Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Make Up Challenge + Haul

First of all, I'm very sorry for such rare update on make-up challenge. I know some of you was waiting for these posts and for more make-up looks. Promise, I'll be more organized with this challenge since there is only 7 days left.
I have played with pink eyeshadows today for Valentine's Day look. Had the cutes idea in my head for "strawberries and cream" eyes. It had to be white cut crease look with pink on the lid but as always something goes wrong. My whites was not bright enough to show precise cut crease look so I blended everything together and got this soft pink eyes. I got lots and lots of pimples and acnes on my forehead so I photoshoped it to hide all the bumps.
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Day 16: Do you copy any celebrity's make-up?
Nope. Most of standart make-up looks doesn't suit my monolid eye shape. As much as I wanted to, I can't wear celebrity's make-up.

Day 17: Favourite make-up artist.
Don't have any, rather don't know any. Not interested :P

Day 18:  What's your favourite night time look?
I don't usually go out at night because I have 2 kids and they have regimen. But if I really have to go out at night I do my usual make-up which I wear at day time as well. Here is what I wear on daily basis ->
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Day 19: Favourite concealer.
Shiseido Spotscover Foundation. Of course it's not a foundation but full coverage concealer. I love it a lot! And buy it one after another.

Day 20: Favourite eyeshadow primer.
Since I have monolid eyes I don't have a problem with eyeshadow creasing on me. So, any creamy type of eyeshadow works great for me just to get a sticky base for the eyeshadow.

Day 21: Where do you purchase your make-up?
Local beauty stores.

Day 22: Favourite toner.
I just bought replacements for my skin care item a few days ago. This is my all time favourite skin care products.
Power Essential Skin Refiner. Refreshing skin with purifying and softening effect for clear skin. For combination to oily types.
Balancing Emulsion. Lightweight emulsion with purifying and hydro balancing care for fresh and clear skin. For combination to oily types.
I also picked up compact powder and black liquid liner.
Forever Definite Compact Foundation SPF 32 PA+++. No.2 Natural Beige. I usually #21 for powders and foundations and this is kindda different numbers. But I swatched it in the store and seems like it suits me the best. Haven't had a compact powder in my collection for little while now and very exciting to try it out :)
Extra Easy Eyeliner. #1 Black. This one with felt tip applicator. Never can get enough of liquid liners :)
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And here is all freebies I've got. A small make-up bag, Laneige Water Essence samples, IOPE samples and sheet masks.
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Day 23: Favourite eyeshadow palette and blush palette.
My all time favourite eyeshadows is Sleek palette in Storm and I don't have any blush palettes but single once.


  1. I like your day challenges! I'm thinking of challenging myself too~ Oh, I love Laneige! I've purchased a set before and I loved it. I'm thinking of buying another set, but I have to finish my current skincare products so as not to confuse my skin. And yes, have to agree on copying celeb's make up. I can't do the same 'cause I have small eyes but still trying to.

    1. Yay! Do a make-up challenge too :) Thats a lot of fun!
      Yes, Laneige is my lover lol~ Can't live without their skin care products :)

  2. Funny, in french "La neige" means "Snow" lol
    Beautiful eyes make-up as usual. I bought 2 eyeshadows palettes at Sephora last week during the sales. Seeing your skills makes me wanna do the same on my eyes! But i'm faaaaar from being as good as you are! ;)

    1. Actually it's probably was inspired by French, my guesses lol~ Because they regularly do relise "snow" collections for make-up items.
      OMG! I'm so envy you (in a good way of course)! I wish we have Sephora over here too :P I saw your make-up and it's good enough for begginer. U just keep practice and you'll get better and better in it, promise!
      Thank you very much Sarah!

  3. Очень красивый макияж!

  4. I love your Laneige Haul! I wish to have bought more Laneige when I visited Korea, but I'm glad we have Laneige down here !:)
    I love all your makeup and I love the way you cut your crease!

    1. Yeeeees! I love Laneige too and it's a really good skin care line :)
      Thank you very much Nikki :) I'll try to do better cut crease (more dramatic) tomorrow :)

  5. Hi,

    Saw your previous post on iope trouble clinic emulsion. Is it good for oily combo skin prone to breakouts? How about hydration and moisturising properties? Do let me know if it is worth purchasing. Thanks!

    1. Hello!
      Yes, I have oily acne skin type and it woked good enough. But I haven't used whole IOPE trouble skin care set and after a month may be my skin got used to it and all effect was gone. It moisturized nicely but again I have oily skin type I need just a little moisture.


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