Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"Paradise Flowers" Nail Art

Recently, I began to notice that my nails are over dry. The nail surface began to peel off and this really makes me worry! So, I decided that I need use more rarely nail polish remover and acetone and change my mani only once a week. Will see how it works. Any other advices you have?
How to create this nail design:
1. Apply nail strengthener and base coat at first to protect natural nails and to create a smooth surface for nail polish application.
2. Apply sky blue polish all over the nails as a main base color.
3. Sponge neon yellow and neon pink polish on top.
4. Apply a coat of any clear glittery polish to smooth out everything.
5. With nail art brush and black acrylic paint draw some rose petals and fill in the rest of the space with the same black paint.
6. Add some nail art decorations and seal everything with a good layer of clear top coat.
Here is picture of my right hand. Still waiting when my middle finger nail to grow to the length of the rest of my nails. Look [HERE] for my broken nails >_<
Thats it for now! For those who celebrate a New Year this weekend I wish all the best! More patience and effort and you will be rewarded :)


  1. so rich and beautiful :)

  2. So pretty and this can be for Valentine's Anastacia! :D

    1. hehe~ Tahnk you a lot Nikki! For the Valentine's Day I have another nail idea :)


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