Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bow Nail Art Decoration

HeLLo everyone! It's not Halloween nail blog update LOL~ But here is all my nail arts for this year 2012. Have a safe and happy Halloween :)
*all pictures above are clickable*
"White Corset" nails. I made it a few days ago. Created corset french tips and sticked some beige bows. I think it's not successful combination of colors because everything looks mixed together. But IRL it looked like twisted french manicure with bow decorations.  
For something funny and more interesting I've created this "Monkey and Roses" UV gel nail design. This was a theme at the nail school and I just added the bows to the characters. And it suits and looks nicely :) Damn, I need to buy UV lamp for myself quickly, so I could do more practice at home...
Plastic nail decorations comes each pack with around 50 pieces in. Size 4mm x 5mm. Available in more other colors as well. Looks and feels as 3D deco. If U not get used to wear 3D decorations it might feel annoying at some points. I like stick this bows with clear polish: I find this way is much careful for natural nails than using nail glue, it hold on great and don't fall off.
MODI nail polish in Angel Wing #39. 2 coats on on top of sheer beige polish. White hexagons and stripes with clear base polish. The "glitters" are not sparkle or anything else. But I find it works amazingly for layering with dark polishes. A bit hard to remove though and I use kitchen foil wrapping method with regular nail polish remover - it works just as great! :)
Nail Decorations was sent from KKCenterHK.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Halloween Skull" Nails

HeLLo everyone! First of all I want to thank Jossie Castro for sharing so many of my blog posts on Google+. ThanQ very much for visiting and sharing my nail designs!
This is my last Halloween design for this year. It's very simple to do nail art though: I just applied green polish as main background color, made thick white stripe in the center, added some more lines and skeleton water decals.  
N.Nail Skull Water Decals.
Very fun set of Halloween water decals. 20 images of skeletons with skateboarding. Looks like a modern rock skull LOL~ very funny images :) As usual great quality product, no smearing when apply top coat.
And because recently I've changed my camera here is not so many pictures of this mani because I try to find different lighting and position of taking pitures suitable for my new camera. I took lots of photos for this design of full mani and just one hand but lighting isn't good at all, usually it's to much light and everything is reflected. But I hope U got an idea anyways ;)
I also took a picture of my bare nails and decided to add little "zombie" photoshop and have some fun. Btw, I use PicMonkey if someone interested in.
This product was sent from KKCenterHK.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

"HaLLoween Pumpkin" Nails

Another HaLLoween nail design I've made a few days ago. I promise, one more themed nail art to go and I'll stop bothering all of U with my HaLLoween nails LOL~ 
Have U decided already what will U wear for the holidays? outfit? make-up? nails? Very curious to hear from U~
Anyways, it's super easy to do nail design. I used glittery purple as main background color, sponged white and pastel yellow in the center part of my nails and lastly added pumpkin decals on each finger. And thats it :)
Full manicure. Looks the same on both hands. 
Set of 20 different pumpkin images. Very good quality product. Actually N.Nail is one of my favourite water decals! So many different images and styles suitable for everyone. Excellent quality for low price!
 SKINFOOD Byulsatang Nail #3 in Purple Star. It's a clear base polish with lots of micro glitters to it. I have 2 coats of it on top of regular purple polish. Very pretty sparkly purple color. I love glitters so so very much! A bit hard to remove though but I use foil wrapping method with regular nail polish remover.
Water decal set was sent from KKCenterHK.

