Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trendy Pedicure For Summer 2012

Summer is just around the corner. And in my case, summer has come for some time already. And it means that toes should be prepared in advance for summer shoes and perfect pedicure. Pedicure trends of this summer will include animal prints, french tips, nude or natural toes. Fashionable shades of nail polish would be all rainbow/colorful shades, all shades of yellow and orange at the height of fashion this season. Pink and crimson shades stays in the trend in 2012 as well. Add glamor and glitz to nails helps metallic shade. This doesn't necessarily have to manicure match a pedicure. Among other innovations in the field of a pedicure is skin-pedicure and phyto-pedicure (cumulative use of medicinal herbs).
Yesterday I've changed my pedicure based on summer trends and I made French tip on my toes for very first time. 

       How To Get Pedicure French Tips:
1. Apply base coat and wait untill it completely dries (about 30 mins).
2. Place French Tip stencils and apply French white polish. U can use regular white polish but U'll have to apply a few coats so it looks nice and opaque. 
3. Gentely unstick the stencils.
4. Apply sheer beige polish on all toe nails.
5. Add some decorations, in my case I used some white and black flower stickers.
6. Apply shimmer top coat.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skin Food - Ruby Party

HeLLo everyone! Feel really tired right now but soooo happy :) My family spent whole day together :) We was at Dinosaur Expo and had so much fun. My kids like absolutely everything especially fighting and moving dinosaurs. Also we had a chance to see 5D movie about dinosaurs of course and it was soooo scary LOL~ I felt like I really flying and submersion all those sounds and wind and even mountain smell like was absolutely realistic. Wow! I'm so impressed by 5D movie effects.

I know a lot of U wanted to see swatches of Skin Food polishes from my previous haul  and today I'm back with one of the most prettiest polish I bought recently.
 Skin Food Party Tox Nail collection Ruby Party polish #2. 2 coats on. Pink jelly polish with lots of micro holo glitters to it as well as light pink hexagons. Very-very sparkling polish with a little bit rough surface. It applies very nice and smooth and dries pretty quick too. Absolutely adorable color suitable for everyone.
 Very hard to get my camera focus because of all bling-bling particles.
I also bought some more Skin Food glitter polishes because I really do like them a lot! The cotton pads and sun cream samples I got for free :)
I swatched and played with all of my new polishes. And all of them looks exactly as in a bottle, except of Aqua Party and Pearl Party they both looks absolutely the same shade.
Edit: I swatched all the Skin Food polishes I've got.  It 2 coats of each color.
I think thats it for today. ThanQ all for taking time and visiting my blog :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Frill Flower Nails and Skin Food Goodies

HeLLo everyone! I finally am able to try out one of the latest nail art trends on my nails. I mean nail stickers a.k.a. patches. I couldn't use them on my long nails because they are natural and curved but now since I have shorter nails I decided to go out and buy some new patches. The other day I visited Etude House store and looked for their new nail polish collections but everything looks to me very boring except of new magnetic polishes. But I saw only 5 different color and I already have the same shades from other brands. So I end up buying only this patches I'm wearing right now and gel top coats.
My local Etude House store have some different sticker designs and all of them are so cute and girly. I chose this one which looks like Lollita style to me :)
 Etude House Sweet Nail Art Sticker set in Frill Flower. Koreans are humans too and have only 10 finger nails but 2 extra ones was added just in case. 
I really do like the designs and the quality is good enough. It's not cracks after top coat application. But it was hold only 1 day on my nails. After shower procedure at night all my nails was chipped. I will not but them again!
 For the main base color I used VoV Nail Cone collection polish in Beige Muse #1297. The stickers are absolutely not transparent but I like to apply base color at first just in case if some of stickers woudn't suit my nails perfectly. Anyways, this is 2 coats of natural beige color. It has creme finish, dries in normal time but leaves some strips during application. I also think it's because of the brush it's kindda hursh.
Also, yesterday I visited Skin Food store and seems like they have so many new nail polish collections. I just needed black liquid eye liner but I will definitely go back and buy some more polishes from them. Because they are absolutely nice and glittery.
Thats it for today. Have to go back and read more nail art books because I have my first exam in June :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet my "Brand New" short nails

