Monday, December 17, 2012

"Primadonna" Nails

I was invited in one secret nail group on Facebook and there is a weekly challenge going on right now. So the theme for this week is a song inspired nail design. Lately I'm so in love with "Primadonna" song by Marina and the Diamonds. I listen it all the time and I set it as my ringtone as well lol~ Marina has minty green nails with some yellow sort of sunflowers in that music video and to be honest I don't like that at all  especially it would looks ugly on longer nails. So I searched on Google for her nails and found one :)
As always I apologize for the lighting, winter sunlight, lazy and dim.


How-to do this nails:
1. I applied nail strengthener + base coat at first.
2. Then I applied 2 coats of MODI "Stage Pink" polish.
3. Applied a layer of clear polish and sticked black hexagons around my nail.
4. I have a crown image on my middle finger as well and it's a water decals.
5. To finish of I used clear top coat and fast dry drops.
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*This picture was took from Google*
Here is my inspirational picture of Marina's nails. I decided to recreate something similar from this picture with black border on light base. Never had a chance to make a border nail trend before :P


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