Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Make Up Challenge: Day 1

Happy New 2013 Year!!!

I found this make-up challenge on Google and decided to take part in this. Basically for each day there is a separate question but to make it more fun I'll be create a different look every time. Not quite sure though if it'll be possible for me to play with make-up every day but I will try!
Anyone else wanna do it with me? Let's share our passion for make-up with each other!
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Day 1: When did you start putting on make-up?
I started playing with make-up looks when I was in grade 9, may be 8. Unfortunately I couldn't wear any make-up to the school but every weekend we was partying with friends. And I remeber my signature look was black eye pencil all over my lid covered with matte black shadow and barbie pink highlight on to the brow bone. It was very-very dramatic but I liked it a lot :) And even now, when I look through my old albums I think it still looks cute :) 
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This is the make-up I had on yesterday: bright purple shadow on the eye lid, matte black to the outer corners, sky blue to the crease, shimmery beige brow bone highlight and black liquid liner.
And here is some of the products I used on my face. I'm all about eye make-up, always!
Sleek Divine palette in Storm, Beauty UK pallete, Laneige mascara, Etude House liquid eye liner, Lioele BB Cream. I also used The Face Shop loose powder, Shiseido concealer, fake lashes, cherry red lip liner, pink lipstick and lip gloss.
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Any make-up look requests?


  1. Your make up skills are amazing! You are a truly talented lady :)

  2. Wow!! I'm really gonna follow this challenge on your blog! You are an artist.

  3. Как здорово получилось! Личико как фарфоровое - белоснежное. Идеальный макияж!!!

  4. I'm so excited about your 30 day makeup challenge!! You look so lovely all made up!
    Happy New Year, Anastacia, hope all your best wishes come true in the year of 2013! <3

    Glam Mania

  5. Yay, you're back to doing makeup! I love your nail art, but I missed your wonderful looks!


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