Friday, February 01, 2013

"Dark Side of the Moon" Nails

HeLLo everyone! Before you learn how to do this nail art let me share a quick experience I had during doing someone's nails. It's important for everyone, I promise!
Last week wife of my brother-in-law asked me to do her nails and I said yes, of course. I went there and she had a friend of her and her doughter who are also wanted to get a manicure. I was very confused, because I took only one pair of sterilized tools and had no idea there is more then one person who gonna get a mani from me (for free! I don't take money from relatives). Anyways, the friend was first and she was in love with her purple gradient nails, then her doughter and I was in a great mood too. Next was wife of my brother-in-law. I started doing her nails, obviously with already used cuticle nippers and other tools. I took with me spray sanitizer but wasn't count on it to much. So I was afraid to get her bleeding to avoid getting infection and all the subsequent problems. I'm always very gentle with cuticles because it's important factor. And she said: "You'll be more respectfull if you cut it off cleaner!" I really had no words to say. I finished my work and left without their thanx. Of course I will never ever do her nails again because such people don't know about nails nothing and don't understand that I personally do care about their nails a lot!
The thing that I want to say is be gentle with your cuticles. Don't cut it off if not necessary. Just apply a little bit of cutile oil and push it back. Doing it once or twice a day will show a huge noticeable difference and you will get the prettiest and the cleanest cuticles ever. Then more you touch/cut them off then more faster and rougher it'll grow. 

I made those nails a few days ago and wasn't sure to show them or not. Anyways, here is my galaxy inspired nails I have on right now. 
How to get this nail art:
1. Apply base coat to protect your natural nails and make nail polish last longer.
2. Apply a coat of sheer beige polish.
3. Sponge deep purple polish to the nail tips only.
4. With white acrylic paint draw some sphere looking shapes.
5. To the white area randomly sponge some blue, lilac and pink colors. Add black dots to the nail edges as well.
6. Apply a coat of flakie/glittery nail polish to smooth everything out.
7. Add some blue and silver glitters to the smile line and seal everything with a good layer of clear top coat.
Let me know what do you think about this nail art. Would you make it for yourself?


  1. I super love this nail art design!!! :D

  2. This is beautiful! I hardly have time to wear art anymore, but I would wear it if I didn't have to be in the office (I hate people at work staring at my nails nowadays).
    Your experience with the family member was unfortunate, but like you, I was trained to only remove the thin layer of cuticle that is attached to the nail plate as it grows up, not actually cut the living tissue away! Don't do her nails again, lol! x

    1. Yes! I'm glad professional people do understand me! Thank you Liane for the support!

  3. This is so so pretty! I'm in love with this mani!
    And I think you're totally right with the cuticles..I used to cut mine too but after a few days it looked worse than before plus the bleeding when I wasn't careful enough and so on. Now I only push them back and the difference is huge! It's hard for people who have only cut their cuticles to understand that it's way better to just push them back *sigh* Thanks for sharing the story though! XO

    1. Thank you!
      I'm so sooo glad you have stoped cutting your cuticles and started moisturizing them! Actually those ladies who usually cut cuticles off hardly can switch to another routine. I'm so happy for you and your cuticles now :)

  4. Hi, Anastacia! How's the weather in the Southern part of Korea? It's sooooooo cold here up north! :p This is such a beautiful nail art, I admire your creativity and skills!! Can't wait to see what you'll have for the Valentine's nail~ <3 Hope you have a wonderful week and oh boy, it's sul weekend... aaacccckkkk!! (a scream for all the 며느리's here in Korea)


    Sujie :)

    1. Hello! It's getting more sunshine-ish lol~ but still cold. Yeah... this year it's true winter in Korea :P

      Thank you very much! I have an idea for V-Day mani but will definitely do it after Sul days >_< Hope your weekend will fly as fast as possible!


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