Tuesday, November 27, 2012


First of all, I'm really sorry for the bad lighting! The sun is kindda lazy today lol~ 
I saw so many Saran Wrap nail designs on Facebook lately and it seems like very easy yet unique way to design ur nails. So I wanted to try out this technique as well. I chose to do neon orange and yellow colors on creme white base. It turned out not bad but I guess it's just not for me. 
And I also added some sort of blots all over the nails using OUMAXI black acrylic paint.
More pictures in different lightings...
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Berry Feathers" Nails

The other day I was going through my makeup and found feather eyelashes which I never used. So I decided to do a manicure with them. 
Each finger is different in this mani: for thumb and pinkie I applied main base color and added silver glitters along the cuticle line, for ring finger I draw 2 zigzagie lines with opaque silver polish and the rest 2 fingers I decorated with feathers.
Sorry, no picture for full mani because my right hand looks ugly with broken nail...
For the main base color I used this beautiful Barry M polish in "Berry". I have 2 coats on. It is creme finish. Nice texture, smooth application, dry in normal time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BAM!!! I broke my nails + "Butterfly Wings" NOTD

The last time when I had an accident with my nail seems like I've damaged it because a few days later it easily broken with one clumsy move of sliding out the chair. My hand slide off and 2 nails on my right hand break almost under the root. So I shortened all the rest of them and right now I can see healthy thickness of the nail plate. When I was at nail school one girl asked if I could be her nail model for her exam and I couldn't say no. So she prepared all of my nails and filed off the top surface because of the yellow-ish udertone. And they was really thin afterwords. It's almost 6 months gone since that, so my nail plate is completely refreshed now and all thin nail tips is cut off. 
Anyways, here is my new nail length. Even that I miss my long nails so much I can't stop enjoy doing things with my short nails :) 
There is so many different styles of "butterfly wing" nail art all over the internet and I decided to create something like that too. For the main background pattern I sponged a bunch of blue polishes in a free manner and with black acrylic paint the "butterfly wings".
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It's ugly picture, I know. Just to show my completely broken middle finger. The index finger isn't that bad but it looks much shorter anyways.
Let's grow out natural long nails from the beggining :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tony Moly - Wonder Purple

Tony Moly Lacquer Glitter in Wonder Purple Gl06. I have 2 layers on with clear top coat. Deep purple  nail polish with lots of different  but not holo glitters to it (combination of blue, red, pink and purple hexagons and tons of fine glitters). A bit difficult to apply because of the glitters. It has a rough surface finish even with thick layer of top coat. And it stays on for 2-3 days without tip wear. To take it off I will use kitchen foil wrapping method. I usually don't like Tony Moly's products at all but seems like recent nail collections are not so bad. This polish is definitely worth a look!

***Indoor shots***

Friday, November 16, 2012

Spirit of Autumn. Good Bye Fall!

To be honest I didn't have planned it to be any sort of autumn inspired manicure but intuitively grabbed orange and red acrylic colors and made one-stroke flowers. I know it's a little late to tell how beautiful nature at autumn time is in Korea, even that the fall is still ongoing. The ski season is already opened and the first snow fell in the mountains but I still want to share this nail design. Also because in Europe countries it will be Thanksgiving this weekend, if I'm not mistaken because this holiday we already celebrated a few months ago. But hope it'll be a tiny idea for the Thanksgiving nail art to some of U. 
For this mani I did basic white French tip, applied glitter polish on top and draw one-stroke flower with red and orange acrylic paints. Also for color balance I decided to add some green leaf elements and white dots to the center of the each flower. Sealed everything with clear top coat and wore it for only one day. LOL~ It's only because I had an accident with my nail finger during house cleaning. My nail bended in half and the nail polish cracked in that area. I really was afraid that I would have to say goodbye to my long nails (I hate to glue silk on my nails and hate looking at glued nails as well, so I usually just cut them off and start growing from the very beggining). Took of the polish and SURPRISE!! My nail was absolutely Ok, nothing happend to it and I was so happy and amazed how flexible my nails are LOL~
This is indoor light. And without those red trees it reminds more of vacation to Hawaii. Isn't it? 
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 MODI Glam Nails nail polish in Candy Crush. 2 coats on. A bunch of stripe and hexagon glitters mixed together in clear polish. This glitter polish I used for the manicure. It goes in thick layer. Dries in normal time. And absolutely beautiful polish just for simple layering. Love glitters so much!
Have a great holiday to all of U who celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Nail/Cuticle Care Routine and Products.