HeLLo everyone! I cut off my nails :( Feel very sad, miss them already but I'm not allowed no one to train on all of my nails (that's my own rule!) I'll give only my 2 thumbs and nothing more! Otherwise I will ask to the school provide me with their own model. As I understand they absolutely don't care in what would nails looks after all acrylic and glue applications! But I do care about my natural growing nails and thats why I'm so upset by the school. As I saw today one girl applied acrylic nails 3 times on all of her nails and prepping and filing was every single time before applications, I was in shock!! Her nails looked like a thin sheet of paper and she felt great because she made the application in time *my bulging eyes*
It's only was 4 lessons at nail school but I feel like I hate it with all my heart and can't wait when it will over! I love nails and everything about the nails but I never thought it would be like that. The school and the teacher make me stop caring about my natural nails and think about other stuff like artificial nails, gel nails and fake nail tips and all such FAKE things but it's completely totally absolutely not need to be to concentrate on "step" because people (the most part) in my area like to apply gel nail polish and get some very simple hand care and nail art for everyday wearing and thats all. I understand that it's overall program but they psychological impact on me personal (don't know about other girls in my class tho) and I'm sorry that I started learning it because my love to the nails grows into huge hatred. Because I have to fight for growing my natural nails every single lesson! I love to make my nails nice and beautiful so other women see them and ask to make their own. If women see diseased nail clippings who is gonna ask to do their nails? I'm ready right now to stop and not continue my education, but my hubby is very exciting to open own nail shop/salon and I just can't ruin his plans! These 3 months are gonna be real hell for me. 

On my short nails I have a combination of 2 polishes which are Lioele matte polish in "Merry Green" and Color Club's flakies in "Covered in Diamonds"
I usually don't like green polishes but this one by Lioele looks absolutely gorgeous when matte finish and with a clear top coat on as well. Very beautiful color. Applies nice and easy. One coat looks very nice and opaque already but I applied 2 layers anyways. It has very wide brush and dries fast.

The flakie polish by Color Club includes green, gold and blue pieces to it. I don't like this polish a lot, the flakies applies very uneven and make a rough surface. Even after 3 days of wearing this polish I still clinging on different things.
This is the shortest nails this year and I will not cut them shorter as the teacher says to me. Now it will only 
growing nails back! The school decided attacking the wrong person, I will grow out my natural nails long in 2 months anyways!! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Snake Skin" Nails

HeLLo everyone! Today I had another lesson at the nail school and we learned how to apply artificial nail tips and cover it with a layer of silk. It was very interesting and easy at the same time :) But for further nail care practice I have to cut off my nails which makes me sad for the last few days. 
Also I began to drive the car by myself without my hubby on the seat beside LOL~ I feel much more independent to some extent :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
For today's mani I have "Snake Skin" nail tips on :) I got a lot of compliments for my nails :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
How To Do "Snake Skin" Nails:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1. Apply base coat as always. Apply 1 coat of any sheer beige polish all over the nails.
2. Apply creme white polish on nail tips only.
3. Apply foil glue on white tips and wait about 3-4 mins 'till it dry and then apply "snake skin" foil on.
4. Apply clear nail polish on top of foil it prvents foil from cracking.
5. Apply silver hexagons by using a dotting tool.
6. Seal everything with a good layer of clear top coat.

Thats it for today and for my last post with long nails :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Professional Starter Manicure Kit

