Monday, January 14, 2013

OMG! Galaxy Glam!

Usually I never do nail polish swatches just because it's waste of product and time. But today I make an exception because all these polishes are very special for me. Recently I got a package from Secret Santa and there was exclusive franken polish for me. And I can not wait anymore and wanna try out all those colors. 

Galaxy Glam. Franken polish with lots of different flakies to it. I have 2 layers of the franken on top of black creme polish. It looks very mysterious and fascinating just like galaxy. I love this polish so much! Thank you agan Thiamere!
Peridot. OMG Crystal Sand nail polish. Combination of green color with tons of fine silver glitters to it. I have 2 layers on without top coat. It feels like a sand after completely dry. Dries quite fast. Easy application. And I think it has dull finish, not sure though.
 Disco Ball. OMG cleared based polish with lots of light green and gold hexagons as well as fine glitters to it. 2 layers on, no top coat. I have it on top of previous polish. Easy application, dries in normal time.
 Hematite. OMG Crystal Sand nail polish. Another fabulous polish. Combination of black color and silver fine glitters to it. I have 2 layers on without top coat. Again, I think it has a dull finish, may be I'm wrong. 
 Strobe. This is totally OMG! I like those flakies so much! I have to try it on top of basic black polish next time because it's I have 2 layers on without top coat. I took this picture in shade so it's easier to see the flakies :)
The other day I changed my pedicure. For this time I used Delightful Purple gradation nail polish kit #04 from The Face Shop. Applied it stright with nail polish brush as it says on the back of the package. 
Here is the nail polish kit alone with individual swatches.
Do you franken polishes for yourself? What is your favourite?


  1. The polishes look great! I love Galaxy Glam, Peridot and Strobe the most. Glad you did the swatches and thanks for sharing! ^^ I know swatches on your nails always took a lot of time but it surely looks more "real" than on a nailwheel.

    1. Yeeees! Those are my favourite too :)
      Agree, it looks more real on natural nails, will try to share more swatches then :)


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