Thursday, January 03, 2013

"Vintage Rose" Nails

My first mani in 2013 :) Haven't changed it since BLACK DRAGON nails. But actually in a few days it's birthday of my eldest son and I wanted to have my nails done in advance. Because I'm gonna cook for him a lot of yummy stuff :) He turns 6 y.o (7 y.o. on Korean style).
My both hands ...
Super quick mani, it took me 30-40 mins and no more. I love water decals so sooo much :)
Water decal kit of 12 nail tips, 1 smoothing tool (blue mini nail file) and step-by-step pictorial on the back of the package.
Before water decal application I applied 2 layers of blue nail polish suitable to the main color of the images. To make sure that all nail sides are covered with suitable color, in case if the water decal wasn't wide enough for your nail plate. Also I don't use the smoothing tool, I prefer to cut water decal as short as possible to fit my nail length and after top coat application it become soft and easy to remove. The main water decal application looks very wrinkled and uneven but once you apply a top coat on it get smooth. Make sure to seal nail free edge and this design will last you for quite a few days!
Water decals was sent from KKCenterHK.


  1. Very pretty! I love the vintage, girly feel!

  2. what a beautiful mani~ the decals are so pretty! and a happy early birthday to your son :D

  3. Gorgeous. Happy New year.

  4. I love the background to these decals! They almost look like jeans. Very fun first manicure of the year! Have a great time with your son on his birthday!


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