finish. Comes with a monsterss wide brush. Application is very nice and smooth. Dries in normal time.

Sally Hansen in Mille Fleu. Diamond strength no chip color. 3 layers on without top coat. Slightly shimmery color. Comes with a thinner brush. Dries in normal time, may be a little bit longer. Watery texture which makes this nail polish look sheer.

Aritaum nail polish in White Pink #39. 2 layers on without top coat. Sheer duochrome polish. It looks milky white on the picture but when I move my hands it looks like pearl pink color. I think this nail polish will looks more prettier on short nails. It comes with normal size soft brush. Dries in normal time, easy application.


  1. Love them all! Especially the first one but this is the kind of nail polish I really don't like to remove :/

    1. Thank you very much for the love Sarah!
      I hate remove such polishes too lol~

  2. Wow, all the polish shades are so bright and perfect for summer!!!! Love the shape of your nails and the length Anastacia!

    1. Yeeees! As much as I like this cold season I miss some warm days lol~
      Thank you very much Nikki :)


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