Friday, August 31, 2012


I have another mani today. And in my head I planned this design will look much more better than it turned out. But my friend gave me a compliment today because seems like she really liked the sunflower decals :) What do U think about this mani? 
And here is a picture of my right hand because I like it more :)

<- Products I used for "Sunflowers" mani.

How to make this nail art design:
1. I Applied hardener and base coat as always. And after that 2 coats of Etude House Dear My Neon Fab Nails in Fresh Melon.
2. With a piece of sponge I applied Midnight Khaki from Aritaum on the middle of my nails. I wanted to create sort of convex surface. 
3. Applied soild layer of Innisfree White Winter polish to blend the colors together a little bit more.
4. Randomly apply sunflower water decals and seal everything with clear top coat. Done!

This time I used the entire sheet of water decals. And I'm so truely like N.Nail water decals. They are very nice quality and the choice of different designs and patterns is very extensive! They are designed for different tastes and ages and absolutely excellent quality of their decals.  
Product was sent from KKCenterHK.

My "LOLITA" pedi :) 
I did my pedicure for a day earlier than I made this picture and I was very afraid to damage the roses LOL~ For last few days I'm learning 3D nail art at the nail school and it's a lot of fun. For me personally it's kindda difficult to use acrylic powders and just modeling technique in general but I already started getting some basic skills. Maybe soon I'll show 3D grapes and ribbon nail arts :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My very first DIPLOMA

The other day I went to Busan for my very first nail seminar. It was presentation of Odyssey Nail System with amazing nail technician Trang NguyenHe flew to Korea directly from the United States to teach us amazing skills for acrylic sculpting. Everything looks so easy and super simple in his hands, absolutely gorgeous man! He showed us quite a few different ways for acrylic extensions, and how to mix own acrylic powders, how to calculate the ideal length of acrylic free edge and so many other great tips and tricks! I'm so happy I had a chance to visit this seminar despite it was hard to sit 5 and a half hours nonstop. 
We had a chance to take some pictures with Trang. On the picture above are my "nail friends" from the school. We was trained together for a while.
I got best wishes personally from the technician and signature :)
And here is my very first nail diploma. Also they gave to all of us a small present which is glowing BB cream. I used it once but decided to save for the winter time, it's very oily! 
And I also wanted to share about my nail condition after all practice at nail school. This picture was taken at August 24. Over all I can say my nails are not damaged because I've got very useful advice from Ash-Lilly and she said to allowed to practice on right hand only. And because I acted like a crazy b***eatch and was really afraid of damaging my natural nails I gave only thumb on my right hand LOL~ It's shorter than the others right now but not so much damaged. I'm happy that I still have my healthy nails :)
 And my nails today at August 30. I can see they are longer just a little bit and it makes me feel as before: inspired and absolutely in love with all nail stuff :)
I'm really glad I can update my blog much often now :) 
P.S. Holding my new base coat in the picture above. It's from Innisfree Eco collection. Eco Base Coat.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One-stroke cherry blossom?!

I have a great news today! I successfully passed the final nail exam and my license will be ready as soon as possible. I'm so happy they let me do it! So happy and thankful! I have left quite a few hours at the nail school for 2D and 3D art so is still going to the lessons. But even right now I can start doing my own manicures! Yay! I really missed doing and wearing my nails :) So SO happy :)
 I decided to paint one-stroke flowers with white and pink acrylic colors and for some reason they reminds me of cherry blossom flowers. 
Products I used except for base coat, top coat and fast dry liquid :
I was sent this cute tiny botlle by the company and I really was exciting to try it out. Because I already have other beads from here and there and all of them color bleeding I was hope it's not. And to my regret they are color bleeding not all of them but red beads. Very strongly noticeable red/dark pink lines after top coat polish brush. 
It comes in complete with empty N.Nail plastic jar. Mixed a lot of different color microbeads. I really like this version :)
This product was sent by KKCenterHK. Don't forget to use my 10% coupon code .

