Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Neutral Colors Gradation

Even before I began to notice the shorter my nails are than manicure chipping more quickly. Previous bright mani I wore 4 days only. I decided to change it on something simple but still look interesting kind of. Anyways, it's crazy humid lately and my boys are on summer holidays right now and I have no power at all LOL~  
This week we are going to the beach because my hubby finally got long-awaited vacation :) We have so many plans but so little time tho LOL~ And I think this mani will be my summer vacation design :)
Products I used for this mani:
I used not very well known polish brands because in my collection isn't very wide range of browns, to be honest that is the only creme solid brown polish I have LOL~ 
I had 3 broken toe nails for last few days. So I cut off all the rest and colored with The Face Shop Face & it Crystal collection polish in GL112. It's 2 layers on, foil finish. Very pretty color! Sorry for uneven tan on my feet but I walk a lOt and I like open shoes. 
Etude House Look At My Shiny Nails collection in Tranquil Skin Syrup SBE103. 2 coats on. Sheer beige color. Works great for french manicure base or just for "natural effect" nails. Very nice texture, goes smoothly and dries quite fast.
I can't wait for the heat is over!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bright Summer Leopard Print Nails

It's a bit different from the style that I usually wear on my nails but I loveee this design a lot!~ I most prefer identical design on all of my nails and the most I can do is to make an accent on my ring fingers and thats all. For this nail design is all fingers are different :) But the main idea is still very simple but cute.
The other day I went to the nail school as always and we had practicing on nail arts. At the time that I worked on my flower design our nail technician made this bright sample nails. And I was like wow! It's so easy but there is something in here that catches my attention. So I asked her if I could do it on myself and share on blog and she said yes, of course :) And here I am :)
 It would look better if making bright spots before making black outlines - my mistake #1. 
Black outlines should be thinner and the design in general will looks better - my mistake #2.
Products I used:
And here is the original version which was done by my nail technician from the school. Of course it looks much better on longer nails but soon, very soon I'll grow out my long nails too LOL~
The OUMAXI paints was semt to me for PR.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NOTD and more new things!

HeLLo everyone! Here is more stuffies SO in the "buy" mood LOL~
I bought more of the Jo Sonja acrylic paints and I have to say that I'm so impressed by this products! Available in so many different colors including metallic shades. This time I got only 3 of them because they are kind of expensive, Aqua (slightly different tone on the picture than IRL), Pale Gold and Silver. So exciting! I wish they have smaller size in one set rather than this huge tubes. But I will definately go back and buy more metallic shades. Do U have any favourite colors from Jo Sonja paints? Any suggestions?
 I also went to the Innisfree store because I needed an eye cream and base coat for my nails. So I bought some other polishes as well which are SO beautiful and blin-blingy. 
 My new eye cream which I'm in love with. Very moisturizing and has this minty sort of scent. But I really like it! Also I got some free products from The Face Shop some time ago and it was a set of their new collections (Shower Gel is missing in action LOL~) 
Chia Seed Water 100. Which is facial spray - refresher. Can be used before or after make-up application just to refresh the skin. I almost done with it and so gonna buy a full size of this goodness. I like using it cold especially at this humid summer days :) 
Green Tea Body set. Mild Body Lotion, Hand Gel Cream and Shower Gel. All of them smells like a green tea obviously, very light textured products and lotion and cream absorbing into the skin instantly. Good stuff!
Some more free samples from Innisfree: different type of BB creams, skin care products and cotton pads.
I don't remember if I already showed this haul before but I also walked into Skin Food store because I needed new eye lash curler. And it's very usual beauty tool, nothing special, curling my lashes like any other eye lash curler, came with 3 replacement pads. And 2 more Pedicure Vita polishes :) Love both shades for both toes and nails :)
 My nail tech. gifted me this product :) It's ARTCOS pro lipgloss. Apologize for the bad quality picture but IRL it looks more like dusty rose and transparent on the lips, has a little bit of sticky texture, not very sticky tho. No smell, no individual name either LOL~ It comes in a make-up kit in the school ;)
And finally my nails of the day. It's MODI polish in Secret Topaz #16. 2 coats on. Blue based color with tons of blue and green glitters to it. SO mermaid inspired color, I loveeeee it :D And it reminds me of "Across the Universe" by Deborah Lippmann.
Thats it for today :) ThanQ for looking :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Etude House Dear My Neon Pop Nails & Dear My Deep Color Nails