Whenever I post pictures of my bare nails I got lots of questions for How to grow natural long nails? How to keep them long? What the secret of growing natural nails long? What products do U use? and all that type of things. And because of that I decided to make a separate blog post so I can link to it when I'm asked questions. First of all I already have a blog post for How To Grow Long Natural Nails and nothing have changed since then just added a few more products for cuticle care which I'll be talking about today.
What is the cuticle? 
Сuticle is a dead keratinized skin that needs constant moisturizing. Cuticle acts as a protective barrier that prevents penetration of bacteria and other microbes in the nail root. Constant hydration of cuticles give a neat and well-groomed nails, preventing burrs. Also it helps to grow natural nails faster and healthier. Constant hydration of cuticles doesn't allow it to grow out and consequently there is no need to cut them off. If there is such a need, then don't be afraid to do so just be careful, don't cut off too much and make sure everything is cleaned and disinfected. 
As for my personal nail and cuticle care I pay more attention to my cuticles than nails. Because the cuticles are very important to achieve growth of nails. 
~ I push my cuticles back every other day. It helps to "accelerate" the growth of the nail plate and make nail bed longer as well.
~ I keep my cuticles moisturized through out the day. Try to use cuticle oils the more often the better (about 4-6 times of the day). I know it sounds boring but the desire to have beautiful long nails is above everything.
~ I don't cut off my cuticles because constant moisture doesn't allow them grow out.
~ I don't buff my nail surface and don't touch it at all because it causes brittle nails (it's personal experiense of my natural nails).
~ I "deep" moisturize my hands and nails once a week by making masks. Usually the day before I change my manicure I take off the old design and keep mask for all night long.
I have lots of different products and all of them are local Korean brand stuff. I have never tried European nail care products because it's hard to find them here and buying on-line includes very expensive shipping fee. But all things I use at the moment are works great enough for me :) 
Atrix Hand & Nail Care Moisturizer. It's a super cheap, huge size of hand cream. I like to use it for hand masks once a week. I apply a big amount of the cream to my hands, massage it for a little bit. Then I pull plastic gloves on and warm pair of gloves on top and keep it all night long.
Skin Food Super Nut Hand Cream. Limited edition - Skin Food and Eva Armisen's Small Happiness. Nice fragrant and good moisturizer for my hands. I used Etude House Bouguet hand and foot cream before but that one smelled like my "grandmom's cosmetics" so I decided to get another stuff to try out. This is just my regular hand cream I take with me in my bag and use on daily basics.
Neutrogena Foot Cream. FYI. This is my current foot cream which I hate. It mosturizes and absorbs nicely but it smells so bad, almost like a mold! I wish I never buy it!
Etude House Help My Finger Treatment Nail Salve. I use this product several times a day. It's clear in color,  and has consistency of a cream or gel, whatever, I mean it's not oil. It hydrate my cuticles so good and I like this treatment a lot!
Odyssey Cuticle Enchancer. It's second bottle of the oil I use and the main product to keep my cuticles moisturized. My nails and cuticles love this oil a lot! 
Innisfree Eco Essential Oil. Bought it for a change, just to try out something else. Nothing special about this product, regular cuticle oil.
Skin Food Pine Nut Cuticle Oil. I got it not so long ago and already like it so much. It's very good oil, a bit thicker texture than other regular oils. Second one to the Odyssey oil in my list.
Aritaum Shea Butter Cuticle & Nail Balm. I like to use it whenever I do my hand masks I apply this one to the nails at first and it restore moisture very well. 
Odyssey Hand Essence. This is a travel size product comes in a set of 5 bottles of hand mask, scrub, essence, cream and gel sanitizer. I forgot to include it in the picture of my creams. But I use it sometimes when I don't want slippery effect of a cream on the hands. This essence absorbs fast without greasy feeling on the skin.
Tony Moly Base Coat BC01. It was recommended product on Instagram and I really am glad that I bought it. It's really nice and thick base coat. 
Innsifree Eco Base Coat. Another base coat I use regularly but it's much thinner than the previous one. I'll finish it and go for something else.
Etude House Help My Finger Milk Strong Ca+. I like to use it before my base coat application. To strengthen my nails even more. It has slight milky undertone and I hope it give my nails some Ca.
Skin Food Pine Nut Break Free Nail Strengthener. I bought it not so long as well and change it from time to time with Etude House Milk Strong.
Etude House Jelly Pop Top Coat. This is my all time favourite top coat. I used 4 or 5 of them already. It's very thick top coat which able to seal all rhinestones and all that nail decoration stuff in one layer. Dries nice and fast. Don't smudge nail art and make final manicure look even more shiny! Have to get another bottle because I'm out. Took a picture of empty bottle :)
Etude House Help My Finger UV Diamond Top Coat. Fast dry top coat which smudges nail art; so I use it for one color polish only. Not recommended product.
MODI Glam Nails Top Coat. Next to the Jelly Pop from Etude House in my list. It's more cheaper and works just as great! My current top coat.
Skin Food Vodka Top Coat. For myself I decided that I don't like all "Fruit Drink Nail" series. All nail polishes are not pigmented at all, the application is completely sucks and this top coat smudges all nail art very easily. But the name is kindda interesting though :)
I think thats all what I wanted to include in this post. There is might be other and different opinions but this is just the way I follow and what helps me keep my nails long and healthy. If U have any other questions/requests please feel free to ask them in the comment section below.
ThanQ very much for the visit and have a beautiful nails :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Recent manicures and Skin Food Haul.

