Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Make Up Challenge

I haven't had enough time to make a blog posts for make-up challenge this past 3 days. And so I'll fill in for three days again. 
Day 7: Favourite eyeshadow color.
My favourite eyeshadow color is definitely matte black. I can't live without a matte black color.
Day 8: What's your favourite daytime look?
I recently stick with dark purple shades. I apply dark purple on my eye lid, deep blue color on to the corners of my eyes and matte black to the very outer corner and lower lash line. I wear this make-up as a daytime look. 
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Day 9: Photo of your make-up collection.
To little? To much? For me it's ok, but I definitely try to use as much as possible. I want my make-up collection be smaller size.
I have a few skin care products, make-up brushes and my main make-up I keep in basic 3 drawer "shelf" thing.
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The first drawer is face products and big eyeshadow palettes. The second one contains lip stuff, blushes, my loose face powder, eye brow products, eye pencils, mascaras and liquid eyeliners. And the last one is all my eyeshadows.
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What is your daytime make-up look? Do you wear make-up every day?


  1. Ah pretty look, Anastacia!
    My daytime makeup look is quite simple, some foundation and emphasizing on tinted lips :) I try not to wear makeup everyday but cannot leave home without it :D

    1. Thank you so much :)

      Yeah, I really feel you! I can't leave home without any make-up on too :P


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