Monday, November 05, 2012

3D Acrylic Flowers + NOTD

"Faith" (신의) with Lee Min Ho is still my favourite K-drama. I enjoyed it a lot! So in love with everyone in that series! And it's finished now *sad face* I listen to the "Faith" music daily but I want see them too, gonna buy full drama and re-watch it agan. Crazy, I know LOL~ But I'm so damn in love with Min Ho :P
Also last Saturday I had free-lancing for kids face painting. Some of U who are follow me on Instagram probably saw practicing paint on my son and it was a lot of fun! I never thought that kids so like this thing but every time I was finished with image each kid showed me happy smile and super happy mood. It was like tons of positive energy source LOL~ Me and my young partner we worked 6 hours stright and didn't even felt tired - I loved that day :)
Fall season went so fast this year. Only a few days ago I showed beautiful autumn picture on my Instagram and it's already so cold out there. And this weather inspires me more for wintery designs which I have created for today's blog post. 
3D Acrylic "Winter Wonderland Flowers" Nail Art Design.
10 different powders in one stack/tower, not sure how it's called on English though. Each of the colors has individual name and U can check it and even more information about this powders by clicking on the product name above. As I've said before it came with false tips and some other stuff in one package and yellow powder spilled everywhere. It was a huge mass and a waste of product I guess. Also all of the sections was closed super-duper strongly and I had to ask for help from my husband to open the powders. My man could only open 6 of them, the rest still un-tried LOL~ *Look swatches below* But!!! I have to say that all those colors I've tried so far amazingly beautiful! All of them has a lot of shimmer particals and glitters. And looks absolutely beautiful just by itself!
Very good quality products. I have some cheap acrylic powders for comparison but this Myviven set is very nice! Not mess acrylic liquid, don't leave dirty traces, set in a normal time - professional quality.
Here I have some swatches. All of the colors are shimmery and more on sheer side kind of. I mean they will work great for main background color but it's hard to use for making flowers or any other designing elements with it. At least for me it working this way.
For my "Winter Wonderland Flowers" inspired design I used 118 (dusty rose) and 119 (shimmery blue) for the main background color and regular white powder for the flowers. Some white acrylic dots and rhinestones to decorate the design and it's done.
On my nails I have one of un-tried polishes and it's Etude House Dear My Neon Fab Nails collection in Scandalous Pink. It's 2 layers on without top coat. Very nice texture and brush is wide and soft. Looks opaque enough even in 1 layer. 
On top of Scandalous Pink I have another Etude House polish from Dear My Party Nails collection in Evening Dress PPK002. I have a swatch of the color be itself [HERE] Pink jelly polish with lots of different type holo glitters. I have 2 coats on of this polish as well. It looks gorgeous on sunlight. It's bling-bling so brightly :)
Acrylic powder was sent from KKCenterHK.


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