Thursday, December 13, 2012

MODI - "Stage Pink" / 모디 '스테이지핑크'

"Brilliant nail colors with shiny and glamorous pigment".
MODI Glam Nails in Stage Pink #25. 
I got this nail polish last summer I guess and naver had a chance to try it out. But basically it's a sheer milky pink, almost neutral color with lots of glitters to it. Absolutely adorable and elegant shade. I have 2 layers on right now without top coat (yet). Dries in normal time, almost smooth finish, nice texture and wide nail polish brush. I love all MODI polish, they are amazing :)
It might be hard to take this polish off because of the glitters but I like to use foil wrapping method with nail polish remover not pure aceton! but regular nail polish remover. And gonna do a hand and nail mask and leave it overnight to restore nail moisture.
A bit different lighting. The sun is completely lazy today though.
Have you heard of MODI polish brand? What colors do you have?


  1. Ooh I love this polish, light pink is so flattering and can go with so many outfits! Thanks for sharing



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