Friday, February 22, 2013

"HeLLo Kitty Candy Crush" Nails

I have to say that I spend all my time by playing a game on my phone. I downloaded Candy Crush app the other day and since then I play it all the time! Reached level 30 and stuck there lol~ I was out of hearts and decided to make a nail art inspired by this Candy Crush Saga :)
For the nail art accent I used Hello Kitty stickers from Bunny Nails on-line store. And this as well as lots of other fabulous stickers will soon be available on the web-site.
How to make this nail design:
1. Apply a base coat to protect natural nails and create smooth surface for nail polish application.
2. Apply pearl white polish onto all nails.
3. Apply basic white polish on to the nail tips only.
4. With arylic paints and thin detail brush draw horizontal stripes.
5. Outline colorful nail tips with some gold glitters.
6. Apply pearls, rhinestones and stickers to decorate this nail art even more.
7. Seal everything with a good layer of clear top coat.
Hello Kitty stickers was sent from Bunny Nails store.


  1. Aarrgh! I die! I looove Hello Kitty! :-)

    1. ahaha~ me too :)
      I was really indifferent to hello Kitty before but recently I'm so into Hello Kitty nails :)

  2. I tried playing Candy Crush but I didn't really like it... but may I will try again. hahha I love your mani! The colors are adorable & Hello Kitty just makes it even cuter! :D

    1. hahaha~ Candy Crush is a time killer lol~
      Thank you very much Katrina :)

  3. Super cute! and oh i'm also a huge fan of that Candy Crush Saga game... :)


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