Saturday, June 30, 2012

Neutral Make-up Look feat. COLOREVOLUTION

HeLLo everyone! I've planned to do this review a long time ago because I got a few mineral make-up samples. I've tried and tested them for some time already. Lets get to it...
The Colorevolution web-site says: "The benefits of using Colorevolution's mineral makeup are countless. Since Colorevolution's mineral makeup gives excellent coverage, the result when using the mineral cosmetics is flawless and naturally beautiful skin. Unique blend of 100% natural minerals also contain light reflective qualities, which reduce the appearance of aging. Colorevolution's makeup is free from preservatives, talc, synthetic chemicals and other filler ingredients contained in many other makeup brands. Use only 100% of pure and natural minerals from the earth-Mica, Titanium Dioxide, and Iron Oxides. All of Colorevolutions powders are Made in USA and are infused with vitamins and antioxidants. These gifts from Mother Nature help heal, protect and nourish skin while giving you a natural and radiant look."
Body Bronzer in HERMOZA". I can't see myself using this product as face bronzer because it's too light and has lots of chunky glitters to it wich gets all over the skin. Nor I can use it as face highlighter because of the glitters again. And I don't use bronzer on other parts of my body so this product is idle.
Mineral Eye Shadows. I was lucky and got 3 of them. Nothing unique just regular eye shadows but they works very nice. The application is nice and smooth and color pay off is quite good too.
Lip Icing in Pink Chiffon. Barbie pink lip gloss with doll foot applicator. Has sort of vanilla scent and not sticky at all. But because it's not sticky it stays on my lips not longer than 15-20 mins.
Brushes. Those are most impressive samples that I got. The brushes are very good. Not shading, not hair fallout. Very good brushes.
Overall: I do recommend these products if U don't have any mineral make-up already or if U just started collecting make-up. other than that doesn't require anything.
Products was sent by Colorevolution.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swatch Spam

HeLLo everyone! I'm so busy lately, doing my nail art "portfolio" thing and preparing for the last exam. Yay! and then I could start growing out my nails again and start actually working which is so exciting for me :) For the last week I've been collecting some swatches and solid color manicures for this blog update ->

MODI Juicy Nails in Cocktail Pink #14. New glitter line from Aritaum, it's Korean brand polish. They  have amazing beautiful glitter and other type of polishes. I bought lots of them lately and here is the most attracting my attention polish. I'm wearing 2 coats on. It looks like milky rose but opaque enough. There is tons of different size and rainbow glitters to it. It dries very fast and smooth to the touch. I have similar polish from Innisfree in Mint Yougurt but I like this one a lot :) Btw, glitters removes easily with a regular nail polish remover.
The Face Shop Face & it Crystal collection nail polish in GL112. 2 layers on with top coat. This is sort of foil finish polish which looks so glamorous. The application is nice and smooth and it dries fast. 
And on top of the previous gold foil polish I applied Afternoon Picnic by Kleancolor. It's 2 layers on. Jelly polish with shade of rust and lots of rainbow hexagon glitters to it. Smells funky and dries a bit long but still looks cute.
Skin Food Pedicure Vita polish in Blue Velvet #12. This particular nail polish line was designed for use on our beautiful toes but I like wear this color for both toes and fingers. Very opaque color, creme finish. I'm wearing 2 layers on. Application is nice and smooth and dries very fast.
Kleancolor in Grand Finale. It's very cloudy out there today and this picture came out blurry. But sure U got an idea of the glitters. It's clean based polish with tons of silver holo stripes to it. 2 layers on. It looks much better IRL and I'm in love with this combination :)
Odyssey Base Coat. Recently my nails looks like this. They are not yellow anymore and my nail tips started to grow out a little bit. They looks absolutely not perfect but I've tried to make square shape.
Summer Pedicure. I bought new summer shoes a few days ago and decided to change my pedicure and wear something fresh :) I made sort of tropical flower with one-stroke technique. 
Thats it for today. I have tons and tons of new polishes which I'll be show swatches later :)
Have a great day U all :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some Nail Polishes on Short Nails

I finally had my first exam last Sunday. It wasn't very difficult but the final result will be known next week :/
And I cut off my nails to the root and it looks like my nails are grow out slightly but it's not. I just have long nail bed. And I can't wear any nail polish at all, because we are coloring and massaging and all those good stuff at the school every time. But I had a chance to swatch and try some polishes recently.
BK magnetic nail polish #001. I got a bunch of BK magnetic polishes a long time ago and didn't have time to try out all of them. Here is dark grey shimmery color with star magnetic effect. It looks much better and the star effect is much noticeable IRL. I have 2 layers on with clear top coat. 
The Face Shop magnetic polish. My friend got and colored my nails with her new magnetic polish. Not sure about the name tho but in my local store I saw only 2 shades this one and sort of maroon color. It has only one type of magnet and it sold separately. But it very great polish, very easy to use and it's very opaque. I mean I have only one coat of it on the picture. It's amazingly pigmented! And I'm lemming to buy some of Etude House magnetic polishes too :)
Innisfree polish #84  in "Mint Yogurt". I was very excited about this polish when I saw it at the store but now I'm kindda disappointed. I have 2 layers on and it still looks sheer. Sort of milky blue color with pink and blue hexagon glitters to it, not really a fan of. Also I think it's a nice dupe for Whimsical by Revlon or Deborah Lippmann's Glitter In The Air. 
Thats it for today :) Nothing special but I just wanted to update my blog and say Hi to all of U :)
Have a great week everyone :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Best Sence - Blue Glitter

HeLLo everyone! I feel a little bit better now and didn't die of boredom on long nails anymore. Because my nails are super stubs now LOL~ I cut them all off and I'm so gonna finish this damn nail school anyways, I've started it, I'll finish it LOL~ Wish me some luck and don't forget about me because I'll be blogging much less in the next 3 months. And here is the last pre-made update with another nail polish I was sent.

