Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Candy Canes and Mikkey Mouse Christmas Inspired Nails + Recent Haul

Another Holiday nail design I'm gonna share today :) It's all free handed nail art: candy canes red and green, pine branches and Mikkey Mouse head. Does it looks like Mikkey Mouse? LOL~ 
How I created this mani:
1. I applied a base coat on all my fingers.
2. Thumb and pinkie fingers I colored with creme red polish and on top of it I applied a good layer of fine red glitters. With white acrylic paint and thin nail art brush I painted candy cane lines.
3. On my index finger I applied creme green polish and a good layer of fine green glitters on top. With white acrylic paint and thin nail art brush I painted candy cane lines.
4. On my middle finger I applied light blue polish and painted Mikkey Mouse head using beige, white, black, red and green acrylic paints.
5. On the ring finger I used white creme polish and white glitters on top. Made brunches with black paint and pines with green, light green and black acrylic paints. Added a few gold hexagons on top.
6. Sealed everything with clear top coat.
I couldn't do a Mikkey Mouse on my right hand and decided to replace it with pine boughs instead. I had an accident with my index and middle fingers a few weeks ago thats why they look different.
I'm still on "non make-up buy" challenge and actually doing pretty well. Because I want to make my make-up collection as smaller as it possible, without expired products including eye shadows and other powder type products. For the past few weeks (one month almost) I bought only this 2 skin care items which was extreme need for me - replacement for finished stuff. Pond's Deep Cleansing Chung Facial Foam which is very nice facial cleanser. It doesn't take a make-up off but works great for my morning routine. Just a very little amount goes long way. I've used it quite a few times already and so far so good. Another thing I was needed is Clean & Clear a Clearing acne spot treatment. It's a bit harsh and I feel burning sensation on the skin but it works good enough. I have a huge acne attact from time to time so I have to have in my arsenal such product. And thats all for my monthly haul :) I'm proud of myself lol~
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  1. I love the nails! Its so beautiful and perfect for the holidays.

  2. Of course it does look like Mickey Mouse!! It's so fun and cute ^^ I guess the glitters removal should have been hard as usual!! Very nice season nail art!

    1. LOL~ Thanx Sarah :)
      Removing those glitters isn't hard for me because I like to use foil wrapping method with regular nail polish remover.

  3. Saw this on Instagram and you made me smile!!! So cute!


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