Friday, September 28, 2012


First of all I want to thank Sooji from Glam Mania...!! for she gave me the Versatile Blogger Award and I always forget about it, sorry! Check out Sooji's glamorous blog because she have such adorable outfits, beautiful nail designs, yummy food pictures and gorgeous pictures of Korea!

I decided to change my mani yesterday and used MODI Glam Nails in Devil Tierce #17. It's a black jelly polish with bigger and smaller purple glitters to it. To make it look more darker I applied black creme polish as main base color and then 2 layers of the Devil Tierce on top. The hexagons clings very well on the brush and it's very easy to apply on the nails, I mean the application is very nice and quite opaque. Dries in normal time. And I think it's nice dupe for Revlon Facets of Fuchsia or Deborah Lippmann Bad Romace. It's not easy to find both of those brands here in Korea but we able to buy such great dupes instead. 
It looks amazingly in the sun
better than it looks in the shade.
Also I want to share some of nail art designs I've made recently. All these is for my nail art portfolio thing.
First I have this 3D acrylic design with roses and elements of lace. I've tried to make this on green background but the lace part looks disgusting and reminds me of larvae eggs*LOL*
Next one is freehand design. Dead fishes and cats. Something cute for Halloween :)
And lastly is UV gel nail art. I've learned marbling technique. It's very easy to work with gels but I really don't like this set of colors I have.
Thats it for now. I'll be gone for couple of day because this weekend we have Thanksgiving in Korea. 
Thanx for reading and have a great weekend U all!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Nails 2012

We have Thanksgiving this weekend and I already made my nails for that. I don't like this holidays because it's a lot of work, cooking, guest services and at the same time I have to look for my kids as well, in general, a lot of stress in two days 0_o
I wanted to create something fall autumn inspired as well as not very bright and still simple LOL~
 This design was inspired by Robin Moses's Autumn Fall Flower Nail Art. I chose to do this manicure because Robin explain everything sO nice and make everything very simple. And I decided to do it also because I want to practice free hand painting more. 
Full mani. This is a special picture, my son took it for me *proud smile*
For the main base color I used Aritaum nail polish in White Pink #39. I have 2 layers on without top coat. It's pearl sort of color more on sheer side. Applies nice and easy, dries in normal time. Also it makes my hand looks darker.
Last weekend I was at nail art event and was making simple manicures. And someone from there surprised me with The Face Shop package. I got shower gel, body milk and couple of sheet masks. I like everything so far, very nice floral scent.
And also I bought some stickers. Needed french tip stickers only but bought some extra pieces as well. 
Thats all for today, feel very tired. And also have to start learning hair book, arghh... Feel very sick at heart because I have to prepare for theory exams again... 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cartoon Fauxnadicure

I have 2 nail art goals for this months: one is to start stamping more and the second is training myself for hand painting. So I've collected a lot of different image plates now and haven't used them all yet. One of such plates is N.Nail B32 plate. For the main background pattern I sponged a few light colors and the design in general looks kindda empty. Perhaps I had to add more details on the background but it was so fun to wear it for a day on my nails. Because my lil' son was very happy to see cartoons on the nails and wanted to take them all the time :)
For this nail design I used creme white polish as base color, pastel yellow, light green, sky blue, pastel purple, pastel pink, orange and flakie polish on top. Everything was sponged upright and stamped with black polish.
To make all colors look brighter I applied white creme polish as a base color. It's from Etude House Darling collection in True White. I have 2 layers on without top coat. Applies nice and smooth. Dries quickly and can be used for stamping as well.
7 different images of cartoons comes in separate package with protective film on each plate. I seriously have no idea how these cartoons called *LOL* except of Snoopy~ but they looks KAWAII to me :)
As usual I pre-stamped all images on paper to see how they works and in my personal opinion all N.Nail image plates are very nice. So far I have 3 different plates from them and they all are so good! Very easy to pick image on the stamper and all images are made very detailed. Nice image plates which are certainly not let down!!
Image plate was sent from KKCenterHK.
U might like: *click on the picture U like*
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Stamping Nail Art

It's Sunday today and both my kids home, so kindda lack of time for my nails. But I decided to make something really simple using stamping image plate. 
To get this design I applied 2 layers of black polish, mattified it with matte top coat and stamped some silver images on. And thats all :)
To be honest I'm so dead when choosing design and idea and colors in general for stamping nail art.
For the main black color I'm wearing new polish from my "un-used" drawer and it's from Etude House Darling collection in True Black. I have 2 layers on, no top coat. Applies nice and opaque. Dries quickly and can be used for stamping. 
7 different emotion images on English and Korean. It's not full letter print for Korean language and some of the words are misspelling. But I like this plate a lot and really wanted to have it in my collection too :)
 I have pre-stamp all of the images on paper and all of them are really nice graved. Good plate for fauxnadicuring!
Image plate was sent from KKCenterHK.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

