Friday, February 15, 2013

J Lo (Grammy 2013) Inspired Nails

I don't watch Grammys but searched through Google the other day and found this picture. And I found this mani idea is soooo cute and simple :)
J Lo has white base polish with gold glitters in the center, I belive. With gold rhinestone at lunula area on her ring finger as well as gold micro beads to the entire length of the nail on each finger.
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Here is my version. I have longer nails with semi-square shape. White polish by itself looks very dramatic on my nails. Thats why I decided to skip the step with micro beads on  to the length of nails because visually it will give the view of more longer tips.
Front view...
To get this design I used 2 different type of gold glitter polish which are The Face Shop Face & it collection polish in GL112 and Lofes polish in Gold Color Sparkles #400. As well as gold studs.
4mm flat rounded studs. Comes approx. 50 pcs in the pack. One side is gold and the other is clear/silver. Great nail art decorations to have. But the only issue I have with them is some of the studs clashed with each other and before start decorating nails you have to separate them from each other. Other than that I really do like this studs, they suits my nail plate perfectly, stays as long as I wear manicure, looks 3D but feels almost flat to the touch. Also I found them re-usable: after first use they become silver (because nail polish remover removes gold cover) and next time you can use them as silver studs as well :)
Studs was sent from KKCenterHK.
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  1. Wow Anastacia! I love your version!

  2. omg, I love it! it's so classy & elegant~

  3. У тебя вышло более сдержанно, элегантно, чем у Джей Ло. :) Люблю белое с золотом.

    1. Спасибочки! Да, я сделала это преднамеренно чтоб мои длинные ногти не казались еще более длинными :)


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