Monday, October 22, 2012

False Nail Tips Set + Nail Polish Swatches

HeLLo everyone! A bit boring post today... Recently I was sent a bunch of stuff from KKCenterHK store and also this Luminal Collection French Nail Tips was included as well. Total 100 pieces - 20 pieces of each size. Size from 1-10. Comes in plastic box which looks clumsy and fragile to me. Both of the plastic packages come to me broken. I don't know if the difference is that I get sample products and not order them myself. Anyways, fortunately I have a few empty cases from nail school, so gonna transfer these nail tips there. Also acrylic powder stack was packed in this package as well and as U can see it's all over, it was absolutely everywhere. But it's ok because I'll use this tips only for nail art practice and nothing more. Other than that all those french nail tips are very good, all of them have control line for gluing on the nails, the colors are very cute and available in many other shades too.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Both of the samples I got are duochrome: purple duochrome in GA06 and white duochrome in GA10
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
For this nail art I used GA10 tips. I applied creme white polish on them and maked this design with acrylic paints, gold flat rhinestones and 3D white ribbon.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
For this nail art I used GA06 as it is. I just painted flowers on the original color of the tips and sealed it with clear top coat.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This design was made on GA10 artificial nail tips with UV gels. I buffed top layer off and worked on matte surface but the back of the tips still look duochrome.
Fall time is my most favourite season of the year. It feels cool, fresh and comfortable after humid summer, no more unpleasant sweat, it may sounds gross but absolutely true, no more hot air everywhere and I just can enjoy things again! And sometimes when I get tired of nail art or simply don't have enough time to make something creative, I like wearing solid nail polishes by itself. And here is a few autumn inspired colors I was wearing recently.
First color I was really enjoying is "Dublin Dazzle". It's not a nail polish but transferring nail foil which I bought at Dollar Nail Art. For matching base color I applied 2 coats of Tropical Guava by Aritaum. And to prevent the nail foil from cracking I used clear polish at first and then fast drying top coat. The final look isn't perfect at all, especially on my nails because I have 30~40% C-curve and I get a lot of unprinted stripes. It's so sparkling and not very noticable on the picture but anyhow I really do love the color so I pick this green for the fall time :)
 Skin Food Party Tox Nail collection in Bronze Party #4. I bought this polish last summer but I think this shade is more suitable for autumn time. I have 3 coats (+ clear top coat) of it but 2 layers works just as well. It looks a bit darker IRL but I definitely like this sparkly brown shade. Don't have a lot of browns in my collection and this one is very pleased in my polish family. Looks absolutely beautiful in all different lightings and motions but so hard to take a picture of it because of all bling-bling particals.
MODI nail polish in Neon Orange #7. It 2 layers on right now, without top coat. Creme finish. Application is very smooth and dries fast. I just love all MODI series polishes, they are all very beautiful. This particular color looks more like a light red than neon orange in real life. Like fall leaves! Awesome color I enjoy wearing it a lot. And also it makes my hands looks really light tone.
False nail tip sets was sent from KKCenterHK.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

HaPPy HaLLoween Nails + How To Use DIY Water Decals

I have changed my nails today because I have a lot of free time recently. Haven't got new printouts for hair lessons yet so I enjoy doing my manicures LOL~ For today I have another Halloween themed nail design by using water decals. I used neon orange and bright yellow polish with silver glitters on top, swirl water decals and Happy Halloween pattern of course.
5 x 6 cm water decal sheet. This size isn't enough to create full mani on all of my nails but it's because they are quite long right now. If short nails it will be enough amount; even with some extra product. Or being a creative person U can cut some french tips or stripes or whatnot and use them on nails that way.This particular design I suggest to apply on white base color to make the pattern looks brighter. Quality of the decails is very good, not fragile at all and applies nicely on the nails. Also because of the busy Halloween pattern it's very forgiving, if there is any mistakes or wrinkles it's not significant. So, I give this product 2 thumbs up!
Step-by-step tutorial on how to use DIY water decals:
Step 1: Prepare water decal sheet and peel off protecting clear plastic layer.
Step 2: On the back of the water decal sheet draw some forms suitable for the nails.
Step 3: Cut by pattern.
Step 4: Put the decal in room temperature water and wait for about 1-2 min.
Step 5: Gentely separate the main design from white paper.
Step 6: Place on the nail and smooth it out. Wipe off all water excess with paper tissue.
Step 7: Apply top coat and enjoy ur mani :)
Quick Tip:
~ Before start working and preparing water decals it's better to get ready base color polish on the nails. White creme polish works great as main base color of most of the times.
~ This is also a tutorial for how-to use reqular water decals (single designs, full patterns) starting from Step 4.
Water decals were sent from KKCenterHK.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

HaLLoween Pirate Toes

I haven't changed my toe nails for a while now because had an accident with my toe. The other day I went to the supermarket and was in a hurry because my hubby was waiting for me in the car. I was going very fast and hit the toe of the trolley. It was really painful and when I looked down there drops of blood was running down my slippers. I couldn't see whats happened because had nail polish on the toes (I disinfected it from time to time of course) and yesterday I decided to change my pedicure because it not hurts anymore. It looks bad inside but toenails grow super quickly, so no worries! I'll cut it all ugly-ness off :P LOL~
I made this design for my nail art portfolio on fake toe nail tips. I applied 2 coats of bright orange on half of the nails. Sticked pirate stripes horizontally, after that separated this part with black lace and decorated big toenail with 3D black ribbon. 
For my pedicure I did the same conception but changed it just a little bit. I didn't used 3D decorations on the toes because it's already getting colder here in Korea and I wear close shoes most of the time, so kindda tried to keep it flat/2D.
50 pieces of each size from 1-10 comes in plastic case with full fake toe nails. This see-through nail tips in GT17. There is a lot of other colors available click the link above to see more detailed information. This nail tips are great for wearing and in my case it's great to make nail art designs. The actual case is very good quality too. The "lock" holds up very well and it's important for me because I usually take my nail tips to the nail school to work on and it's very important to be sure that nothing was scattered and mixed up. Because all of the nail tips are numbered for easy use. 
This set contains all different tip sizes to match real toe nails. 
I had a lot of fun playing with photoshop today :P It was fun to add all those Halloween themed images :)
Products used for my pedicure:
Odyssey base and top coat 
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex polish in OR201 (for orange color)
Etude House True Black WH706 (for black color)
Etude House Full Nail Patches in Pirate Ship (for pirate stripes)
Jo Sonja Black acrylic paint + thin nail art brush
Product was sent from KKCenterHK

