Thursday, September 20, 2012

Naked, so naked :)

Yes, it's about my bare nails *LOL* and nothing more :) My special friend from Facebook requested to do an update for my nails growing. And actually I can say I'm imressed too how fast they grow this time :) CLICK HERE for previous nail growing update. May be my desire to have long nails for past few months makes itself felt *GIGGLING* but use of Odyssey cuticle enhancer is definitely helped to achieve such good result. Is waiting for fast replacement because it's already finished, can't wait to get another bottle of oil.
I completely agree, they are yellow! But let me tell U. First of all, I've tried using whitening thoothpaste, baking soda and lemon juice to whitening them but nothing works because I'm constantly wearing nail polish, literally all the time. But there is another way to keep them nice and pink by buffing top layer off of the nails which is very bad for natural nails in general because there is a possibility of buffing off to much, especially for mine. If I ever touch nail surface with any buffing tool I'll get a tear for sure. Thats not in my interests at all! So I decided to keep them the way they are look right now because I want them long and healthy, without patching and gluing etc. I'm getting enough shit on Flickr about my yellow nails so please don't do that to me here too! I know they are yellow but I never show to people around my unpolished nails, always have a manicure!
I have semi-square nail shape a.k.a squoval. I correct the shape every week, just a little bit but I try to not touch often sides of the free edge. Because the longer my nails, the deeper C-curve is.
I have nothing on my nails on these pictures :)
Here is all nail and hand care products I'm using lately:
Etude House Hand Bouguet Rich Butter with 5% shea butter. Hand and heel cream. Very thick texture. I use it for my hands in the cooler months, when skin becomes drier. Don't like the smell of "old lady" though but it moisturizes so well.
Etude House Help My Finger Treatment Nail Salve. I use it few times a day. Massaging it into my cuticles. It has no color (transparent), no specific smell and my cuticles do like it :)
Aritaum Shea Butter cuticle and nail balm. I use it on my nails and cuticles when I'm about to change mani, I take off all nail polish and moisturize them with shea butter overnight. The next morning my nails look very nice and healthy :)
Innisfree Eco Nail Essential Oil with 60% Natural Origins. Since my Odyssey cuticle oil is finished now and new one isn't arrived yet I'm using this oil. I usually alternate it with Treatment Nail Salve.
Etude House Help My Finger Milk Strong Ca+. Right now I use it on my bare nails before base application. It has milky undertone but works good. 
I like taking care of my nails. They are my jewelry, lovely jewelry :) I like to keep them healthy and not only for painting 0_o
How do U feel about ur nails?


  1. Мне очень нравится форма твоих ногтей! Я тоже всегда стараюсь наносить базу под цветной лак :)

    1. Спасибо Анна! Да, база это маст хэв чтобы предотвратить негативное воздействие обычного лака на ноготь. В базе меньше химикатов и при использовании базы цветной лак ложится ровнее...

  2. Your nails look great and healthy. They are long and have a beautiful shape.
    Mine are the same as yours: yellow because they are always with nail polish. As you said, it is not important because nobody see them.
    By the way I really like your manicures!

    1. ThanQ very much! I like this shape too, I think it's more wearable, at least for me :)
      Agree, absolutely agree with U!
      Thanx again!

  3. Wow hun! Your nails are looking really healthy and great! I don't know why people are giving you such a hard time about your nail color! Honestly if you paint your nails a lot they will yellow no matter how many layers of base coat you put down it happens. They are probably just jealous because they look so good. Keep it up! You use a lot of cuticle products too...I'm very interested in the Odessey cuticle oil too. My hands have been so dry lately now that fall is here I need to add a few more moisterizing products to my routine.

    1. Awe! ThanQ so very much my dear!
      There is a few stupid people who actually don't have a normall account and don't share with pictures, but they think they can spread shit, sorry for the rant!
      Yeees, I'm obssesed with cuticle products LOL and Odyssey oil is so very good, my favourite one, I think. U should try it too! Would U share ur nail care routine? So exciting about urs :)

    2. Lol no need to apologize. You are popular and unfortunately that comes with good and bad kwim? Hmm my routine lol nothing really exciting mostly I'm using pure vitamin E oil, Lush Lemony flutter or CND Solar Oil to moisturize my cuticles. I also use Eucerin hand cream but it's more like an ointment very thick and recommended for kids diaper rash hahaha. I need to find something more moisturizing because every winter the skin on one of my fingers on my right hand cracks and gets so hard. It's very frustrating because none of my other nails are like that. Any possible solutions? Maybe I need to use more lotions...

    3. U're so sweet! ThanQ a lot for the support!
      OMG! Ur nails are more than happy! So nice products!
      I have the same problem on my right hand middle finger and I always apply a thick layer of vaseline overnight. Works a lil' bit but after sometime it goes by itself... Yes, more moisture :)


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