Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Poisonous Nails + MODI polish

2013 year - according to the Chinese calendar is the year of the Black Water Snake. Seems like I got too excitied about all those snakes and poisonous things because I come up with this design on my nails :)
How to get this nail design:
1. Apply a base coat to protect your natural nails. Also it helps nail polish to stay longer and applies smoother. Thats wrong if you skip this step!!!
2. Apply yellow, lime green and darker green polishes to the sponge and make a gradation effect all over the nails. Do it 2 times to brighten up the colors. (Tip: apply creme white polish before sponging colors on).
3. Apply a coat of clear polish on top to make the gradient effect look even more blended.
4. With black acrylic paint and detail nail art brush draw some "drops" and fill them in.
5. You can stop here and finish the design with clear top coat but I decided to outline all the "drops" with green glitters.
Thats it :)
Went out to get some skin care products today and picked up more MODI polishes. They have 2+1 deal right now (buy 2 get 1 free MODI polish). So exciting, seems like they are new :) 
From L-R: top coat, base coat, Sparkling Mix #53, Mirror Room #52, Cosmopolitan #51, Olive Khaki #70
Would you like to see swatches of this?


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