Monday, April 30, 2012

Multiple entries for Born Pretty nail art Store's contest

Bright neon summer nail art design using fimo slices and turquoise beads from Born Pretty nail art store. There is not so many dots but they are absolutely great addition to fill in the empty space.
This is Nautical theme nail design using blue striping tape as a main stripe accent.
Plaid (stripe) pattern and bears always recalls comfort of home to me.
This is the last entry and it inspired by dots. Made by using different size of dotting tool.
If U want to enter this contest too check out [HERE]
P.S. This is all my nail designs made on my own real (not artificial) nails.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Modern French Nails

HeLLo everyone! I'm so off recently because I started driving on the streets/road and the last driving test is so close and I'm still not ready yet... Never thought that driving the car will be so difficult, the hardest part for me is changing lines, agh... how people do that LOL~ OMG! I also found that everyone pay attention to my nails especially male half, they say it looks sexy when driving girl has beautiful hands. I bathe in the compliments from my teachers hahaha~
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And here is my latest manicure which is already chipped off a bit but I don't have a time to change it. Also it was hard to get a good pictures of this nails because everything is bling-bling and sparkling and my camera couldn't focuse...
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Look, I was able to take picture with the bee :) It's so beautiful out there now, so many flowers and sooo ... just beautiful! lol~ 
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<- Here is the products I used.

How To Do Modern French Nails Manicure:
1. Apply base coat as always. Apply a layer of sheer beige nail polish.
2. With a small detail brush make a smile line for the main french tips and fill in the rest with actual nail polish brush. For this I used black polish with silver micro glitters to it.
3. Apply more bigger glitters on top of the nail tips.
4. Stick some silver stickers and seal everything with a good layer of top coat.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Birthday Nails :)

It's super crazy rain today and I was so passive from the morning. Slept almost all day and my little boy sleeping next to me (still sleeping yet tho). My big Heum and hubby went to the wedding event and I stayed home because don't feel good today, something wrong with my stomach. But yesterday we had amazing go-out with my family. Becuase the Spring Festival started over here in our location and we spent a lot of fun together. Awe, also I had a coconut at the very first time. It's rare fruit here and I was so exciting to taste it because I'm a huge fan of the white coconut part but the actual milk was boo! I don't like it at all LOL~ And it was posh and long fireworks party as well and it was soooo beautiful, I loved it! So many different shapes from hearts to smily faces, flowers and all that stuff, very exciting and positive experience.
And tomorrow it's my 26 birthday :) We have another event for 1st b-day party tomorrow and it's more inclined to think that my b-day will be limited to a simple family dinner which is totally great! But I made my special b-day nails anyways and I wanted something simple but special looking kindda. So I used all new nail polishes I bought recently. And I really should take a picture of what products I used next time so it'll be much easier to explain :)
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How To Do "Birthday Nails":
1. Apply base coat as always. Apply one coat of sheer white nail polish, let it dry.
2. Apply Gold nail polish on the nail tips only, I applied 2 layers, let it dry.
3. Apply White Cracking polish on top of Gold polish, let it dry.
4. Applied clear nail polish and placed gold flat glitters, mine is from KKCenterHK.
5. Make sure to seal everything with a good layer of top coat.
Tips: Apply gold glitters randomly, there is no need placing it one by one. Take certain amount of glitters on dotting tool and it really makes the application faster. Also press glitters with finger so everything is nice and flat and doesn't fall away on the next day.
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Thats it for my Birthday nails. Thanx for looking and happy polishing everyone :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nail Design For Beginners "Buttons"

I had a huge disaster yesterday: I accidentally poured half of nail polish bottle on my leg and because I didn't know what to do and how quick to clean everything until it all spill out onto the floor I just wiped it with my palms LOL~ And got all that sticky liquid all over my hands and legs and floor and everywhere. I'm lucky it was just transparent base coat but disgusting feeling didn't leave me all day. I was very close to stop and don't do anything on the nails but after all I decided to make something simple and fast. "How-To" for the design may sounds a bit complicated but it's really not!
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How To Make "BUTTONS":
1. Apply base coat as always. Apply Baby Blue nail polish 1-2 coats depending on the density of nail polish. It should looks nice and even.
2. With a big size of dotting tool make uneven side of nail tips by using Royal Blue nail polish. Fill in whole nail tips with actual nail polish brush.
3. With a thin nail art brush and White acrylic paint make short lines for "stitches".
4. Again take a bigger size dotting tool and make Sky Blue circles. On the length of my nails, I was able to put 2 circles for buttons.
5. With smaller size of dotting tool make 4 Black dots inside of Sky Blue circles. And with the same size dotting tool make some parallel lines for the thread.
6. Seal everything with clear top coat.
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Here is how my right hand doing :) It's very easy nail design and absolutely great for those who just started with nail art :)
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Also Born Pretty store gonna have 1000 pcs give-away soon (starts April 19, 2012). Click [HERE] for more information and details. Don't forget to join it too :)
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Thats it for today :) I don't have any nail art idea for my next mani but hopefully I'll do something new soon :)
HaPPy Polishing!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

