Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"STAINED GLASS" + recent haul

Yay! I finally got my Nail Technician License :) But the sad thing it isn't enough to open my own nail salon. I have yet to get a license of a hairdresser otherwise it will be illegal business run... Already got a book for hair lessons but there is no charge of energy in me to start new class and again get prepare for exams. For a positive source, I decided to make something bright on my nails. First I made this design HERE with UV gels at the nail school, then decided to try another one with acrylic paints for my nail portfolio and now I wanted them on my own nails. I'm absolute maximalist and like all at once, and for many. This is also true for my nails, every time I make a manicure I want to fill in every available piece of nail with something and think it isn't to much at all LOL~ 
For the main background colors I used The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex polishes in GR501 for light sort of minty blue  color, YL701 for pastel yellow and Etude House in "U Say Pink!" PK011. After that with acrylic paints I draw black lines for stained glass pattern and filled them in with different colors. Sticked some rhinestones and added butterfly water decals at the end. Thick layer of clear top coat and it's done!
Full mani looks like this. Sorry for the lighting, it's to much sunlight I guess...
I haven't bought a lot of stuff recently just a few items from Etude House, MODI polishes and finally my new bottle of Odyssey cuticle oil (my favourite cuticle oil).
From Etude House I got UV Diamond Top Coat (very disappointed by this product, it's quite thin and smears everything), Color My Brows eye brow mascara in Rich Brown (so exciting to try out), brown and black liquid eyeliners, more of Etude House Dear My Neon Fab Nails and skeleton nail patches.
I was excitied for new MODI polishes but haven't saw any pretty colors in the store. Kindda bought "old" shades.
On a random note: very excited for new Dexter season, already watched first 2 episodes. Love Debra more and more :P


  1. Soooo unique and Pretty Anastacia! i am so proud of all your creations!


  2. Looks fantastic, and I love your blog! visit your sweet post and do comment my lattest post , would be great to PLEASE follow me back on gfc OK ! thx :) xx

  3. ПОздравляю с получением лицензии. Насчет парикмахерского обучения - неужели у вас нет отдельных ногтевых салонов, а только совместно с парикмахерскими? Я знаю, что это сложно,я вот никогда не интересовалась этим делом, а моя сестра, наоборот, сама выучилась стричь по книге, на дому этим занималась, но никогда не интересовалась ни маникюром, ни мэйкапом.
    Маникюр очень красивый, но для длинных ногтей, у меня не отрастают.

    1. Спасибочки! Отдельных ногтевых салонов без парикмахерских валом, но теперь это будет нелегально если салон открыт на человека без 2х лицензий, в этом случае мы получаем лицензию не потому что хотим уметь стричь, а потому что хотим свои салоны открывать. Полный бред конечно, но наше дорогое правительство придумало что они хотят так :)

  4. Hiiii!!! Thank you sooo very much for visiting me~<3
    I'm sorry for not being able to update my blog AT ALL!
    I just don't have any chance to paint my nails atm:(
    I hope I can start back up again, so that I can look through your
    WONDERFUL posts that I've been missing!!
    Thank you very much again! See you soon;p hug xxox

    1. Glad to hear from U Minnie! Can't wait to see more of ur nail design updates! Hope everything is Ok! Please come back!


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