Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Make Up Challenge: Missed Days

It was probably the worst idea ever I had in my head to start this make-up challenge LOL~ Because clearly, I can't follow day by day and regularly post an updates for it. Also the other reason I was avoiding to show the face lately is another acne attack. It's been really bad recently (my chin still hurts so much). And I really do appreciate some of you saying that my skin look perfect and flawless but that is just with lots of BB cream + consealer on. Without those products my skin looks disgusting, sad but true.
 Anyways, today I have played with some neutral shades and created this look. A bit dramatic but still being wearable, I guess. How to get this look:
1. I applied beige creame shadow all over the lid and blended it out.
2. Applied white gold e/s to the 2/3 of my lid and matte black e/s to the outer corner.
3. Blended out those colors with matte skin tone e/s.
4. Applied some matte brown, burgundy and matte black e/s to the outer corner and a little bit above as well to give more depth to the eyes.
5. Applied brow bone highlight, any matte light shadow will works. Matte black e/s to the lower lash line.
5. Liquid eyeliner, mascara and may be some faux lashes to finish of the look.
Day 10: Favourite make-up brush.
I already showed my favourite brushes [HERE] and talked about them a little bit. But I just can't pick only one, I need a basic set lol~
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Day 11: Do you like wearing bronzer? (if yes what brand)
No, I don't wear bronzer.

Day 12: Favourite mascara.
That one which will give my eyelashes a good volume, curl them and save me from natural looking lashes. Right now my favourite one is The Face Shop Smoky Volume mascara from Lesson 1 kit. For myself I found that the cheaper mascara is then it works better lol~

Day 13: Where do you keep your make-up?
I already showed my make-up collection [HERE]

Day 14: Favourite Youtube guru(s).
I have a few absolutelly all time favourite beauty gurus for make-up: CarliBel55, Nicole Guerriero, and for nails: LOVE4NAILS, Tartofraises.

Day 15: Do you wear blush?
Yes, everytime I do my make-up I always wear blush. Without any blush on my face looks flat lol~
Here is my favourite babies: The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex blush which I got a few days ago, it's in Soft Sunset". Another The Face Shop blush from Lovely Me:ex collection in PK104 I guess. I haven't saved the name of the blush because I transfered it from the original package to this palette. But anyways, it's such adorable baby pink shade. And 2 of Tony Moly blushers I bought 3 may be 4 years ago, and believe me or not I use them so much and haven't even hit pan on any of them. Flower Pink (my everyday blush) and something in Bronze (I like to use it in summer time). The name is wear off already and I think they are not available any more lol~
Who is yours favourite Youtube gurus?


  1. Ooh, I love your eyeshadow! Some of my favorite youtube gurus are gossmakeupartist, jungsaemmool and sasakiasahi and for the nails it would be totallycoolnails, love her designs!

    1. Thank you for sharing your fave youtube gurus. I checked the sasakiasahi's channel and she is doing such pretty make-up looks. I only wish i could understand the language :)

  2. You've done it again! Such clean makeup you've done! :D Can't wait to see more combinations Anastacia!

    1. Thank you very much Nikki! Seriously, that is nice to hear from real PRO make-up artist!


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