One-Stroke Flower and Purple Magnetic Nail Polish

I've been busy for last few days. I'm successfully passed the first test for driving :) and there are still two more exams. Next week I have 5 hours lesson and 2nd driving exam which is already make me dizziness but I hope I'll do it as good as the first one LOL~
I had some inspiration for another mani I've done today. It's a recreations of mine which was done last year for one-stroke flower, look [HERE]
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Main background color consists of two varnishes which are pastel yellow from The Face Shop Face & It Pastel Check Trio Kit in YL701 and flakies nail polish from Color Club in Covered in Diamonds. I was very exciting to try out this nail polish because I didn't used it since bought them and I have to say that this Covered in Diamonds made me very disappointed. The consistency is very strange, the product applies to shreds and doesn't lay flat on the surface. I applied 2 thick top coats before I started work with acrylic paints and also cut off some pieces with small scissors. Yeah... that was a lot of unexpected extra work LOL~ But overall the final effect is pretty nice especially on the sunlight.
For the acrylic paints I used deep yellow and orange colors with a small size of flat nail art brush.
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I was wear this nail polish a few days ago when I had oval nails. I seriously don't know whats going on with me or what's in my head but when my nails oval I feel completely uninspired. I look at them and I like how they looks but at the same time can't feel any passion to the nails. I don't want polish/paint them even hydrate or anything else. Thats kindda funny but exactly what I felt for last few days.
BK nail polish in #004. 2 layers on without top coat. I found that any top coat can spoil the whole magnetic effect of this BK polishes. Thats sad because I bought 7 of them but I do wear them for just a few days anyways and can do without top coat.
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Also I wanted to say that finally all sponsored posts and products are finished and now I feel like a free bird in flight and can do whatever nail design I want to. Never thought it will took me so much time to review everything I had. Anyways it's not sponsored post LOL~ 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

3D "Card Casino" Nails

Yesterday I changed my nail shape from squoval to oval. Just wanted to challenge myself and wear something different and I think I like this shape for now >_<
Anyways, here is the last article for KKCenterHK for 3D acrylic mold.
I love 3D mold nail designs, especially this one. Because protruding parts on the nails looks very different and original to me, also this particular mold has much smaller sizes which suits so nicely for natural nails.
Here is the poker cards 3D mold. I used red, black and white acrylic powders and acrylic brush #2. It's a bit hard to work with such small parts but somehow I did it. And if I did it everyone could do it for sure, because I'm very clumsy at this!
This product was sent for review. Click [HERE] for more information.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3D Teddy Bear

I'm finishing reviewing all sponsored products and it's only left the last one and I'll be done with them!!
For this manicure I was inspired by homeliness and all that stuff because I had to use 3D mold teddy bears and they always reminds me of something friendly and kind things. I decided to make a plaid pattern as my main design.
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I mostly used nail art nail polishes for this design because it consists of a lot of different stright lines.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is the mold I used for teddy bear heads. I used beige acrylic powder and acrylic brush #2. I used middle size bears for my ring fingers and the biggest size for my thumbs.
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Product was sent for review. Click [HERE] for more information.