HeLLo everyone! Finally here is some swatches I promised the other day :)
Like I said before I was at Etude House store and they had 1+1 sale for all their nail polishes. So I bought a bunch of different nail colors and the rhinestone kit too which I totally forgot to take a picture for :) Initially I needed some bright/neon colors to play with water marbling designs and seems like I found not only them but as well as hot colors suitable for this season. Look at my water marbling design using some of my new Etude House polishes HERE.
 And here is all the swatches ->
Etude House Dear My Neon Pop Nails in Fresh Melon. 2 coats on. Quite sheer consistency. I can still see through my natural nails even in 2 layers on. Dries in normal time tho. Works great for water marbling technique.
 Etude House Dear My Neon Pop Nails in Warning Yellow. 2 coats on. Very bright sunny color which I'm totally in love with. Absolutely nice and pretty. Applies smoothly and opaque. Dries in normal time. Works amazing for water marbling technique as well.
 Etude House Dear My Neon Pop Nails in Powerfull Peach. 2 coats on. It doesn't look as a peachy shade to me at all but more like a nice pink. It has creme finish as well and dries in normal time. Great for water marblings. 
 Etude House Dear My Neon Pop Nails in Lunatic Purple. 2 coats on. Very pretty color but still on a sheer side. I can see my natural nails through. But for water marbling designs it works cool!
 Etude House Dear My Deep Color Nails in Meet Mint. 2 coats on. OMG! It's very beautiful color! I love it! The texture is nice and opaque and I love this teal color a lot!
 Etude House Dear My Deep Color Nails in Poppy Purple. 2 coats on. Like a blue-purple color. Creme finish. 
 Etude House Dear My Deep Color Nails in Energy Orange. 2 coats on. Creme finish. So pretty polish! I can see myself wearing it a lot on my nails!
 Etude House Dear My Deep Color Nails in Pick Pink. 2 coats on. hahaha~ Seems like Etude House has some kind of problem with lack of knowledge of colors. This is the second one which definitely isn't pink but more kind of cool tone peachy shade. Or is it only me or they just mixed up lables with Powerfull Peach?
Here is all the colors I have so far (not the whole collection tho, I still miss lots of colors). They all have creme finish and has a wide brush. Overall I do like all the colors and may be I'll go back and check the rest of them. But watching all the sellout in the store it's clear to me that soon will be a new collection of polishes :P Kindda exciting :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

"Mercury Gold" Flower Nail Art Design

HeLLo everyone! I know, I know, I said I'll be posting Etude House polish swatches next but I'm not! I mean all the swatches are already done but I have to write on that post and I don't have time for it right now, sorry!! But I want to share a nail design which I was wearing until today. And I've got quite a lot of compliments LOL~ Anyways, it's a black glittery polish as base color and gold 5 petal flowers all over the nails, also the black pearls as an accent decoration :) Hope U like it as I do :) Let me know what do U think?
For the main base color I used one of my new polishes from Tony Moly Galaxy T collection in "Mercury" GT01. 2 coats on. In my eyes it's basically an opaque combination of silver, black, brown-ish-red, green-ish-blue very fine glitters. Very pigmented texture even in one layer. Dries very fast. I'm just SO surprised by the quality of this polishes (I have 2 from this collection). 

Products I used for this nail design.
How To Create This Nail Art:
1. Apply base coat as always. Then apply 2 layers of glittery black polish.
2. With any detail brush draw some random 5 petal flowers with golden paint.
3. With smaller detail brush add some white stripes inside of each gold petal, so it was kind of like real flower.
4. Stick black pearls in the middle of some flowers and seal everything with clear top coat.
DONE! Pretty simple, huh?

