Friday, December 28, 2012

"Black Dragon" Nails + Etude House Holiday Collection Kit Swatches

Please check out my "Beauty Empties" project I posted empty products of December. I know it's kindda weird showing all this finished products but for some reason I really enjoy looking at posts of project 10 pan, hit pan or something like that. It makes me happy. I like finishing stuff a lot :P

And it snowing today :) School bus was canceled this morning and my boys stays at home today. So we went out and had a lot of fun together playing with snow and making the snowman. Add me in your friends list on Facebook, I always share some of my presonal pictures on timeline :)
I'm wearing "Black Dragon" pre-cut water decals on my nails. And since 2013 will be year of the Snake I probably will keep this nail design for New Year Eve. Because I think the dragon and snake have something in common with each other.
A kit of 12 pcs water decals and one smoothing tool. There is very useful step-by-step tutorial on the back of the package for those who have not used any water decals yet
I give this product 5 stars from 5. Definitelly worth to check out!
Water decals was sent from KKCenterHK.

The other day I showed new polishes I bought from Etude House Holiday edition and LDN Baby~ asked for the swatches. So, here it is ->
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Both sunlight and shade pictures. 2 coats of each polish. First 3 pcs is all nail polishes by itself. Next 2 pcs is If the White Witch on black and white bases. The last 2 pcs is Coco Black on white and black base as well.
Please note that Holiday kit includes only 2 polishes in Melts With Love and If the White Witch. The Coco Black is from Dear My Party Nails collection.
My personal favourite from this 3 is If The White Witch on darker base.
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Have a Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Laser Studs + Etude House Goodies

It's not a secret that make a nail art on short nails is very hard especially if you're used to long nails. I recently shortened my nails and made them a little bit rounded because I have a stub on the right hand. And looking at different length nails makes me wanna cry! Anyways, I was tired of Snowflakes nails and changed my mani. It was much better in my head though lol~
How to get this mani:
1. I applied nail strengthener + base coat as always.
2. Applied a layer of sheer beige polish for french manicure.
3. Made purple french tips.
4. Draw some random white elements with acrylic paint and small nail art brush.
5. Added the studs and sealed everything with clear top coat.
A pack of around 50 pcs. Size: 3mm. Not heavy at all. Looks very nice and pretty. They are definitely 3D nail decorations but I haven't had any problems wearing them.
The studs was sent from KKCenterHK.

Recently I started following Etude House on Facebook and actually it seems very useful. Because they showing new items and collections and all events and stuff on their timeline. And a few days ago I saw new Christmas collection polishes. I visited the store today and bought one :) I got one from Dear My Party Nails and If Story Nail Kit IV which includes 2 polishes. Also I got BB Sun Cream samples and cotton pads as freebies.
Close up picture for the polishes. 
If the White Witch and Melts with Love from If Story Nail Kit #04. And Coco Black from Dear My Party Nails collection. All these shades are very unique for me, quite unique combination of glitters. Can't wait to wear them :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Nails

Happy Merry Christmas!!!

A new countdown after the apocalypse or doomsday or the end of the world, whatever ~
The manicure of new era ~
Ahahahaha ~
This is another entry for the Adobo Nail group on Facebook. The theme for this week is Christmas inspired nails. I made it 4 days ago and as always I had no time to change my mani. It kindda  has transformed into a little tradition of mine to have "old" nail designs on Christmas Eve. But at least I have something related to the winter theme LOL~ 
How to get this nail design:
1. I applied a nail strengthener + base coat.
2. Applied 2 coats of dark blue polish as a background.
3. Sponged light blue polish on the middle part of the nails and creme white to the nail tips.
4. Applied a layer of holographic top coat.
5. Sticked snowflake water decals and silver rhinestones to the lunula.
6. Sealed everything with clear top coat.
It's kindda fail water decals because this sheet is only 10 images. The other half is clear plastics with nothing on them. I also suggest to apply this decals on white polish only because as you can see it's almost invisible on any other colors. 
Product was sent from KKCenterHK.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Christmas Pedicure + Freehand Snowflake Tutorial

I had pre-prepared and did my winter inspired pedicure today. This Christmas we have a huge friends meet-up party, so exciting, haven't seen my girls for a long-long time. I don't plan barefoot walking (it's 7°C today ahahaha~) but I prefer to have something Holiday inspired on my toes too LOL~ 
How to get this toe nail art:
1. I appplied base coat and 2 coats of white creme polish as a background color.
2. Sponged light blue polish starting from the nail tip working to the middle of the nail plate.
3. Sponged dark blue polish on to the nail tips only.
4. Applied 2 coats of holographic top coat.
5. I draw snowflakes with white acrylic paint and small detail nail art brush.
6. Finished of with clear top coat and fast dry drops.
This was requested by Sarah Paquet for snowflakes tutorial. She wanted to learn how to freehand snowflakes. I also made a similar nail design for Snowflakes and Penguins a few days ago, please check it for general nail art look.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

