Friday, November 16, 2012

Spirit of Autumn. Good Bye Fall!

To be honest I didn't have planned it to be any sort of autumn inspired manicure but intuitively grabbed orange and red acrylic colors and made one-stroke flowers. I know it's a little late to tell how beautiful nature at autumn time is in Korea, even that the fall is still ongoing. The ski season is already opened and the first snow fell in the mountains but I still want to share this nail design. Also because in Europe countries it will be Thanksgiving this weekend, if I'm not mistaken because this holiday we already celebrated a few months ago. But hope it'll be a tiny idea for the Thanksgiving nail art to some of U. 
For this mani I did basic white French tip, applied glitter polish on top and draw one-stroke flower with red and orange acrylic paints. Also for color balance I decided to add some green leaf elements and white dots to the center of the each flower. Sealed everything with clear top coat and wore it for only one day. LOL~ It's only because I had an accident with my nail finger during house cleaning. My nail bended in half and the nail polish cracked in that area. I really was afraid that I would have to say goodbye to my long nails (I hate to glue silk on my nails and hate looking at glued nails as well, so I usually just cut them off and start growing from the very beggining). Took of the polish and SURPRISE!! My nail was absolutely Ok, nothing happend to it and I was so happy and amazed how flexible my nails are LOL~
This is indoor light. And without those red trees it reminds more of vacation to Hawaii. Isn't it? 
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 MODI Glam Nails nail polish in Candy Crush. 2 coats on. A bunch of stripe and hexagon glitters mixed together in clear polish. This glitter polish I used for the manicure. It goes in thick layer. Dries in normal time. And absolutely beautiful polish just for simple layering. Love glitters so much!
Have a great holiday to all of U who celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend!


  1. Aaaahh!!! Beautiful mani!! Love it a lot! Nice pics with the red leaves.
    By the way, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in France... so does the Europe I guess. I think, it's an american and canadian stuff!
    Sarah (from FB)

    1. Hey Sarah! ThanQ very much!
      Awe! I seriously thought England has this holiday too LOL~ My mistake :P

    2. Mmm... I have a doubt now!! England may celebrate it. I'm not a believer but I've never heard about this in Europe (especially in France) but maybe in England actually because it's an english country. So you might be right!!! Forget what I said!!!! :D

    3. No, no Sarah! That was really nice to learn something about France!

  2. Очень красиво и по-осеннему!

  3. I love one stroke flowers. I seriously need to try it! I already have the acrylic paints...I don't know what am I waiting for XD


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