Sunday, February 17, 2013

MODI Peel-Off Base Coat

This is very thick yet strange consistency of the base coat. Because it's thick it dries up for quite a few minutes (10 may be 15 mins), when you think it's already dry - wait some more. It feels sticky in touch and tricky to apply evenly. Look at my ring finger on the picture below, it easily gets bumpy.
1. Evenly apply this base coat all over the nails.
2. After it completely dry apply any desired glitter polish on top.
For my experiment I chose The Face Shop polish from Face & it collection in MX311. It's a clear based polish with lots of rainbow glitters to it. I applied 5-6 coats on my toes to get this opaque layer of the glitters.  
How to:
1. Starting from the cuticle line press down slightly and you will immediately see peel off polish.
2. Do it all the way up and across the surface of the nail. 
3. Remove all residues with nail polish remover. It's super easy to take off the excess polish.
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I love using glitters for my nails all the time and this is the easiest way to remove them after. Also it costs 3 500 KRW no more then $3, I guess.
It does't work if I use orange wood stick (only metal cuticle pusher) and I don't want damage my fingernails by peeling this off.
I will go back and buy some more of this peel-off base coats because spring is coming up soon and I'm gonna rock flip-flops and "open" shoes with all glitter polishes on my nails :) And I'm gonna need this a lot for my toes!

Which Peel-Off Base Coat you already have tried (do not mean a glue)? What is your thoughts?


  1. wow, never thought of having this around! Never thought a product like this exist! thanks for sharing!

    1. My pleasure!
      I never heard about specialized peel-off base coat yet and was really exciting to try it out and thought some of girls might be interested in it as well :)


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