Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nail Mail

Today I got 2 mail packages in one day. And it's kindda weird because it's Sunday, I thought that PO is closed on weekends. Anyways, the first package was from Born Pretty store and I couldn't belive my eyes. Katrina of Katrina's Nail Blog hosted a giveaway and I won the first place. The price was $30 coupon code to shop at the store. I had a lot of technical problems with ordering there and Katrina was absolutely supported and helped me all the time. I ordered my things at November 9 and today December 16 I got the package. It came to me more than month, super slowly and I thought that it was lost somewhere. The items I got are nail polish thinner liquid, different size silver rhinestones, rubber flowers, neon pink flocking powder and 12 jar set of round glitters.
Thank you very much Katrina!!
Another package came from KKCenterHK. And all this stuff I got for review. 3 different pattern pre-cut water decals (black dragons, vintage roses and disney princesses), image plate with signs of the zodiac in Chinese, blue studs and more Holiday-ish decals. I will post more articles with these products soon :)
Also I run in The Face Shop store today, to get some nail polish remover. And I bought another glittery polish from Face & it in PP401 and got tons of freebies. Cotton pads, 2 pair of cute socks and bunch of High Lighter Beam samples, the amount equal to the whole product.
That was a very productive day LOL~ I love all this nail things and can't wait to play with them especially the flocking powder.


  1. Hi Anastacia, yay for more nail art tools!OOOH High Lighter Beam!!! I have only tried High Lighter beam! that looks cool!!!

  2. :0! Looks amazing! I love nail art and creating them myself too!! I get excited when i buy loads of nail products to do at home! :P


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