NOTD "High Heels" + UV Gel Kit

Got bad news! Since I'm finished with nail school and the license will be ready soon my husband was ready to open a nail salon for me. But there is nothing easy in this life! We learn about the new law: without license of a hairdresser I can't open nail salon! Can U believe in such stupid law? I'm not into hair nor want to learn hair! I don't want to spend my time for thing I'm not interested in!! I'm sorry to those who like hair but I just tell the truth. There is nothing in common between the hair and manicure, I can't understand it!! South Korea, U disappointed me and all, yes all, nail students of MBC beauty academy! 
So, I had to cancel the tenancy agreement and I feel absolutely empty! And guess I start learning hair soon because I want my own nail salon anyways! 

Here is my nail design I'm wearing for past 2-3 days now and got a lOt of compliments but my camera don't want show the true neon pink color and it seems more like a carrot or red or something. But it's bright neon pink + silver holo chunky glitters = beautiful color combination!
To get this nail design I applied sheer beige polish all over my nails. Freehanded neon pink french tips. Outlined them with silver striper polish and applied silver chunky glitters on top. Added water decals on my thumb and ring fingers as well as clear rhinestones. Sealed everything with clear top coat.
*Picture in the shade*
For the silver glitters I used nail polish from Skin Food in Silver Party #1. And here is the picture of my french mani without decorations.
Another masterpiece from N.Nail. Best water decal maker! I love this line a lot!
U can click on the link above, I'm no affiliated to this web-site, I just want to share nice stuff with everyone! I'm not making money here!
 This water decals was sent from KKCenterHK.

As some of U may already now I'm really enjoying by acrylic nail designing. Not wear 3D on my nails but fill in my nail art portfolio with. I was run out of acrylic liquid or monomer and was confused for a long time which one to buy from Odyssey system or anything else. Odyssey acrylic system is very good quiality products but so very overcharged! And recently my friend bought this NAN acrylic liquid for herself and introduced it to me as well. And I just want to say it's amazing, it works great with all my powders and 60% cheaper than Odyssey one. So glad I have this one now, gonna re-purchase it over and over :) I bought it from local on-line store and it was free shipping + I got so many freebies, isn't that great? 
 And also I have started another class for gel nails. I got my UV gel starter kit and here is all I have so far. Waiting for cuticle-oil because it wasn't in my case but was paid for. Yet I'm in a process of ordering UV  lamp.
 Bless UV color gel set. Sorry for bad lighting but there is 10 different UV color jars. 
I already had 2 lessons for gel nail art and here is my first art. I excepted more from gels. I still prefer more usual acrylic paint + gel top coat.
"Stained Glass"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Naked, so naked :)

Yes, it's about my bare nails *LOL* and nothing more :) My special friend from Facebook requested to do an update for my nails growing. And actually I can say I'm imressed too how fast they grow this time :) CLICK HERE for previous nail growing update. May be my desire to have long nails for past few months makes itself felt *GIGGLING* but use of Odyssey cuticle enhancer is definitely helped to achieve such good result. Is waiting for fast replacement because it's already finished, can't wait to get another bottle of oil.
I completely agree, they are yellow! But let me tell U. First of all, I've tried using whitening thoothpaste, baking soda and lemon juice to whitening them but nothing works because I'm constantly wearing nail polish, literally all the time. But there is another way to keep them nice and pink by buffing top layer off of the nails which is very bad for natural nails in general because there is a possibility of buffing off to much, especially for mine. If I ever touch nail surface with any buffing tool I'll get a tear for sure. Thats not in my interests at all! So I decided to keep them the way they are look right now because I want them long and healthy, without patching and gluing etc. I'm getting enough shit on Flickr about my yellow nails so please don't do that to me here too! I know they are yellow but I never show to people around my unpolished nails, always have a manicure!
I have semi-square nail shape a.k.a squoval. I correct the shape every week, just a little bit but I try to not touch often sides of the free edge. Because the longer my nails, the deeper C-curve is.
I have nothing on my nails on these pictures :)
Here is all nail and hand care products I'm using lately:
Etude House Hand Bouguet Rich Butter with 5% shea butter. Hand and heel cream. Very thick texture. I use it for my hands in the cooler months, when skin becomes drier. Don't like the smell of "old lady" though but it moisturizes so well.
Etude House Help My Finger Treatment Nail Salve. I use it few times a day. Massaging it into my cuticles. It has no color (transparent), no specific smell and my cuticles do like it :)
Aritaum Shea Butter cuticle and nail balm. I use it on my nails and cuticles when I'm about to change mani, I take off all nail polish and moisturize them with shea butter overnight. The next morning my nails look very nice and healthy :)
Innisfree Eco Nail Essential Oil with 60% Natural Origins. Since my Odyssey cuticle oil is finished now and new one isn't arrived yet I'm using this oil. I usually alternate it with Treatment Nail Salve.
Etude House Help My Finger Milk Strong Ca+. Right now I use it on my bare nails before base application. It has milky undertone but works good. 
I like taking care of my nails. They are my jewelry, lovely jewelry :) I like to keep them healthy and not only for painting 0_o
How do U feel about ur nails?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NOTD: "Butterfly Paradise" + Instagram