N.Nail Black Half Pearls.
 Around 100 pieces of the pearls in one pack. 2 mm in size with flat back. 
I personally would like them to have more evenly cut round shape because I find a lot of the half pearls have some excess on the sides. And also not of each pearl is completely black. If U see at my middle finger U'll see "shabby paint" there. But overall it's nice nail decoration to play with :) I never had such pearls before and had a lot of fun time to use and wearing them :)
Product was sent for review from KKCenterHK.

Friday, July 20, 2012

3D Lollipops

HeLLo everyone! First of all I want to thank Diana for gaving me the "for being natural and putting enjoyment before competitiveness"  award. I very do appreciate this award and ur attention Diana, again thanQ very much! Another thing that I finally started doing is my own nail art *Yay!* Very exciting! After this long break living without any nail art I started appreciate it much more :)
And of course a huge thank to KKCenterHK team! If they had not sent me all these amazing products, I would not start to do nail art yet :P 
For this time my main accessories to use was 3D Lollipop nail decorations and I wanted to do a very bright and funny background for them. So I made a water marbling nails by using some of my new neon Etude House polishes; swatches of which I'll be posting right after this update.
5 pieces in one pack 3D lollipop nail accessories. It's made from modeling clay and 11mm x 8mm in size. They are very cute and the best way to make them stay on the nails is to use any nail glue. I personally use Odyssey nail glue.
This product was sent from KKCenterHK.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Latest Haul and Nails

HeLLo everyone! Recently, due to lack of time I became very lazy for updating my blog and some time, I was thinking show or better do not post about new stuff I got. But I finally decided and here it is :) I'm not try boasting in any case I'm just very exciting about all new things so I want to share about them.
First I'd like to start with 2 weeks old toes LOL~ I forgot to take a "fresh" picture but better late than never :P It's 2 coats of black with silver glitter polish and 2 coats of silver holo glitters on top. Loved this color combination a lot!
Skin Food in Cherry Brandy #17. This polish is from Pedicure Vita collection, this isn't my polish but my friend's. We was at nail school the other day and practiced on each other hands for nail coloring. So, there is 2 layers with top coat on. It's very pigmented polish with creme finish. 
I took this picture for my Facebook page (+add me to ur friends list *wink*) so it's not good lighting and background but I really do like the rhinestone kit. 
I also found new craft store nearby and there is lots of different Jo Sonja's acrylic paints. But they are SO huge and no smaller size in one kit. I'll definately go back and buy some more nice colors :) I also bought some tiny detail brushes and N.Nail decorations was sent to me from KKCenterHK.
I found another cute polish from MODI and immediately grabbed it :) All the rest of the accessories I bought from the nail school: rounded stones, pro photo decals for gel or acrylic nails and that "chain" thing as well :)
Here is my new MODI polish I'm wearing on right now :) It's a combination of neon green polish and black and white glitters on top. I also find it's a great dupe for Lynnderella "Connect the Dots" polish. Totally summery and fresh pedicure. I have a funny story about my toes: the other day when me and my friend was sittin' and waitin' for the car to go to the nail school one outsider man came to me and asked to take a picture of my toes LOL~ He took one picture, he took another closer shoot again and went away. He said: it's almost Picasa :P He made my day :)
My friend gifted me this tip stand for nail art :) I was really happy :) Now I'm doing all my designs with comfort :) ThanQ Marina if U're reading this :)
Also the other day Etude House had 1+1 sale for Look At My Nail Shine polishes collection. I bought one and got another one for free :)
Tony Moly has this shiner block and I needed new one badly and I also bought 2 polishes from them as well. I personally don't like Tony Moly products in general but this polishes are amazing, very pigmented and opaque in just one layer and very unique too. Can't wait to use them on my nails~
And yesterday I visited Etude House store once again and there was another 1+1 sale for all their polishes. I bought 4 colors from Dear My Deep Color Nails collection, 4 colors from Dear My Neon Fab Nails and 2 magnetic polishes. All swatches are coming very soon!
Thats it for my latest haul! I'm not bragging here I'm just helping myself not to lose inspiration for my own nails :( I need to start growng them back, I need nail art in my life :( 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dots & Bows