Monday, April 09, 2012

3D Nail Art "Single Rose"

I added some nail art on top of Milani Blue Flash nail polish.
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When I planned to do this nail art I wanted to place one rose on each nail but it turned out that I have only one rose on my thumbs.
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Here is the 3D rose mold I used. To get blue-pink rose I mixed both powders randomly and filled the shapes. This 3D mold has only 4 roses: 2 big and 2 small. But it's enough for me just to make an accent on ring or/and thumb fingers.
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This product was sent for review. Please click [HERE] for more details.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Milani - Blue Flash

Today I'm wearing another nail polish from Milani I bought recently and it's Milani One Coat Glitter in Flash Blue. It's 2 layers on without top coat. This nail polish looks good enough even in one coat, as it says on the bottle but with 2 layers on it looks much darker and better. Dries in normal time, not fast and not too long. It has rough surface finish and only several layers of quite opaque top coat can make it feel smooth. I'm wearing Flash Blue for 3 days now and it's already chipped what makes me very sad because I love this color a lot!
Here I took pictures in direct sun light and in shade. I think it looks beautiful in all different light and angles.
I also added some nail art on top of this nail polish and will share it next time but for now it's all I have. It's absolutely amazing weekend and will go to enjoy every minute of it lol~
Happy polishing my friends!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Girly Skull For Toes

HeLLo everyone! I finally got some time to update my blog. The recent warming here in Korea is very good and spring is already came :) This inspires me to do more pedicures because I like walking in flip-flops when it's warm. I polished my toes the other day and cut off all the free edges. Seems like I don't have any problems with invading toenails now and it makes me feel so happy.
Here is the toenails design. I used quite a few products for this: neon pink nail polish, dark blue and glitter blue nail art polishes (with long striping brush), skull stencils and pink heart rhinestones.

How To Get Girly Skull Design For Toes:
1. Apply base coat. Apply 2 layers of neon pink nail polish. 
2. Make some dark blue horizontal stripes and outline them with glittery blue nail art polish.
3. Use skull stencils to get the images on big toes.
4. Stick some heart rhinestones and seal everything with clear top coat.
I used this skull nail printing mode stencils. And method of sponging nail polish on top of the stencils is really working great!
Thats it for today. I'm sorry for don't mention specific products that I used for this pedicure but it's really late and I still have to do more things right now. Anyways, thanQ very much for taking ur time and visiting my blog! Happy polishing everyone!
This product was sent for review. Click [HERE] for more information.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

3D Mickey Mouse on Red French Tips

Have to take a little break from the study of traffic and such LOL~ I'm still wearing Untamed Luxury by Color Club and staring at my nails all the time. But today I want to share manicure which was pre-made. 3D Mickey Mouse Head on red french tips. I really liked this nail design because those red french tip looks so damn... hot >_<
How To Get 3D Mickey Mouse:
1. Apply base coat as always, I'm usually using two base coats which are nail growing stimulator by Kiss and nail hardener by Aritaum.
2. With a sponge apply creme red nail polish on nail tips.
3. Apply red glittery polish and stick red and black flat rhinestones on the beginning of free edge.
4. I pre-made 3D Mickey Mouse head (4 pieces: 2 small and 2 large). Stick them on thumbs and ring fingers. Place red rhinestones in the center of Mickey Mouse head.
5. Seal everything with 2 layers of clear top coat.
Here is 3D mold with Mickey Mouse head nail decorations. It has quite a few different size and shapes of Mickey Mouse head. I like the smallest pieces right now because during cold seasons it need a lot of things/clothes to wear and small decorations suits to natural nails very good, without clinging for anything. I'll try more bigger sizes of 3D decorations at summer time :)

How To Use 3D Mold:
1. Make sure U work in a very good ventilated room because the liquid smells so bad!!
2. Preapre mold which will be using, acrylic powders, liquid and brushes. For this I like to use smaller acrylic brushes, my favourite size is #2.
3. Fill in the mold and wait for about 3-5 minutes and with toothpick take 3D decorations out.
4. Stick them on clear nail polish or nail glue (which is not recommended for using on natural nails!)
5. The most important step is to seal 3D design with a good layer of top coat to protect ur manicure.
This product was sent for review. Please click [HERE] for more info.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Color Club - Untamed Luxury

HeLLo everyone! I finally got this nail polish and my nails are so happy today :) I'm wearing Color Club nail polish in Untamed Luxury. It's 3 layers on without top coat. Basically there is tons and tons of micro glitters to it. In person it looks more like a turquoise sort of color with more green hue than blue. On the pictures it looks more like a blue color (have no idea why...) The nail polish finish is glittery obviously with rough surface on the touch. Because it's a lot of glitters I think it will be hard to remove, haven't tried yet tho...
Here is the swatches on direct sunlight and in the shade.
Oh! I just am totally in love with this color!! So so pretty!
Thats it for today, have to go now because my little son feels not so healthy for the last few days. He ate something wrong and now have fever and stomach problems.
Thanx for visiting and happy polishing everyone!
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