HeLLo all! I offer my apologies in advance for bad lighting pictures. Actually yesterday Korea suffered from Sanba typhoon which passed right through our country. It wasn't very strong wind in my local area as it has been warned but so much rainfall and today it still gloomy yet cold. And I feel great (it may seem a shame because many people have big losses after the typhoon) but I finally can feel autumn which is my favourite time of the year :)
Got some free time for myself and decided to change mani. I made purple french tips with bigger and smaller rhinestones combined with micro-beads and butterfly water decals.
 Same is on my right hand. A bit different butterflies placement though. 
Such adorable images of chrysanthemums, tulips and butterflies. I'm a huge flower lover so this one is so beautiful in my eyes. Very bright spring-ish sort of water decals and so worth to try! Only one flaw that I noticed is those pink butterflies have unfinished print on the wings. But it's just me being OCD about perfectionism, never mind *LOL*
This product was sent from KKCenterHK.

I recently started using Instagram account. Do U have one? Search me as ANASTACIAPARK there and leave me a comment with ur username I'll follow U back :) Getting into Instagram-ing retarded as always *LOL*
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hot "KISS" + Haul

So very busy these past few days. Working on some nail designs for my nail art portfolio. And actually for today I made 3 different 3D acrylic designs, very tired but happy with the result :)
And for now I have this very simple manicure used True White polish by Etude House and sexy lady water decals.
My right hand looks exactly like the other one :) 
Images of MAC red lip stick, kiss red lip and sexy lady :) Very do like these designs especially on shorter nails they will look much better. The same great quality like all other N.Nail water decals.
Water decals was sent from KKCenterHK.

Recently I bought some stuff and first of all I want to share IOPE Trouble Clinic Control Emulsion (for both  men and women). It's like magic in a bottle, seriously!! I had acnes for about 4-5 years now and I couldn't get rid of them but this IOPE emulsion works wonders. And for right now I don't have any acne on my face just scars from past. There is whole line of this Trouble Clinic skin care products and I'll definitely go back and buy the rest of the set. Very very impressed produced effect!
Also my local supermarket began selling Loreal facial cleansers and I bought Deep Facial Cleanser and Deep Exfoliating Scrub. Don't know how I feel about them right now but they are much worse than my The Face Shop Snow Exfoliating Foam Cleanser.
I also visited Etude House store and bought Help My Fingers Milk Strong Ca+. This milky fortifier is a calcium and pure vegetable oil infused formula, releasing a surge of nourishment for stronger, more resilient nails. And some Darling polishes in Clear Water, True White, True Black and Mini French Gold Glitter.
MODI attracting my attention a lot. I bought some of their new polishes. Very do like their color selection, so beautiful!
Still not decided which one I want use first LOL~

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nautical Theme: "ANCHOR" mani + 3D acrylic nail art ideas

I've changed my mani this morning and it looks to me like fail LOL~ But I'm gonna wear it just for tomorrow and will remove it. Tried to create sort of sea wave because I wanted to use another water decal set from KKCenterHK
 My right hand doing nice and polished too :)

Products I used for this mani.

To get this mani done:
1. I applied base coat as always and with a small nail art brush and creme white polish created "wave" free edge.
2. Did the same "wave" only with sky blue polish.
3. Sprinkled baby blue glitter just on the blue area.
4. Applied some water decals and added blue rhinestones.
5. Finished off with some clear top coat.
Another amazing product I've got recently. They are great great great quality, I can't sterss enough how nice these N.Nail water decals are. Click to the product name to see more details.
Water decals was sent from KKCenterHK.

Also I want to share another 3D nail art creations I've made recently :) 
2D flowers and ribbon with some hearts. The flowers looks sloppy but I'm just still learning all the basics of 2D and 3D designing. And who would have thought that this is so interesting?! I'm gtting into acrylic designs right now (don't mean wearing artificial nails tho).
And my creations from yesterday. 2D camomile or basic 5 petal flowers, another grape and 3D bouquet of flowers. I had so much fun making them :)
Can't wait to start my gel nail art lessons too, hope it will be as much fun as it is right now :)
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