Dear Diary... LoL~ Just kidding :P

This post gonna be like a note in diary because I haven't time for blogging in the last few days but collected quite a few pictures to share with. And first of all is my nails of the day ->

"Little Twin Stars"
Last summer I bought professional nail art decals from the nail school I'm going to and finally decided to try them out. It says to use only for acrylic or gel nails and I don't have any but the desire to see these cute images on my own nails rolls above the limit. Unfortunately it was the moment when you need to follow the instructions :P This is like regular nail stickers but when U stick them on nails and apply top coat the edges are very noticeable and I don't like it... I have no time to change this manicure, so have to wear it for a few days.
 The Face Shop Face & it polish in BL601. This polish is from Check Check Nails Kit in 01 Pastel Check. I have 2 layers on without top coat. Baby blue color, more on sheer side (application in 2 coats looks opaque enough). It has creme finish, dries in normal time, regular polish brush. Easy to apply. I used it for my NOTD as main background color.
My recent pedicure. I change color on my toes much less in the cold seasons but so wanted to try out this color combination which is definitely reminds me of Christmas holidays :) I used silver polish from Best Sence #47 and on top of it one of my un-tried polishes. It's clear based polish with bigger and smaller red 'n silver hexagon and fine red glitters by VOV Nail Cone It Girl's series in Club Pink. To make it look more attractive I added those chess french tip stickers from The Face Shop.
I also finished my gel nail art class today and here is some of UV gel nail designs I've made over the past few lessons. "Puzzle" and "Pink Leopard".
"The King"
And few random cute designs which my nail teacher showed me. It was 6 months studing at the nail class and now I'm starting hairdressing class as well. I already had first skin care lesson, btw hair class including so many skin care hours and informations (can I say theory?) so it's very exciting for me :) But I'll be missing my nail class so much :)
I needed new hand cream and decided to get something from Skin Food this time. I liked the Etude House Bouquet hand and foot cream but it smelled like "old lady" and this one from Skin Food is much better. I'll talk about this product in my next blog post for nail care products. Also I bought red glittery and blue polish, top coat, Pine Nut Cuticle Oil, Break Free Nail Strengthener.
Thats it for now. ThanQ very much for visiting and supporting my blog :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Last Autumn Nail Design + Haul

