Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Christmas Pedicure + Freehand Snowflake Tutorial

I had pre-prepared and did my winter inspired pedicure today. This Christmas we have a huge friends meet-up party, so exciting, haven't seen my girls for a long-long time. I don't plan barefoot walking (it's 7°C today ahahaha~) but I prefer to have something Holiday inspired on my toes too LOL~ 
How to get this toe nail art:
1. I appplied base coat and 2 coats of white creme polish as a background color.
2. Sponged light blue polish starting from the nail tip working to the middle of the nail plate.
3. Sponged dark blue polish on to the nail tips only.
4. Applied 2 coats of holographic top coat.
5. I draw snowflakes with white acrylic paint and small detail nail art brush.
6. Finished of with clear top coat and fast dry drops.
This was requested by Sarah Paquet for snowflakes tutorial. She wanted to learn how to freehand snowflakes. I also made a similar nail design for Snowflakes and Penguins a few days ago, please check it for general nail art look.
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To draw a simple snowflake you need white acrylic paint and thin nail art brush and prepared nails for the decorating. 
1. Draw two cross lines. I like to make it as perfect as I can do it, because clamsy snowflakes looks really bad, in my opinion.
2. Draw two more lines as "X".
3. And here is your imagination begins to work. 
4. Add more random details to the snowflakes, the more details you draw the more interesting view you'll get.
Hope it was helpful to some of you :)


  1. I love your freehand snowflakes! :d

  2. You freehanded those snowflakes? They're amazing!

    1. Yup :) I am! Thank you Robyn :)

  3. Awesome ! I've tried it this way before but I love how you put little dots on the tips. I will definitely try this way and show you my results!

    1. Hope it was helpful, can't wait to see your snowflakes :)

    2. Thanks again for your tutorial anastasia!

      you can see my version of your nail design at my blog here :

      Merry Christmas to you and your family! all the best in the new year.

  4. My mom says she likes this to nail art :)


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