To draw a simple snowflake you need white acrylic paint and thin nail art brush and prepared nails for the decorating. 
1. Draw two cross lines. I like to make it as perfect as I can do it, because clamsy snowflakes looks really bad, in my opinion.
2. Draw two more lines as "X".
3. And here is your imagination begins to work. 
4. Add more random details to the snowflakes, the more details you draw the more interesting view you'll get.
Hope it was helpful to some of you :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy New Year! Nails

I got a bunch of stuff from KKCenterHK last weekend (click here for my nail mail) and can't wait to try out everything :) And here is the first product I've used and my today's mani.
How to get this nail design:
1. I applied a base coat and nail hardener to start with.
2. Next I painted my index and thumb fingers with metallic gold polish and the rest of the nails colored in red.
3. I mixed red and black acrylic paint and with a small detail nail art brush draw a square shapes for plaid texture. I also spend several parallel lines with gold nail art polish.
4. Added "New Year" water decals and sealed with clear top coat.
5. For the index and thumb fingers I draw green leaves and red berries (I have no idea how it's called lol~), outilened with black and added a bit more texture to the leaves with light green paint. Filled in empty space with gold glitter polish and sealed everything with clear top coat.
Metallic gold water decals with "New Year" words. 25 images on one sheet. I really like this idea of water decals and it looks so cool on the nails. But I advise not to keep to long in water because it will unstick very-very fast and it's difficult to catch image in the water.
Here is a little closer look to the water decals because I've made such busy design and it's kindda hard to see them clear. And also I want to apologize if I stuck on the words upside down...
Water decals was sent from KKCenterHK.

Monday, December 17, 2012

"Primadonna" Nails

I was invited in one secret nail group on Facebook and there is a weekly challenge going on right now. So the theme for this week is a song inspired nail design. Lately I'm so in love with "Primadonna" song by Marina and the Diamonds. I listen it all the time and I set it as my ringtone as well lol~ Marina has minty green nails with some yellow sort of sunflowers in that music video and to be honest I don't like that at all  especially it would looks ugly on longer nails. So I searched on Google for her nails and found one :)
As always I apologize for the lighting, winter sunlight, lazy and dim.


How-to do this nails:
1. I applied nail strengthener + base coat at first.
2. Then I applied 2 coats of MODI "Stage Pink" polish.
3. Applied a layer of clear polish and sticked black hexagons around my nail.
4. I have a crown image on my middle finger as well and it's a water decals.
5. To finish of I used clear top coat and fast dry drops.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
*This picture was took from Google*
Here is my inspirational picture of Marina's nails. I decided to recreate something similar from this picture with black border on light base. Never had a chance to make a border nail trend before :P

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nail Mail

Today I got 2 mail packages in one day. And it's kindda weird because it's Sunday, I thought that PO is closed on weekends. Anyways, the first package was from Born Pretty store and I couldn't belive my eyes. Katrina of Katrina's Nail Blog hosted a giveaway and I won the first place. The price was $30 coupon code to shop at the store. I had a lot of technical problems with ordering there and Katrina was absolutely supported and helped me all the time. I ordered my things at November 9 and today December 16 I got the package. It came to me more than month, super slowly and I thought that it was lost somewhere. The items I got are nail polish thinner liquid, different size silver rhinestones, rubber flowers, neon pink flocking powder and 12 jar set of round glitters.
Thank you very much Katrina!!
Another package came from KKCenterHK. And all this stuff I got for review. 3 different pattern pre-cut water decals (black dragons, vintage roses and disney princesses), image plate with signs of the zodiac in Chinese, blue studs and more Holiday-ish decals. I will post more articles with these products soon :)
Also I run in The Face Shop store today, to get some nail polish remover. And I bought another glittery polish from Face & it in PP401 and got tons of freebies. Cotton pads, 2 pair of cute socks and bunch of High Lighter Beam samples, the amount equal to the whole product.
That was a very productive day LOL~ I love all this nail things and can't wait to play with them especially the flocking powder.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

MODI - "Stage Pink" / 모디 '스테이지핑크'

"Brilliant nail colors with shiny and glamorous pigment".
MODI Glam Nails in Stage Pink #25. 
I got this nail polish last summer I guess and naver had a chance to try it out. But basically it's a sheer milky pink, almost neutral color with lots of glitters to it. Absolutely adorable and elegant shade. I have 2 layers on right now without top coat (yet). Dries in normal time, almost smooth finish, nice texture and wide nail polish brush. I love all MODI polish, they are amazing :)
It might be hard to take this polish off because of the glitters but I like to use foil wrapping method with nail polish remover not pure aceton! but regular nail polish remover. And gonna do a hand and nail mask and leave it overnight to restore nail moisture.
A bit different lighting. The sun is completely lazy today though.
Have you heard of MODI polish brand? What colors do you have?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Candy Canes and Mikkey Mouse Christmas Inspired Nails + Recent Haul

