Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Do U See Ur Horoscope Sign?

Today I made a nail design inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Fleur De Lys. I saw she made such beautiful one-stroke flowers [HERE] and I immediately realized that I'm so gonna do it on my nails too :) I love Fler De Lys's blog and nails, she is such a talant! You should check her blog too if you are not already.
 How to make this nail design:
1. I applied nail strengthener and base coat at first.
2. Then I sponged black polish with silver glitters to it on to my nail tips.
3. And after that I sponged basic black polish on to my nail edges only. So it looks sort of black gradient.
4. After that completely dry I started making one-stroke flowers with white and magenta acrylic paints and flat nail art brush.
5. Added a few black dots to the center of each flower.
6. Sealed everything with clear top coat and stamped some letter images on.
7. Added silver rhinestones on black nail tip area and finished all with one more layer of clear top coat.
 B118 image plate with Chinese horoscope words. I have tried to stamp all of 12 images and all of them works perfectly! Omg! I'm so in love with N.Nail products, water decals and image plates are so great!!!
I think no words needed here because this is such cute image plate :)
Image plate was sent from KKCenterHK.


  1. Очень красиво!!!

    1. Спасибочки большое :)

  2. This got to be one of the best nails I've seen!!! FABULOUS!!!! <3


    1. You make me feel so proud :) Thank you so so much :)


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