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mission 6. Summer Survivor Style Code Nails Kit.

Since it's still summer I have something interesting to share. This summer Aritaum store released quite a few mini nail polish kits for the season and I had a chance to buy one. There is still available lots of other boxes but I already have all those colors separately in my collection. I bought this mini nail polish kit a while ago and only now I got to play around with. And I actually think it's a lot of fun! Because I really do like all the colors and stickers and all the nail design ideas with it. Back of the box actually have lots of information (on Korean) and it includes 3 different nail design ideas and I decided to try all of them :) Also all of these 3 ideas can be combined into one manicure as well and it will looks great too :) The mini nail polish kit includes 3 different colors in Secret Navy, Night Spash and Silver Bullet. Each of them is 7ml. Also it contains one sheet of silver spider web stickers. Which are full size nail stickers, at least for my nail length.
Aritaum polish in Secret Navy. I have 2 coats on. Very dark-dark blue color, looks almost black. Creme finish. Dries very nice and fast. Applies smoothly.
Spider Style A. It says to apply Secret Navy polish as main background color and stick spider web stickers on top. The stickers are very nice and sticks perfectly, not peel off and it looked great until I took off my manicure.
Spider Style B. It says to apply Silver Bullet polish as main background color and Night Splash on to the nail tips. I applied 2 coats of silver polish and 1 coat of blue glitters. It was quite thick "polish pie" and to my surprise this also dried very quickly.
Aritaum polish in Silver Bullet. I have 2 layers on. Basically it's a bunch of fine silver glitters. In 2 layers it looks completely opaque and sparkly. I love this color so much o_O
Spider Style C. It says to apply Secret Navy polish as main background color and Night Splash on top. I also decided to add tiny accent on my ring finger and sticked some spider web as well.
Aritaum polish in Night Splash. I have 2 coats of it. Clear based polish with tons of blue and turquoise glitters to it. Very beautiful color, definitely buildable polish. Looks very nice and sparkly!
Thats it for now! I had my last nail exam yesterday and it was so much stress becuase when I did acrylic nail the nail tip just break off :( I hadn't enough time to re-do so I just sit and wait untill announcement of the results (the end of this week). I did everything good but this one, ohhh... don't know what to think...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flower Power

I can't believe it! Very soon I'll be done with the nail school. There is only 2 weeks left and after that I'm planning on start another course for gel nails and gel nail art which don't need short nails LOL~ And for now I think I already can start grow out my natural nails to the "usual" length. But I'm still for searching a hand model for the last exam and right now my head is spinning...
Recently I bought lots of different acrylic colors from Jo Sonja and really wanted to play with them. So I decided to make something bright on my nails. And here is what I came up with:
a lot of colorful flowers on the nails.
For the main background pattern I used nail foil in Roman Marble. For the foil glue I used that one which comes along with order from Dollar Nail Art.
Products I used:
How to get "Flower Power" nail design:
1. Apply base coat as always. Apply one layer of opaque black polish and wait it completely dry.
2. Apply foil glue and wait 3-4 minutes 'till it completely dries.
3. Apply pre-cut Roman Marble foil on all 10 fingers.
4. Seal the foil with basic clear nail polish to prevent it from ckarcking.
5. With a smal detail brush and different acrylic colors draw simple 5 petal flowers all over the nails.
6. Mix white and yellow paints together and add definition to the center of flowers.
7. Stick light green rhinestone to the center of some flowers.
8. And lastly finish of with clear top coat. Done!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Latest Goodies and Nails