The other day I was at nail school and found "Nail Up" nail art magazine on the bookshelf. It was an oldie one, from summer 2009 and in "sweet" section there was a design which I completely stole and represented on my nails today. It's very easy to do nail art: I applied bright orange polish as main background color, with yellow and burgundy polishes I made different stripes and outlined them with gold nail art polish; finished of with clear top coat. 
This combination of colors reminds me of autumn which was super fast this year. I haven't had enough time to enjoy this wonderful time of year :)
Here is full mani for both hands.
Etude House Dear My Neon Fab Nails collection in Crazy Orange. I have this polish for main background color. It's 2 layers on without top coat. Bright neon orange color, creme finish. Applies nice and smooth. Opaque texture. Dries in normal time. This polish has wide and soft brush which helps easily achieve perfect cuticle line.
And also I took a picture of my bare nails just to document current length. It's already long enough but I'll let them grow longer this time and will shorten when my nails will start curling. Every time I post my naked nails people always asking for tips on how to grow natural nails long and healthy. I already made a blog post [HERE] about tips and tricks I use the most. But main thing which I always follow is keep my cuticles hydrated through out the day. I use cuticle oils 4-6 times a day. Whenever I have a chance I moisturize my cuticles. It helps the nails grow faster and stronger and also helps cuticles look more well-groomed.
I was run out of some things and first I walked in The Face Shop store to get their make-up remover tissues which are my favourite! I bought a small pack which last me for a month. And Face Shop polish remover - it's great thing! It's cheap and works so good! Next I visited Tony Moly store as it was advised from Instagram I bought base coat. Looked for their top coat but there was only in blue shade. Also I bought a few glittery nail polishes.
Up close for the new colors I bought today. From L-R: Base Coat, Black Pearl GP03, Wonder Purple G106, Heavy Brown G107. As many other Korean brand polishes they have cute names but on Korean only.
Thats it for today. Also tomorrow I'm starting new class for hairdressing because I'm finished with gel nails already. Exciting to see whats in my hairdresser kit :) 

Monday, November 05, 2012

3D Acrylic Flowers + NOTD

"Faith" (신의) with Lee Min Ho is still my favourite K-drama. I enjoyed it a lot! So in love with everyone in that series! And it's finished now *sad face* I listen to the "Faith" music daily but I want see them too, gonna buy full drama and re-watch it agan. Crazy, I know LOL~ But I'm so damn in love with Min Ho :P
Also last Saturday I had free-lancing for kids face painting. Some of U who are follow me on Instagram probably saw practicing paint on my son and it was a lot of fun! I never thought that kids so like this thing but every time I was finished with image each kid showed me happy smile and super happy mood. It was like tons of positive energy source LOL~ Me and my young partner we worked 6 hours stright and didn't even felt tired - I loved that day :)
Fall season went so fast this year. Only a few days ago I showed beautiful autumn picture on my Instagram and it's already so cold out there. And this weather inspires me more for wintery designs which I have created for today's blog post. 
3D Acrylic "Winter Wonderland Flowers" Nail Art Design.
10 different powders in one stack/tower, not sure how it's called on English though. Each of the colors has individual name and U can check it and even more information about this powders by clicking on the product name above. As I've said before it came with false tips and some other stuff in one package and yellow powder spilled everywhere. It was a huge mass and a waste of product I guess. Also all of the sections was closed super-duper strongly and I had to ask for help from my husband to open the powders. My man could only open 6 of them, the rest still un-tried LOL~ *Look swatches below* But!!! I have to say that all those colors I've tried so far amazingly beautiful! All of them has a lot of shimmer particals and glitters. And looks absolutely beautiful just by itself!
Very good quality products. I have some cheap acrylic powders for comparison but this Myviven set is very nice! Not mess acrylic liquid, don't leave dirty traces, set in a normal time - professional quality.
Here I have some swatches. All of the colors are shimmery and more on sheer side kind of. I mean they will work great for main background color but it's hard to use for making flowers or any other designing elements with it. At least for me it working this way.
For my "Winter Wonderland Flowers" inspired design I used 118 (dusty rose) and 119 (shimmery blue) for the main background color and regular white powder for the flowers. Some white acrylic dots and rhinestones to decorate the design and it's done.
On my nails I have one of un-tried polishes and it's Etude House Dear My Neon Fab Nails collection in Scandalous Pink. It's 2 layers on without top coat. Very nice texture and brush is wide and soft. Looks opaque enough even in 1 layer. 
On top of Scandalous Pink I have another Etude House polish from Dear My Party Nails collection in Evening Dress PPK002. I have a swatch of the color be itself [HERE] Pink jelly polish with lots of different type holo glitters. I have 2 coats on of this polish as well. It looks gorgeous on sunlight. It's bling-bling so brightly :)
Acrylic powder was sent from KKCenterHK.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

