Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nautical Theme: "ANCHOR" mani + 3D acrylic nail art ideas

I've changed my mani this morning and it looks to me like fail LOL~ But I'm gonna wear it just for tomorrow and will remove it. Tried to create sort of sea wave because I wanted to use another water decal set from KKCenterHK
 My right hand doing nice and polished too :)

Products I used for this mani.

To get this mani done:
1. I applied base coat as always and with a small nail art brush and creme white polish created "wave" free edge.
2. Did the same "wave" only with sky blue polish.
3. Sprinkled baby blue glitter just on the blue area.
4. Applied some water decals and added blue rhinestones.
5. Finished off with some clear top coat.
Another amazing product I've got recently. They are great great great quality, I can't sterss enough how nice these N.Nail water decals are. Click to the product name to see more details.
Water decals was sent from KKCenterHK.

Also I want to share another 3D nail art creations I've made recently :) 
2D flowers and ribbon with some hearts. The flowers looks sloppy but I'm just still learning all the basics of 2D and 3D designing. And who would have thought that this is so interesting?! I'm gtting into acrylic designs right now (don't mean wearing artificial nails tho).
And my creations from yesterday. 2D camomile or basic 5 petal flowers, another grape and 3D bouquet of flowers. I had so much fun making them :)
Can't wait to start my gel nail art lessons too, hope it will be as much fun as it is right now :)


  1. Здорово получилось!

    1. спасибочки Анна :)

  2. Очень хорошая идея! Морская. Но как тыт очно наклеила наклейки - я так не умею, особенно на правой руке. И голубой глиттер там к месту.

    1. Спасибо Dana, это водяные наклейки и они очень хорошо скользят по ногтю, вот я и возила их туда-сюда пока не зафиксировала так как надо :) А потом салфеткой остатки воды смочишь и она как приклеенная к ногтю, так что это было совсем не сложно :)

  3. Wow firs this mani is so beautiful! Second I'm really jealous of your acrylic skills more than anything I would like to learn how to do this! You are so so talented!!!


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