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My Nail/Cuticle Care Routine and Products.

Whenever I post pictures of my bare nails I got lots of questions for How to grow natural long nails? How to keep them long? What the secret of growing natural nails long? What products do U use? and all that type of things. And because of that I decided to make a separate blog post so I can link to it when I'm asked questions. First of all I already have a blog post for How To Grow Long Natural Nails and nothing have changed since then just added a few more products for cuticle care which I'll be talking about today.
What is the cuticle? 
Сuticle is a dead keratinized skin that needs constant moisturizing. Cuticle acts as a protective barrier that prevents penetration of bacteria and other microbes in the nail root. Constant hydration of cuticles give a neat and well-groomed nails, preventing burrs. Also it helps to grow natural nails faster and healthier. Constant hydration of cuticles doesn't allow it to grow out and consequently there is no need to cut them off. If there is such a need, then don't be afraid to do so just be careful, don't cut off too much and make sure everything is cleaned and disinfected. 
As for my personal nail and cuticle care I pay more attention to my cuticles than nails. Because the cuticles are very important to achieve growth of nails. 
~ I push my cuticles back every other day. It helps to "accelerate" the growth of the nail plate and make nail bed longer as well.
~ I keep my cuticles moisturized through out the day. Try to use cuticle oils the more often the better (about 4-6 times of the day). I know it sounds boring but the desire to have beautiful long nails is above everything.
~ I don't cut off my cuticles because constant moisture doesn't allow them grow out.
~ I don't buff my nail surface and don't touch it at all because it causes brittle nails (it's personal experiense of my natural nails).
~ I "deep" moisturize my hands and nails once a week by making masks. Usually the day before I change my manicure I take off the old design and keep mask for all night long.
I have lots of different products and all of them are local Korean brand stuff. I have never tried European nail care products because it's hard to find them here and buying on-line includes very expensive shipping fee. But all things I use at the moment are works great enough for me :) 
Atrix Hand & Nail Care Moisturizer. It's a super cheap, huge size of hand cream. I like to use it for hand masks once a week. I apply a big amount of the cream to my hands, massage it for a little bit. Then I pull plastic gloves on and warm pair of gloves on top and keep it all night long.
Skin Food Super Nut Hand Cream. Limited edition - Skin Food and Eva Armisen's Small Happiness. Nice fragrant and good moisturizer for my hands. I used Etude House Bouguet hand and foot cream before but that one smelled like my "grandmom's cosmetics" so I decided to get another stuff to try out. This is just my regular hand cream I take with me in my bag and use on daily basics.
Neutrogena Foot Cream. FYI. This is my current foot cream which I hate. It mosturizes and absorbs nicely but it smells so bad, almost like a mold! I wish I never buy it!
Etude House Help My Finger Treatment Nail Salve. I use this product several times a day. It's clear in color,  and has consistency of a cream or gel, whatever, I mean it's not oil. It hydrate my cuticles so good and I like this treatment a lot!
Odyssey Cuticle Enchancer. It's second bottle of the oil I use and the main product to keep my cuticles moisturized. My nails and cuticles love this oil a lot! 
Innisfree Eco Essential Oil. Bought it for a change, just to try out something else. Nothing special about this product, regular cuticle oil.
Skin Food Pine Nut Cuticle Oil. I got it not so long ago and already like it so much. It's very good oil, a bit thicker texture than other regular oils. Second one to the Odyssey oil in my list.
Aritaum Shea Butter Cuticle & Nail Balm. I like to use it whenever I do my hand masks I apply this one to the nails at first and it restore moisture very well. 
Odyssey Hand Essence. This is a travel size product comes in a set of 5 bottles of hand mask, scrub, essence, cream and gel sanitizer. I forgot to include it in the picture of my creams. But I use it sometimes when I don't want slippery effect of a cream on the hands. This essence absorbs fast without greasy feeling on the skin.
Tony Moly Base Coat BC01. It was recommended product on Instagram and I really am glad that I bought it. It's really nice and thick base coat. 
Innsifree Eco Base Coat. Another base coat I use regularly but it's much thinner than the previous one. I'll finish it and go for something else.
Etude House Help My Finger Milk Strong Ca+. I like to use it before my base coat application. To strengthen my nails even more. It has slight milky undertone and I hope it give my nails some Ca.
Skin Food Pine Nut Break Free Nail Strengthener. I bought it not so long as well and change it from time to time with Etude House Milk Strong.
Etude House Jelly Pop Top Coat. This is my all time favourite top coat. I used 4 or 5 of them already. It's very thick top coat which able to seal all rhinestones and all that nail decoration stuff in one layer. Dries nice and fast. Don't smudge nail art and make final manicure look even more shiny! Have to get another bottle because I'm out. Took a picture of empty bottle :)
Etude House Help My Finger UV Diamond Top Coat. Fast dry top coat which smudges nail art; so I use it for one color polish only. Not recommended product.
MODI Glam Nails Top Coat. Next to the Jelly Pop from Etude House in my list. It's more cheaper and works just as great! My current top coat.
Skin Food Vodka Top Coat. For myself I decided that I don't like all "Fruit Drink Nail" series. All nail polishes are not pigmented at all, the application is completely sucks and this top coat smudges all nail art very easily. But the name is kindda interesting though :)
I think thats all what I wanted to include in this post. There is might be other and different opinions but this is just the way I follow and what helps me keep my nails long and healthy. If U have any other questions/requests please feel free to ask them in the comment section below.
ThanQ very much for the visit and have a beautiful nails :)


  1. Nice post and love your natural long nails :)

  2. Nice post and love your natural long nails :)

  3. Nice post and love your natural long nails :)

  4. Nice post and love your natural long nails :)

  5. wow your nails are long and well kept!!! I love the shape!

  6. I envy u sooo bad! No amount of oils, creams or treatments will change the shape and thickness or should I say thinness of my dreadful nails. Acrylics r all I can do if I want any length. Ur very genetically blessed!

    1. Yes, U right! I also never had artificial nails done so my natural nails are absolutely healthy.

  7. Lovely nails :) Can you recommend any whitening polishes?

    1. I have used only a few whitening polishes and nothing works for me, even lemon juice didn't help to whiten my nails. So most of the time they are yellow-ish...

  8. I tried adding solar oil too my nail care routine because it supposedly adds flexibility and hydration to my nails, but to my surprise, my nails were breaking and splitting like never before :(

  9. Wow!!! Your nails are very nice and I like your natural long nails.

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