Saturday, September 22, 2012

NOTD "High Heels" + UV Gel Kit

Got bad news! Since I'm finished with nail school and the license will be ready soon my husband was ready to open a nail salon for me. But there is nothing easy in this life! We learn about the new law: without license of a hairdresser I can't open nail salon! Can U believe in such stupid law? I'm not into hair nor want to learn hair! I don't want to spend my time for thing I'm not interested in!! I'm sorry to those who like hair but I just tell the truth. There is nothing in common between the hair and manicure, I can't understand it!! South Korea, U disappointed me and all, yes all, nail students of MBC beauty academy! 
So, I had to cancel the tenancy agreement and I feel absolutely empty! And guess I start learning hair soon because I want my own nail salon anyways! 

Here is my nail design I'm wearing for past 2-3 days now and got a lOt of compliments but my camera don't want show the true neon pink color and it seems more like a carrot or red or something. But it's bright neon pink + silver holo chunky glitters = beautiful color combination!
To get this nail design I applied sheer beige polish all over my nails. Freehanded neon pink french tips. Outlined them with silver striper polish and applied silver chunky glitters on top. Added water decals on my thumb and ring fingers as well as clear rhinestones. Sealed everything with clear top coat.
*Picture in the shade*
For the silver glitters I used nail polish from Skin Food in Silver Party #1. And here is the picture of my french mani without decorations.
Another masterpiece from N.Nail. Best water decal maker! I love this line a lot!
U can click on the link above, I'm no affiliated to this web-site, I just want to share nice stuff with everyone! I'm not making money here!
 This water decals was sent from KKCenterHK.

As some of U may already now I'm really enjoying by acrylic nail designing. Not wear 3D on my nails but fill in my nail art portfolio with. I was run out of acrylic liquid or monomer and was confused for a long time which one to buy from Odyssey system or anything else. Odyssey acrylic system is very good quiality products but so very overcharged! And recently my friend bought this NAN acrylic liquid for herself and introduced it to me as well. And I just want to say it's amazing, it works great with all my powders and 60% cheaper than Odyssey one. So glad I have this one now, gonna re-purchase it over and over :) I bought it from local on-line store and it was free shipping + I got so many freebies, isn't that great? 
 And also I have started another class for gel nails. I got my UV gel starter kit and here is all I have so far. Waiting for cuticle-oil because it wasn't in my case but was paid for. Yet I'm in a process of ordering UV  lamp.
 Bless UV color gel set. Sorry for bad lighting but there is 10 different UV color jars. 
I already had 2 lessons for gel nail art and here is my first art. I excepted more from gels. I still prefer more usual acrylic paint + gel top coat.
"Stained Glass"


  1. Truly artistic and beautiful nails!! btw I awarded you with "the versatile blog award." <3 And posted some of your photos on it to promote your blog!


    1. ThanQ so much :) Very appreciate it :)

  2. beautiful work!! found you through Sooji :))

    1. ThanQ very much! I love ur make-up looks too :)

  3. love this, sorry about the new law, hope things work out :)

    1. Thanx for the LOVE Jakie :)
      Oh! I do hope too!


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