Another Holiday nail design I'm gonna share today :) It's all free handed nail art: candy canes red and green, pine branches and Mikkey Mouse head. Does it looks like Mikkey Mouse? LOL~ 
How I created this mani:
1. I applied a base coat on all my fingers.
2. Thumb and pinkie fingers I colored with creme red polish and on top of it I applied a good layer of fine red glitters. With white acrylic paint and thin nail art brush I painted candy cane lines.
3. On my index finger I applied creme green polish and a good layer of fine green glitters on top. With white acrylic paint and thin nail art brush I painted candy cane lines.
4. On my middle finger I applied light blue polish and painted Mikkey Mouse head using beige, white, black, red and green acrylic paints.
5. On the ring finger I used white creme polish and white glitters on top. Made brunches with black paint and pines with green, light green and black acrylic paints. Added a few gold hexagons on top.
6. Sealed everything with clear top coat.
I couldn't do a Mikkey Mouse on my right hand and decided to replace it with pine boughs instead. I had an accident with my index and middle fingers a few weeks ago thats why they look different.
I'm still on "non make-up buy" challenge and actually doing pretty well. Because I want to make my make-up collection as smaller as it possible, without expired products including eye shadows and other powder type products. For the past few weeks (one month almost) I bought only this 2 skin care items which was extreme need for me - replacement for finished stuff. Pond's Deep Cleansing Chung Facial Foam which is very nice facial cleanser. It doesn't take a make-up off but works great for my morning routine. Just a very little amount goes long way. I've used it quite a few times already and so far so good. Another thing I was needed is Clean & Clear a Clearing acne spot treatment. It's a bit harsh and I feel burning sensation on the skin but it works good enough. I have a huge acne attact from time to time so I have to have in my arsenal such product. And thats all for my monthly haul :) I'm proud of myself lol~
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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Snowflakes and Penguins Nails

It's rarely snow in the place where I live but today phenomenal happened. Snow fell last night and I still can watch this scene outside the window, despite it's already afternoon :) And it feels holy Christmasy now: snowy outside and warm home. Oh~ It's a happy day today :)
And here is my new free handed mani I just made. I wanted to paint penguins for a little while now and was afraid to free hand snowflakes forever, because clamsy and not perfect lines makes them look like 5 y.o. painted your nails lol~ But today I did it, not very sure what I think about this design though.
I created a blue gradient for snowflakes and applied a layer of blue and silver glitters to make it looks even more "smooth". With water I diluted white paint and with thin nail art brush draw snowflakes. I did my best to get "perfect" lines so it looks more accurate I guess. 
For the penguins I used black polish with blue glitters to it, draw the belly with white paint, made eyes, beak and foot with orange paint. Finished of with clear top coat.
This is my very first holiday-ish design this year, so many many other coming up soon as well :)

Monday, December 03, 2012

Winter Style Nails

It feels like I haven't updated my blog forever! My little son was very sick and I could do nothing. Because of this I postpone hair exams for next month, and yeahhh... all this life stuff! 
Finally I got a chance to change my manicure and here is the NOTD. Basic blue flowers on blue sponged french tips. To be honest, I'm not inspired by winter yet LOL~
Holly Christmas~ I have a piece of holidays on my nails. Combo of basic red polish and gold glitters by The Face Shop Face & it collection in GL112. Which is clear base polish with tons and tons of gold hexagons to it. It's not holo glitters nor 3D just simple flat rhinestones. I have 2 coats on.
Skin Food Party Tox Nail in Pearl Party #7. I have 2 layers on without top coat (yet). Sheer consistency, lots and lots of glitters, pink undertone. Yes, my yellow nail tips spoiled the whole picture, I know~
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Hopefully Ciate will not send me nasty messages or file a lawsuit against me because I used their "own" nail trend and used matte polish without their permission lol~. But I have Sally Girl mini size nail polish on in #16 or #91 whatever. It doesn't have any specific name just a glass number print on the bottom. It was one of my first matte finish polishes. Also it was neon pink before I added thinner liquid to it and now it become tomato red shade. It looks like nice red color IRL but I can't find a right lighting to show a true shade of that polish. The application is hard and U have to work very fast because all matte polishes have a fast drying property. Normal size brush, looks opaque enough in 2 coats. Has almost matte finish, it's more like dull to me and because of that I applied matte top coat by The Face Shop to finish of.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
If anyone have a Christmas, holidays, winter nail art requests, please feel free to comment below and I'll be more than happy to create something for U :)
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