Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A47 Image Plate: Wood Inspired Nails

My kids are now on vacation before the new school year starts. And then we are going to new kindergarden. I decided to switch it because I think that there is not good enough teacher for my older son. Anyways, I found it's very hard to pick up right time to change my nails now. Thats why my mani for this week is super easy :)
To make this nail design I did a magnetic polish background with 2 different colors. First I applied darker brown like normal polish and after it's dry I applied thicker coat of it, placed some light brown dots and magnetized it. Then I double stamped images from A47 plate and added 3 rhinestones to lunula.
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"A" series image plates are bigger in size then usual round plates, for example they are bigger then Konad or Bundle Monster. A47 i.p. includs 11 different images. And to me it looks like a wood, right? wrong?Anyways, all those images engraved nicely and I had no problems using this plate. It comes with individual cellophane bag and plastic film which has to be removed before the first use.
Full set of "A" series image plates available on Bunny Nails on-line store for normal price and smooth shipping.
Do you already have this series i.p.? Which plate is your favourite?
This image plate was sent from Bunny Nails store.


  1. Wow this's gorgeous, great work, you have a great blog, maybe we can follow each other, If you like my blog ? Let me know on my blog, follow me and i folow you right back !

    1. Thanx for nice compliment but I understand nothing on yout blog!

  2. I really love how this turned out. Easy maybe but impressive for sure ^_^
    The stamps are very lovely, I haven't seen this design before!

  3. Another pretty mani! this reminded me a bit of your blog background, I mean its totally far but it gave me that impression :) so pretty!

    By the way, thanks Anastacia for the birthday greetings :D

    1. Thank you very much Nikki ♥
      Hope you had a great birthday party ★


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