Saturday, January 05, 2013

Make Up Challenge: Day 4 and Day 5

Since I missed one day of the challenge I'm gonna fill in for 2 days.
Day 4: Do you like wearing foundation? (if so what's your color and favourite)
Foundation is must have product for me. I have really bad skin and have to cover all those acne scars and other spots on my face. And only with foundation on I feel comfortable to go out! Because wearing foundation every day isn't good for your skin I prefer BB Creams over any foundation. Asian (Korean) BB Cream is a Blemish Balm Cream not Beauty Blend Cream as Europian items. Anyways, BB cream it's a combination of moisturizer, foundation, concealer, acne treatment, whitening cream and all those good stuff in one tube. They are goes in one shade (mostly 2) suitable for any asian skin color. When I go to buy a BB Cream I can buy any product which available in the store and it will suit my skin tone. I have used a lot of different BB Cream brands and my favourite is Skin Food (for cold season of the year) and Innsifree (for summer time).
*EDIT* I want to clear one thing up! Some of girls on you tube says that to clean face of BB cream need some sort of super special almost magic cleansing oil which only sold in Japan and it is absolutely lie! All BB creams easily can be removed with any cleasing tissues!
Right now in my make up collection I have these babies:
 Skin Food White Grape Fresh Foundation in Skin Beige #21. The only foundation I have. It's light to medium coverage, I guess, at least for me it's not opaque enough. But I like it because it gives me "set with powder" finish without powder. 
Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream. This is my second tube. It's medium to full coverage, definitely buildable product. My life saver at winter time :)
The Face Shop HD Perfect BB Cream in Natural Beige #02. SPF30, PA+++ Full coverage product, a bit on heavy side. But those days when I have really bad skin condition it helps me a lot. Second tube as well.
Lesha Glow BB Cream. SPF50, PA+++ I went to the nail seminar last year and got this as a prize. Make-up students in the beauty school I'm going to use this in their kit. Gives a nice glow to the skin, medium to full coverage and it smell like "old lady" make-up.
The Face Shop Pure Blossom Shimmering BB Cream. SPF15, PA+ It's super shimmery BB cream. I can't use it by itself. Most of the times I mix it with other BB cream to get glowy skin effect.

For the swatches I applied a big amount of product in a small space just to show particular undertone for each product. Thats why it looks completely unsuitable for my skin color. Once you apply a normal amount of a BB cream on to the face it will looks natural.
 Day 5: Favourite lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner.
In real life I don't wear a lip color, I prefer more natural looking lips. And my favourite products right now is Etude in Banana Bar, The Face Shop Fresh Lip Balm in RD301, Vaseline Rosy Lips and I also have a sample kit of a Smashbox lip glosses (8 pcs, one is already finished). They are very very sheer and all of them looks kindda the same lol~ So, they works for me :)
Thats it for today :) Thanx for looking!
What is your favourite foundation and lip color?


  1. You have acne scars and spots?? Wow You really hide them perfectly!!^^ I also have these problems on my face. I usually apply Vichy Dermablend as a foundation on my face. It's full cover. But at the moment, I have another Vichy foundation but it doesn't enough cover the imperfections. Plus, I finish the coverage by a powder foundation. I can't get rid with those spots and I'm 30 soon!!!

    1. Yes, I have a lot of acnes and acne spots. thats why I have to have full coverage foundations and BB Creams in my arsenal lol~
      I'm 27 and can't stop those damn acne attack me! I really feel you :)

      Haven't tried Vichy products, haven't seen them over here...

  2. I have used the Skinfood foundation and it works really well for me! I stopped using it because I'm not into liquid foundation nowadays :D But overall it was wonderful!

    1. The Skin Food is really good but for humid weather it's better to use something else, powder foundation for example. You are right Nikki!

  3. Как интересно! Я тоже начну проводить такие дни мэйкапа и отвечать на вопросы :)
    Я только недавно купила свой первый ББ-крем,и чувствую,надо покупать новый. Я смешиваю с тональниками и консилером.
    Да, на фото все твои ББ-кремы разноцветные -то желтые, то темные, а самый крайний вообще такой белый и плотный. У меня ББкрем от Мэйбеллин, тоже сам по себе темный, но когда смешиваешь - ложится на кожу.

    1. Здорово!! Это правда очень интересная идея!! С нетерпением жду твоих постов Dana :)
      Кстати европейские ВВ кремы совсем отличаются от азиатских. Они совсем прозрачные, не покрывают толком ничего и не помогают прыщикам. Если есть возможность обязательно попробуй что-нибудь из азиатского производства. Тебе понравится, обещаю, особенно в холодную погоду и для сухой кожи вообще шикарное средство.


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