Best Sence #89. Transparent nail polish with lots of blue hexagon glitters to it. Very nice polish for layering. I used 2 coats for each swatch. Easy to use but it dries a bit longer than other regular polishes.
For the white base I used The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex creme white polish in WH002.
For the dark/black base I used The Face Shop Nail Talk creme black polish in BK901.
For matching color I chose Nails Inc polish in Denim.
And again, my favourite combinations is gonna to be with dark/black base. It looks smartly to me LOL~

This polish was sent by KKCenterHK.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Best Sence - Purple Glitter

Best Sence # 84. Another nail polish which KKCenterHK sent me recently. I have a lot of different glitter polishes in my collection but never had this kind of purple hexagons before. Transparent nail polish with purple hexagon and dot glitters to it. 2 coats on each swatch. It's quite sheer even in 2 layers. Dries longer than other regular nail polishes.
For light base I used The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex creme white polish in WH002. 
For dark base I used The Face Shop Nail Talk creme black polish in BK901. 
And lastly I wanted to see how this polish looks on matching color so I used it on top of Gosh nail polish in Gasoline.

Again, my favourite combination is going to be with black base. The glitters looks more noticeable and I like it. What is ur favorite combo among these three?
This product was sent from KKCenterHK.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sesame Street Elmo Toes

I completely copied the Elmo design from this blog and I really wanted to try out Sesame street on my nails for a long time already but never had a chance nor cute idea. And I came up with this toe nails design :) 
Usually I go to the nail school by bus and this last few days people look at my toes more than my face when collecting tickets for travel LOL~ 

How I made "Elmo" Toes:
1. Apply base coat. I used 2 layers of creme white polish on my big toes and creme red polish on the rest of the toes. 
2. Made white dots with small size dotting tool and white creme polish.
3. Draw Elmo on big toes by using Oumaxi acrylic paints. Start with red round shape for the head. Then add 2 big circles for the eyes, orange nose and outline everything with black paint and thinner brush. Don't forget black mouth and pupils.
4. Seal everything with a good layer of clear top coat.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Best Sence - Silver Glitter

It's totally "un-swatchable" day today but another day I will not have time and opportunity to swatch all polishes I recently got. Because I have to cut off at the root my nails, don't want talk about this right now. But I wish this horrible 3 months will fly quickly!!!

Best Sence polish #85. Clear based polish with big and small silver hexagons to it. I used 2 coats for each swatch. I also have noticed Best Sence polishes dry a little bit longer than other regular polishes. And I do like this kind of polishes because U always can use glitters as a flat rhinestones for nail art, very useful.
For the white base I used The Face Shop polish in WH002 from Lovely Me:ex collection. I applied 2 coats and it's just a basic creme white color. 
For the black base I used another The Face Shop polish in BK901 from Nail Talk collection. 2 coats on, basic creme black polish. 
For the matching silver base I decided to used Beauty UK polish in Gun Metal. 2 coats on, metallic silver polish.

My favourite combination with black color. I think it looks very nice and galactic. What's yours fave combo?
This product was sent by KKCenterHK.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Mauve Majestic Tides

I wanted to use more of my nail foils because I bought a bunch of them and don't use often as I'd like. 
Making any nail art on short nails is very hard for me because everything looks kind of cheap or not good at all. So I found that busy designs works the best, at least for my short nails :) And I made 2 different size of pinks and flowers along the line connecting.
I chose pink shades for my today's mani because I really like the combo of fuchsia color and this flakies :) It looks much better in person!

                           How To Do "Mauve Majestic Tides" Nails:
1. Start with a base coat as usual. Then I applied 2 coats of Mauve Flash polish from Beauty UK.
2. After that I applied 2 more layers of Crystal Rose Quartz flakies.
3. Next I used nail foil glue and applied it randomly on half of each nail. Waited about 3-4 mins 'till it colmpletely dry.
4. Placed pieces of Majestic Tides foil on each nail. Pre-cut 10 medium pieces of foil.
5. Outline the foil with pink glittery nail art polish.
6. I wanted to leave it like this but it looked very empty so I added some flower nail stickers.
7. Before apply top coat seal everything, especially the foil areas, with clear polish. It'll helps prevent nail foil  from wrinkling.
8. And finally apply a good layer of clear fast dry top coat.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Summer Juicy Nails

HeLLo everyone! The summer time awakens the most optimistic emotions, isn't it? In the summer of 2012 also trendy coral, yellow, orange, blue, purple and green polishes. And when will experiment with color polish but in the summer! Colorful polishes in perfect harmony with fun jumpers, bright swimsuits and cheerful T-shirts. I don't have anything yellow and orange for eveyrday wear but I thought this color combination will look trendy and suitable for any summer outfits.
My right hand looks a bit different and it's just because of the wrong lighting. I have the same design on my both hands.

How To Get Done This "Summer Juicy Nails":
1. Apply base coat as always. Apply one layer of sheer beige color all over the nails.
2. Sponge neon yellow and neon orange colors on nail free edges only. 
3. Apply any kind of flakies to make everything looks combined.
4. With a small detail brush and black acrylic paint draw some random stripes, commas and dots.
5. Make sure to seal everything with a layer of clear top coat.

Thats it for Summer nail art :) I'm apologize if something doesn't work in my blog I already contacted blogspot team but of course they don't fix it and don't replay. Yeah, they don't work as always! 
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