Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Make Up Challenge: Finale + My Top 5 Products!

It's the last make-up challenge update. I will do more fun make-up looks for sure but not as regular.
Day 29:  Do you like wearing liquid liner? (if so, what's your favourite)
Yes, I do wear liquid liner every time I do my make-up.

Day 30: Photo of yourself with and without makeup.
No! lol~ Um... not sure if I'm ready to show myself without any make-up on ㅎㅎㅎ

This last weekend me and my family had a lot of fun together. We went on the road trip to enjoy winter beach view and for friends meet-up. Of course I had to pack up my travel make-up bag and I've noticed that first few items I pull out immediately was the things I can't live without. So, let me share my Top-5 make-up items (in no particular order): 

Etude House Oh~ m'Eye Line in Oh~ My Black #01. True black liquid liner with brush tip. I'm almost out of it, there is a little product left just for a few uses and the stopper is already pulled out. I bought replacement of Laneige Extra Easy Eyeliner in Black. This one has a felt tip applicator and works as nice.
 Sleek Divine palette in Storm. Mineral based 12 eyeshadow palette with matte and shimmer colors to it. I use it all the time, as you can tell. The top 3rd eye shadow was completely finished and I pressed in another color. But this is my all time favourite! Also it has very good size mirror so when I'm traveling I don't have to bring a separate mirror with me. 2 in 1!
 Shiseido Spotscover Foundation. It's full coverage concealer works great for acne spots and discoloration. My second tube. Absolutely in love!
 The Face Shop Bebe Lip Essence from Lovely Me:ex collection. With SPF15. Moisturizing my lips so sooo well. I love TFS's lip creams, they are all amazing. Another good one is ChapStick in Apple Crunch  with SPF15 as well. Smells like a real apples and has a sweet taste :) For my tavel make-up bag I'll grab any of these. 
 Another must have of mine is Clean & Clear Oil Control Film. This one in pink but in blue works just as great. I'm using those years and years now and will continue using them. 
Those are my Top 5 products. What is yours?


  1. Wow!! I've just watched a video with a girl applying Shiseido Spotcover and the result is amazing!!! I have to own this. But it's quite expensive... And I think we can't find it in France. I'm gonna investigate on Internet! lol
    I understand why you don't want to show your face without make-up. I don't like myself without! Thanks for this challenge! you have shown us beautiful make-up! See ya ;)

    1. Yes, try on-line for sure~

      Thank you for following this challenge Sarah :)

  2. SO many lovely products! I love Sleek palettes too, my favourite is Bad Girl :)
    Ahhh that Etude House eye liner, I want to try it too!

    1. Absolutely agree, Sleek palettes are so nice!! I have only 4 of them and so far so good :)
      You should try the Etude eyeliner, it's very affordable and works so nice.

  3. oh i agree; i dont think i can bear my bare face on the internet XD
    great post! the sleek palettes look so good :D how is the laneige eyeliner? you dont hear much about that eyeliner around!
    xo; L&M

    1. Thank you :)
      Laneige liquid eyeliners are my most favourite! This particular one is even better, it has a felt tip sort of applicator and it's very easy to use. I will re-buy it again :)

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