Sunday, September 23, 2012

Stamping Nail Art

It's Sunday today and both my kids home, so kindda lack of time for my nails. But I decided to make something really simple using stamping image plate. 
To get this design I applied 2 layers of black polish, mattified it with matte top coat and stamped some silver images on. And thats all :)
To be honest I'm so dead when choosing design and idea and colors in general for stamping nail art.
For the main black color I'm wearing new polish from my "un-used" drawer and it's from Etude House Darling collection in True Black. I have 2 layers on, no top coat. Applies nice and opaque. Dries quickly and can be used for stamping. 
7 different emotion images on English and Korean. It's not full letter print for Korean language and some of the words are misspelling. But I like this plate a lot and really wanted to have it in my collection too :)
 I have pre-stamp all of the images on paper and all of them are really nice graved. Good plate for fauxnadicuring!
Image plate was sent from KKCenterHK.


  1. Lol - this plate is really cute and I like the cleaness of this design! I do think simple things capture me more! Lol about the spelling that is hilarious I wouldn't have noticed because I can't read korean characters yet but honestly it pretty funny to have it pointed out. Btw you centered these stamps dead on! Great job!

    1. ThanQ so very much sweetheart!
      Sometimes simple designs looks amazing, absolutely agree with U!
      Ahahaha~ I'm so bad at placing images so it kindda was a bit hard LOL~
      I mean, those words are all right but somewhere there is no top part of the letters :)

  2. this is sooo cute -- love the color combo too!!

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