HeLLo everyone! I'm very sorry for the lighting and pictures in advance but it's such gloomy weather for last few days and actually today we are waiting for damn typhoon. Anyways, I have another kawaii accessory from KKCenterHK to show :) As everyone already know *lol~* I'm going to the nail school and our technician said to start collecting our personal file with different types of nail art. So, I decided to make something girly for my "portfolio" designs by using 3D Pink Bows

And here is the design I came up with :) It's a gradation technique with lots of different white dots and rhinestones.
It comes with 5 pieces in one package. These accessories made from resin and the size of each bow is 12mm x 8mm x 4mm. It costs $6.83 which I find kind of very expensive but I have coupon code for 10% off which everyone can use at checkout. And I got defective one, it's not chipped but uncolored which isn't a big deal because I would color it by myself but anyways I think it's a minus. 
I will safe the rest of the bows for later when I will make nail designs for myself :)
Here is my nail file :) I've done quite a few designs already but still far from complete.
Product was sent for review.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gold French Mani on Short Nails

HeLLo everyone! It was a very-very long time without nail art (almost 2 months) but I'm not completely back yet. I just recieved some amazing products from KKCenterHK for review and gonna do some nail arts in upcoming updates :) Because I have short nails I didn't want busy design as I usually like and also this manicure will last me only 24 hours, I'm going to the nail school and have to remove it anyways. So, trying do not waste great now I'm saving them for later for more prettier designs :P But I found it looks nice and simple and suitabale for everyday :) 
Don't forget to let me know what do U think about this mani? Whould U wear it for everyday? 
Sorry for my dry hands, haven't any time to apply hand cream...

Products I used and how to get this manicure done:
1. Apply a base coat as always to prevent nails from yellowing and to achieve smooth polish application.
2. Stick french tip guides on all 10 fingers and then apply gold nail polish on the nail tips. Try to un-stick the guides when polish is not completely dried.
3. Use white lace stickers for ring and index fingers.
4. Add some gold beads to the smile line and on the accent nail I sticked yellow half-pearls.
5. To finish of apply a good layer of clear top coat.

 N.Nail yellow pearls 
The web-site says that each pack contains around 100 pieces in. Each half-pearl is 2mm in size and there is available lots of different colors as well. I really do like them but the package looks so tiny to me! I expected more LOL~
This product doesn't have any special number but if U interested U can click at the product name above and it'll take directly to the web-site.
Product was sent from KKCenterHK.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some Of My Summer Nail Polish Picks

Over the past couple of months I only buy nail polishes and barely use them because of the nail school to which I go to. And I bought quite a lot of polishes from summer collections of different Korean brands. And here is a few of them.
Lioele Nail Color in Pearl Gold. Matte finish, 2 layers on without top coat. This isn't form new collections but I thought it's a good summer color :) But the application is difficult to apply. Dries nice and fast tho and it has funky scent. I really do like this polish and color!
 SKIN FOOD Party Tox Nail Collection in Coral Party #6. 2 layers on with no top coat yet. Jelly consistency polish but it's a very pigmented orange color with tons of glitters to it. Love love love this polish! It looks great on my asian skin tone too :)
MODI Glam Nails in Apple Candy #24. 2 layers with top coat on. Minty green jelly polish with light green glitters to it. Very nice and smooth application, dries in normal time, smooth to the touch.
Since I can't do (I actually can but I don't do because every other day I go to the school and always do something on my nails in there. And I don't see a point of doing nail art for only one day tho) nail art on my own nails for now I made some water marble for my sister-in-law per request from Facebook. She has wide nail plates which I find great for nail art and she really liked the final look.
Thats it for now! If there is any requests for Etude House or Skin Food or any other Korean brand polish swatches just let me know...
Thanx for visiting and have a great day :)
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