Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Night at Las Vegas

This is nail art entry for the Nail Adobo group on Facebook I'm joining lately. The theme for this week is "A Night at Las Vegas" and really I didn't know what to do on my nails. I Googled this theme phrase and got tons of glam pictures of a beautiful sky, amazing buildings and all those night lights. So I decided to take an inspiration from that. It turned out as very busy design with lots of bling-bling particals. 
 How to make this nail art:
1. Apply base coat. Lets protect our natural nails!
2. Apply a coat of basic black polish and wait untill it completely dry.
3. Sponge dark blue, pink and orange colors at once and clean up around the nails.
4. Apply silver holo glitter polish to the nail tips.
5. Add rhinestones and micro beads to the lunula.
6. Seal everything with clear top coat. 
By the way, Adobo it's Philippine dish which made from pork or chicken. I got a recipe for this dish and already tried to cook it. I'm not a Filipino girl but I really do like this a lot! It's so yummy! 
Click [HERE] for the nail design on the picture.
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