Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy New Year! Nails

I got a bunch of stuff from KKCenterHK last weekend (click here for my nail mail) and can't wait to try out everything :) And here is the first product I've used and my today's mani.
How to get this nail design:
1. I applied a base coat and nail hardener to start with.
2. Next I painted my index and thumb fingers with metallic gold polish and the rest of the nails colored in red.
3. I mixed red and black acrylic paint and with a small detail nail art brush draw a square shapes for plaid texture. I also spend several parallel lines with gold nail art polish.
4. Added "New Year" water decals and sealed with clear top coat.
5. For the index and thumb fingers I draw green leaves and red berries (I have no idea how it's called lol~), outilened with black and added a bit more texture to the leaves with light green paint. Filled in empty space with gold glitter polish and sealed everything with clear top coat.
Metallic gold water decals with "New Year" words. 25 images on one sheet. I really like this idea of water decals and it looks so cool on the nails. But I advise not to keep to long in water because it will unstick very-very fast and it's difficult to catch image in the water.
Here is a little closer look to the water decals because I've made such busy design and it's kindda hard to see them clear. And also I want to apologize if I stuck on the words upside down...
Water decals was sent from KKCenterHK.


  1. Wow , these are so festive, lovely!

  2. So pretty! I missed doing nail art!!! After seeing all your wonderful creations, you are inspiring me :D

  3. I love those Chinese characters. Really unique way to dress the nails.

  4. Очень красиво, празднично, но так сложно! Мне понравили квадратики - ромбики, как свитер.


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