HeLLo everyone! Yesterday I had another nail lesson and it was cool! My teacher decided to skip the first week lessons of polishing and filing nails for me because I already know how to do that and start with applying artificial nail tips and blending it to one solid nail surface. I've never tried it before and it was very interesting to work on. I actually took all my manicure kit home just to practice more on the last lesson and today I also want to try sculpture white acrylic french tips.
But as I promised I'll show all my manicure stuff I got from the nail school (actually it's called academy).
I have 2 cases which are full packed and both are soooo heavy. It's an Odyssey Nail System products, popular in Korea. 
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My black traincase includes all of this >_<  It's kindda everything LOL~ Different numbers of files, clippers, scissors, buffers, dust brush, glue, nail polish remover, aceton, nail polishes, silk wrap, nail forms, acrylic brush #8, nail tips, hand sanitizer, brush cleaner, etc.
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And the other case contains all this which doesn't fit in the black one :) The white stuff it's colorful acrylic powders, more acrylic powders in white, pink and clear, set of hand care sample size products like hand mask, hand scrub, lotion, cream, etc. The rhinestone wheel is empty here but I already placed there my own studs :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
So, here are all products I practice at school with.
And actually on my way home I visited Lioele store one more time and bought more Art Club polishes. There wasn't too much of them and I got most of the colors. The cotton pads I got for free.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
On my nails I still have the same blue dramatic french mani and white flowers but actually today I'm gonna change it and I have a very good idea for that LOL~ Anyways, thats it for now! Thanx for taking ur time and visiting my blog :) Have a great day U all!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Day at Nail School

HeLLo everyone! I want to share experience about my first day in the nail school. So, first of all there is only 3 girls in the class including me. And I already got all my material to practice with ( professional starter kit I'll show in my next blog post, becauce there is a bunch of different stuff and I brought just one traincase with me ). And the books! The first book Korea Nail Art Exchange Association it's just a lot of theory and tests, we are gonna have our first exams later in June. But the second Beauty Stylist Nail Art book is so nice! There is so many information about everything, very basic articles but very helpful at the same time. Basic manicure, pedicure, different kinds of nail disease, hand massage, free hand painting, airbrushing, 3D sculpting and all those type of info!
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For example here is an article about table organization of a nail technician.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The location of the nerve cells in the palms and the right and relaxing hand massage.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Basic pedicure.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
One-stroke technique.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The very first lesson was totally easy for me because we learened basic nail polishing and filing.
For the polishing the teacher showed 3 different ways (see below). My favourite way to polish nails is the second method. But it never wasn't so principle for me to make only 3 strokes and no more to cover the whole nail, I always thought it isn't matter how many strokes U do with a nail polish brush but the application have to look nice, even and clean. Am I wrong? 
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The filing was very arguably for me as well. The teacher said to hold the nail file that way ( see below) and it feels absolutely uncomfortable for me. I more prefer to hold it on the right side and work with the other and not with the middle nail file area. Hmmm...  
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Because I already knew how to polishing and filing nails I was "released" early and I went to see some Etude House new nail polish arrivals. Unfortunately thier new Jelly Pop collection is super-super boring, just 2 shades of coral and pink polishes I only bought gel top coat. And there was buy 1 get one free. I got my second top coat for free. Also I bought hand butter which is very moisturizing and I love it and some black lace full image stickers. The BB cream samples and cotton pads I got for free :)
Btw, Etude House have some shades of magnetic polishes, but I already have all those colors from other brands and I didn't any got them.
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The next place I visited it was Lioele store. I wanted to try their polishes for a long time but it was quite boring as well. Most of their polishes are Matte finish and I bought only 2 of them Emerald Green and Yellow. Also I found there Art Club polishes and I will definately go back and buy some more! The brush roll is for my nail art brushes to bring them at school safe and the rest of the stuff I got for free as well, forgot to take a picture of some facial mask samples tho...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
During these days I'm wearing this nails. Very fresh and summery colors, it's very hot over here already >_<
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My right hand doing nice and polished too :P
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Thats it for my first day at school. Tomorrow I have another lesson.
But it's all for now :) Thanx for ur time :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

HeLLo Kitty and Friends

HeLLo everyone! The other day I was reading Diana's blog and I saw this post and immediately felt in love with that design of her. That was absolutely creative and original so I wanted to wear on my nails something like that. And here is my a-la Rainbow Hello Kitty nails :)
My right hand doing is pretty good and polished as well ;)
How To Get "HeLLo Kitty and Friends" Nails Done:
1. Apply base coat as always. After that apply 2 coats of light blue holo polish.
2. Apply green glittery polish on the nail tips only.
3. With a small detail brush, green and yellow acrylic paint make some random strokes representing the grass.
4. With a dotting tool and white acrylic paint draw some clouds.
5. Stick the stickers on and finish of with a good layer of clear top coat.
Some of the products was sent from KKCenterHK.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Rock Skull Nails