Monday, October 15, 2012

Classy Roses Freehand Nail Art

I missed doing nail art :) For the past few days I had a lot of different bad and good things happened in my life. First of all me and my family had an amazing weekend together. We was at Snow White musical show and it was so beautiful. My kids loved it :) And we also had night trip to near by city for lights festival 진주 유등 축제 it was totally breathtaking, I have a picture on my Instagram. And for the bad part I was betrayed by friend, she was afraid that I'll buy lots of US brand stuff, open my own nail salon and would be better than her. I think she understood her stupid mistake because she trying to call me and sending messages with "are U aggrieved at me?" text. 
Anyways, I've changed my nails today, finally. I did a freehand design because I want to train my hands a bit more so I can do a better job on someone else. This design is basic rose flower made with white acrylic paint.  
 Full mani on both hands. It took me quite a lot of time to paint the roses but I like the final look. Pictures are not truely showing all bling-bling decorations but IRL it looks great!
To get this design I used light or cherry tomato red polish and combined it with 3D glitter red polish on top. With white acrylic paint and thin nail art brush I draw the roses, added some gold hexagons and some silver rhinestones and sealed everything with shimmer top coat.
 Last Friday I had another nail art lesson and we made such roses but only using UV gels. Here is the UV gel  roses sample and the very last is a sample for my today's mani.
MODI nail polish in Neon Orange #7 I used for my main background color today. I have 2 coats right now. Very nice and opaque tomato red shade. It has creme finish and looks absolutely beautiful. I love MODI polishes!!
Next time I'll try to make something for Halloween :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"STAINED GLASS" + recent haul

Yay! I finally got my Nail Technician License :) But the sad thing it isn't enough to open my own nail salon. I have yet to get a license of a hairdresser otherwise it will be illegal business run... Already got a book for hair lessons but there is no charge of energy in me to start new class and again get prepare for exams. For a positive source, I decided to make something bright on my nails. First I made this design HERE with UV gels at the nail school, then decided to try another one with acrylic paints for my nail portfolio and now I wanted them on my own nails. I'm absolute maximalist and like all at once, and for many. This is also true for my nails, every time I make a manicure I want to fill in every available piece of nail with something and think it isn't to much at all LOL~ 
For the main background colors I used The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex polishes in GR501 for light sort of minty blue  color, YL701 for pastel yellow and Etude House in "U Say Pink!" PK011. After that with acrylic paints I draw black lines for stained glass pattern and filled them in with different colors. Sticked some rhinestones and added butterfly water decals at the end. Thick layer of clear top coat and it's done!
Full mani looks like this. Sorry for the lighting, it's to much sunlight I guess...
I haven't bought a lot of stuff recently just a few items from Etude House, MODI polishes and finally my new bottle of Odyssey cuticle oil (my favourite cuticle oil).
From Etude House I got UV Diamond Top Coat (very disappointed by this product, it's quite thin and smears everything), Color My Brows eye brow mascara in Rich Brown (so exciting to try out), brown and black liquid eyeliners, more of Etude House Dear My Neon Fab Nails and skeleton nail patches.
I was excitied for new MODI polishes but haven't saw any pretty colors in the store. Kindda bought "old" shades.
On a random note: very excited for new Dexter season, already watched first 2 episodes. Love Debra more and more :P

Sunday, October 07, 2012

How To Make Basic 3D Roses + Pedicure

This is part II of basic flower tutorials as it was requested to me some time ago. I already have made basic flower [HERE] and if U haven't seen it yet definitely suggest to check it out for more information about acrylic designing. It's the simplest design for beginners. I show only this type of flowers because I'm a beginner as well.
Step 1: Place first acrylic ball on the nail and wait until it becomes matte.
Step 2: With end of the brush make a pointed top right in the middle of the ball.
Step 3: Evenly spread the mixture to the sides making a rose petal shape. Don't try make them perfect and same because it will not look like "the real rose" petals.
And now make more the same petals around and then start sculpt second layer doing the same exact steps. But remember the closer to the center the smaller acrylic ball should be.
It's very simple flower U immediately will understand what to do once U start sculpting it. There is no more helpful tips or tricks but practicing!
Here is my very first roses design I made for my portfolio.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Another design I made with lace elements.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Here is the way I'm wearing 3D design on my natural nails. I made them on somewhere else, any smooth surface will work then I wait until it cmpletely dry (a few minutes), unstick with orange wood stick and use them as 3D nail decorations. This way my naturail nails arn't get damage and it's much easier to remove the design.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Thats it for flower tutorials. If there is any other tutorial suggestion/requests please comment below :)
Thanx for visiting and have a great time!
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