LA Splash Cosmetics. Make-up and Nails.

Since recently I've made a goal to finish all my make-up, it may sounds crazy but I really wish all my make-up could fit in not very small but only one bag. I fight myself all the time because whenever I go to buy stuff I feel like all those tubes and bottles and other items call my name LOL~ Thats hard and un-healthy, I know! And when LA Splash cosmetics  contacted me I just couldn't say no, because I can't :P The representative of the company was very generous and sent me a sample bag and it's not samples but full size products! I'm very happy to get the chance to try this cosmetics line because as I said many many times before it's very hard to find US brands here in Korea. 
Probably there is nobody on the earth who hadn't heard about LA Splash. When I first saw this products on You Tube I totally wanted to try Splash Sealer Base and some cosmetic Gltters. Because everyone just like them and leave a lot of positive responses here and there. And here I am! 
  Splash Proof Sealer Eye Shadow Sealer/Base.
Eye shadow primer - glitter must have which intensifies color and long last wear. Doll foot applicator and useful packaging. No smell, no irritation of my eyelids. I applied a thin coat onto eyelids stright with applicator and it's like miracle worker. My makeup in general looks neater because of the sticky texture of the base. Eye shadows sticks to the base very good and there is no fallouts. I like using this base for loose eye shadows, regular eye shadows and especially for any cosmetic glitters!

          Diamond Dust Mineral Eye Shadow in Golden Smoke.
Loose eye shadow - nice combination of black pigment and fine gold glitters.   Very easy to work with, applies smoothly and not fallout when applied. But glitter particals fallout very easily and disappear with blending. Overall this product works great as black (not deep black though) eye shadow.
***Cut the crease look using Golden Smoke for the crease, Silver Torpedo gliiters for the main lid and Black Diamond eyeliner on the top part of my black liner***
Diamond Eyeliner in Black Diamond.
Mostly black but it also has silver and a tiny bit of green, blue and brown glitters mixed with clear base eyeliner. I found it very light on top lids but for bottom innercorner eyes it looks beautiful! I've tried it a few times already but seems like it doesn't long last for me. After 1-2 hours I can't see it and have to re-apply again. 

                                 Lip Gloss in Pink Fusion.
Peachy, sort of nude, very sheer lip gloss. When I swatched it on my hand I could smell vanilla scent but on my lips I can't smell anything. It has a tingling effect but not very strong. Haven't noticed it makes my lips fuller though. It comes with a doll foot applicator which I really do like. Also it's very "glittery" lip gloss, so without difficulty there can be felt fine glitter particals on lips. Not sticky and stays on for a good few hours. I like this lip gloss!!
***on the picture I have lip liner on***

Mineral Eye Sparkle & Glitter. Glitter Splash in Silver Torpedo.
"Use alone or mix with other Splash products onto body/face/hair for the desired sparkling look!"
Silver Holo glitters. Very fine grinding. Looks amazing in different lighting. I've tried to use this glitters and on my eyes and nails. Works great for both! Easily removes with make-up cleansing tissue - for the face and for my nails I like to use foil wrapping method with regular nail polish remover.

I also have done some swatches on my hand. This picture was taken at natural daylight. 
Products was sent from LA Splash Cosmetics.
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