Last week was very stressful yet busy for me. Some difficult relationships but I don't want bother anyone with my personal problems. Anyways, I've collected some nail related pictures from last week and gonna share them :) 
Aritaum mini size polish from Summer Survivor trio kit in Secret Navy. 2 layers on without top coat. Creme finish, applies nice and smooth, dries in normal time.
Sinful Colors in Nail Junkie. 2 layers on no top coat. Amazing glittery polish, I love how green and blue glitters combined together. But next time if I'll use it I will use sea blue or grass green polish as base color underneath. Because I find it's more on jelly/sheer texture side.
I also went to the Etude House store to check if there is something new. But to my great disappointment there isn't. And I got their cleansing tissues (haven't used yet), nail polish remover (it's so great working product and for the $1+ price I think it's just brilliant option!), another Mag Play blue magnetic polish, quick dry drops (haven't used yet) and some nail and cuticle moisturizers.
Etude House Mag Play polish in Blue S. 2 layers on no top coat. Magnetic effect is very strong and clearly visible. I had this polish for only 2 days and so far got no chip. So glad I bought this one :) May be I should try the purple too, huh?
I used both of the moisturizers but so far I like the Essence spa one which is in twisting package. My nails are so happy and looks very healthy :) Definitely gonna re-buy the Essence spa and nail polish remover!
I also bought more of Jo Sonja big size paints :) So happy to see how my collection is growing.
My today's "CAMO" pedicure. I applied 1 layer of Etude House polish in Creamy Gray as a base color and Camouflage nail foil on top. Because this nail foils are tends to crack a lot after fast dry top coat application I used basic clear polish at first and then applied top coat. 
Thats it for now :) Absolutely can't wait to use my new Jo Sonja paints and think of doing something bright on my nails :)

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Etude House Magplay Nails

Today is the last day of our summer vacation but it's so super hot and humid out there so I more prefer to stay at home. Also I'm waiting for my hand model come to my place because at August 25 I have very last exam in my nail school and I still have to practice a lot especially for acrylic nails and silk extensions...
I bought these polishes a few weeks back and never tried. It's magnetic polish collection from Etude House. And in my local store they have only 4 may be 5 different shades. And all of them looks very boring, dimm and I already have to much magnetic polishes in my collection. But I thought why not to try something from this store and got this 2 shades only. Like I said before they looks absolutely imperceptible and it feels like I already have all those colors. But after applying them on my nails and getting the magnetic effect on I'm absolutely in love with this colors! The magnetic effect is very-very strong and agh... I just love them now!
 Etude House Magplay Nails #4 Mystic Khaki. 2 coats on with no top coat yet. Dries in normal time. Very boring sort of light green color by itself. Applies a bit striky but after getting the magnetic effect it looks fantastic! Am I wrong?
Etude House Magplay Nails #1 RED N. 2 coats on with no top coat yet. Dries in normal time. Applies as a faint pink color at first and with magnetic effect become this flirty sort of wine shade. Oh! I love these colors so much!
The only one minus is this collection represents only one type of magnet with diagonal lines. And it's sold separately. But I got a little bit of luck because I already have some different magnetic shapes and I haven't bought any from this particular collection. Also it comes with individual carton box with individual polish name and all necessary information (directions, ingredients, etc) on English as well. 
If I didn't already have so many magnetic polishes I would certainly have rushed out and buy every single color of this Magplay Nails. 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012 Nails

Warning! This blog post contains feet/toe pictures! 
Edit: I decided to add my fresh made manicure as well. Orange gradation with daisies sticker on top. Very simple...

Finally our summer vacation is started. My kids are home and hubby got his summer vacation as well. We have lots of amazing plans on how to spend these 3 days together. Yes, it's only 3 days and because of this we are gonna travel inside of Korea only. Of course we are gonna go to the beach and I have changed both toes and nails for this occasion. I chose bright neon colors "to bring attention" sort of nails LOL~
Please excuse uneven tan thats because I walk a lot outside and really do like wearing quite open shoes. I had 3 broken toe nails lately and I shortened them all...
Products used for this pedicure:
All flowers was done with white nail polish. I learned this technique from my nail tech.
Here is the main design I got idea from. It's sample nail art I made at the nail school. It's a gradation background with white flowers on top. I never tried to create any nail designs with polish only and I found it pretty hard LOL~
And now perhaps I'll come back and continue to watch watch Olympic Games 2012 :)
Go Go Go KOREA!!
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