HeLLo everyone! I have another set of stickers from KKCenterHK. The quality of the stickers is the same as the previous one so glue is weak and the stickers by itself are very thin, I had a lot of troubles to get those bones unstick from sheet. But I find them quite unique and interesting to wear :)
Please, let me know what do U think about this manicure?
How To Get "Rock Skull" Nails Done:
1. Apply base coat as always. Prep the nails with one coat of basic creme white polish. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of. But it's just The Face Shop polish in WH002 from Lovely Me:ex collection.
2. Make a simple water marble with 2 shades of silver polishes.
3. Stick some skulls and seal everything with a good layer of shimmer top coat.
Skull stickers was sent from KKCenterHK.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Fish Couple Nails

I'm hurry to say that mermaid will not appear as though as this may wish to. I'd love to have lil' Ariel on my nails too but I just can't freehand it, comply with the proportions for such a small space is still hard for me >_<
It's so late right now and I usually sleep at this time but I was watching my favourite drama "LoveRain" and really wanted to share my day with U :) Anyways, this last few days was quite crazy and I had no time for internet. And actually today my hubby took me to the Beauty School and he made me train a professional manicure :) I'm so happy :) Everything was very nice there, the teachers are very beautiful young ladies but absolutely friendly. All nail art sample stands was just uber amazing, everything about 3D nail art, airbrush arts, freehanding, water marbling and all those stuff. They have a bunch of great US brand nail polishes which I finally could buy for myself :) Oh, I'm so thankful for this!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Recently I'm wearing this very bling-bling nail design which is just a French tips + fishy stickers :) It's very simple but seems like everyone likes this >_<
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Sorry for the bad quality pictures. Just because it's hard to focuse such glittery manicure on the sunlight.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
How To Make "Fish Couple" Nails:
1. Apply base coat as always. Apply any sheer beige/rose nail polish and wait 'till dry.
2. Apply glittery blue nail polish as a dramatic French tips by using small detail brush.
3. Apply bigger blue glitters and sprinkle light green glitters on top by using fan brush.
4. Stick fishy stickers and seal everything with clear top coat.
This Fish stickers is a bit different quality than HeLLo Kitty stickers. Glue on this stickers is weak and I recommend to apply them on slightly dry nail polish, it will grab the image better. Also this set contains a little air bubbles sort of stickers as well, so they are absolutely invisible on the nails and no significant as 3D stickers. But for the price this is very great product!
 Fish stickers was sent by KKCenterHK.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

2D HeLLo Kitty Nails

HeLLo everyone! I'm so excitied because I finally got driving license the last week and passed all exams successfully! Can't think about my own car right now because we have to buy new apartments and move out but I've noticed all my dreams coming true :) 
Lately I've got 4 different nail stickers from KKCenterHK. They always send me adorable and nice quality things which I very do appreciate. The very first, I wanted to try out Hello Kitty 2D stickers. And I really wasn't a fan of any Hello Kitty stuff before but feel absolutely in love now! Because these stickers are absolutely amazing!
This is totally easy to do nail art and it looks cute, huh?
This stickers are very nice quality. They sticks very good to the nails and don't unstick as it do a lot of other cheap nail art stickers. The stickers are very colorful, glow in the dark and it's enough to make quite a few manicures with one set.
How To Make HeLLo Kitty Nails:
1. Apply base coat as always. After that I applied 1 coat of Etude House sheer beige polish. Any sheer polish for French mani will works great.
2. Apply basic white polish on the nail tips. It may look a bit messy, it doesn't matter.
3. With light pink nail art polish make checkered pattern and fill in all the intersection of lines with darker pink polish. Acrylic paints will work as great for this step.
4. With a big size of dotting tool make different/random dots on top of smile line. The set of 5 different dotting tools available on KKCenterHK as well.
5. Add some Hello Kitty stickers and seal everything with a good layer of top coat.
Do U like Hello Kitty nails?
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