Thursday, January 24, 2013

Make Up Challenge: Day 24

Which do you prefer: cream, liquid, matte, powder, sheer or shimmer eyeshadows?
Mostly I like to use matte and shimmer eyeshadows but if I really have to pick just one I'll go for the matte.

I have to confess lol~ I have a heavy load on the heart - someone really have to kick my ass and make me go to read hairdressing theory. But it's so uninteresting and it feels like my head don't wanna absorb any information. Inspiration, where are you?? I just need that stupid license!!! Why? Because I have nail thechnician license and I want to open my own nail salon but our state requiring the hairdressing license as well. Otherwise running the nail salon business would be illegal. And I like absolutely everything about nails but not hair and my new hairdressing teacher ahahahaha~!
Love you Korea but this is the most stupid law I've ever faced.
Because I don't wanna study lol~ I played with cut creasing look again. It's dramatic make-up using mostly neutral eyeshadows.
I cut the crease with black eye pencil and applied dark brown eye shadow on top, blended it out with light brown and orangie color. Sheer white e/s as a brow bone highlight, gold to the main eyelid and thick eyeliner.
Here is some of the products I used: Coastal Scents 88 regular palette, Lesha BB cream, Shiseido spotscover foundation, Etude House black liquid eyeliner and brown eyebrow mascara. Also I used loose powder, black eye pencil, black mascara, a pair of faux lashes, blush, face highliter and lipgloss.
Have you tried to make the cut crease look?


  1. I prefer matte eyeshadow, well sometimes, cream too!

    I have tried cutting the crease look but not on myself but on clients :D Lovely makeup Anastacia!

    1. Cutting the crease on someone else is much harder then on yourself, huh?
      Thank you very much Nikki!

  2. you did this crease look really well! love the eye makeup in this post!

  3. How do u like the coastal scents pallets? I've been checking out a few YouTube reviews and they all seem quite good value for money. Do u have any others? Also could u name a good place that sells to Australia all the Korean makeup and products like u use, I have fair skin and really like them plus they have the highest SPF rating ever!
    I love ur blog and everything u do on it so get reading so u can start ur own business!! Consider that a kick up the bum. ;-))

    1. Thank you for the love Michelle!
      I like this pallete a lot! So many choise of colors from neutral to the very bright. Nice quality and price. As for Korean make-up I really don't know. Try E-bay because most of original Korean beauty web-sites don't send worldwide.


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