Thursday, November 01, 2012

LA Splash Cosmetics. Make-up and Nails.

Since recently I've made a goal to finish all my make-up, it may sounds crazy but I really wish all my make-up could fit in not very small but only one bag. I fight myself all the time because whenever I go to buy stuff I feel like all those tubes and bottles and other items call my name LOL~ Thats hard and un-healthy, I know! And when LA Splash cosmetics  contacted me I just couldn't say no, because I can't :P The representative of the company was very generous and sent me a sample bag and it's not samples but full size products! I'm very happy to get the chance to try this cosmetics line because as I said many many times before it's very hard to find US brands here in Korea. 
Probably there is nobody on the earth who hadn't heard about LA Splash. When I first saw this products on You Tube I totally wanted to try Splash Sealer Base and some cosmetic Gltters. Because everyone just like them and leave a lot of positive responses here and there. And here I am! 
  Splash Proof Sealer Eye Shadow Sealer/Base.
Eye shadow primer - glitter must have which intensifies color and long last wear. Doll foot applicator and useful packaging. No smell, no irritation of my eyelids. I applied a thin coat onto eyelids stright with applicator and it's like miracle worker. My makeup in general looks neater because of the sticky texture of the base. Eye shadows sticks to the base very good and there is no fallouts. I like using this base for loose eye shadows, regular eye shadows and especially for any cosmetic glitters!

          Diamond Dust Mineral Eye Shadow in Golden Smoke.
Loose eye shadow - nice combination of black pigment and fine gold glitters.   Very easy to work with, applies smoothly and not fallout when applied. But glitter particals fallout very easily and disappear with blending. Overall this product works great as black (not deep black though) eye shadow.
***Cut the crease look using Golden Smoke for the crease, Silver Torpedo gliiters for the main lid and Black Diamond eyeliner on the top part of my black liner***
Diamond Eyeliner in Black Diamond.
Mostly black but it also has silver and a tiny bit of green, blue and brown glitters mixed with clear base eyeliner. I found it very light on top lids but for bottom innercorner eyes it looks beautiful! I've tried it a few times already but seems like it doesn't long last for me. After 1-2 hours I can't see it and have to re-apply again. 

                                 Lip Gloss in Pink Fusion.
Peachy, sort of nude, very sheer lip gloss. When I swatched it on my hand I could smell vanilla scent but on my lips I can't smell anything. It has a tingling effect but not very strong. Haven't noticed it makes my lips fuller though. It comes with a doll foot applicator which I really do like. Also it's very "glittery" lip gloss, so without difficulty there can be felt fine glitter particals on lips. Not sticky and stays on for a good few hours. I like this lip gloss!!
***on the picture I have lip liner on***

Mineral Eye Sparkle & Glitter. Glitter Splash in Silver Torpedo.
"Use alone or mix with other Splash products onto body/face/hair for the desired sparkling look!"
Silver Holo glitters. Very fine grinding. Looks amazing in different lighting. I've tried to use this glitters and on my eyes and nails. Works great for both! Easily removes with make-up cleansing tissue - for the face and for my nails I like to use foil wrapping method with regular nail polish remover.

I also have done some swatches on my hand. This picture was taken at natural daylight. 
Products was sent from LA Splash Cosmetics.


  1. Gorgeous sparkles. I cannot say no to such pretty things either.

    1. ThanQ very much :)
      ahaha~ glad U understand me :)

  2. Ohh I love your photos of the products! <3

  3. I love it! I loooove your nails! :)

  4. Wow! 쉑쉬한 메이크업과 저 엣지있는 손톱 정말 멋져용~!!! <3


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