Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Berry Feathers" Nails

The other day I was going through my makeup and found feather eyelashes which I never used. So I decided to do a manicure with them. 
Each finger is different in this mani: for thumb and pinkie I applied main base color and added silver glitters along the cuticle line, for ring finger I draw 2 zigzagie lines with opaque silver polish and the rest 2 fingers I decorated with feathers.
Sorry, no picture for full mani because my right hand looks ugly with broken nail...
For the main base color I used this beautiful Barry M polish in "Berry". I have 2 coats on. It is creme finish. Nice texture, smooth application, dry in normal time.


  1. another super pretty nail art! I love the base color too!!!

    1. Aweee... It's really sweet color Nikki! ThanQ so much :)

  2. love this....sooo pretty!

  3. OMG! pretty colors! it's just my style ;)


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