Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cartoon Fauxnadicure

I have 2 nail art goals for this months: one is to start stamping more and the second is training myself for hand painting. So I've collected a lot of different image plates now and haven't used them all yet. One of such plates is N.Nail B32 plate. For the main background pattern I sponged a few light colors and the design in general looks kindda empty. Perhaps I had to add more details on the background but it was so fun to wear it for a day on my nails. Because my lil' son was very happy to see cartoons on the nails and wanted to take them all the time :)
For this nail design I used creme white polish as base color, pastel yellow, light green, sky blue, pastel purple, pastel pink, orange and flakie polish on top. Everything was sponged upright and stamped with black polish.
To make all colors look brighter I applied white creme polish as a base color. It's from Etude House Darling collection in True White. I have 2 layers on without top coat. Applies nice and smooth. Dries quickly and can be used for stamping as well.
7 different images of cartoons comes in separate package with protective film on each plate. I seriously have no idea how these cartoons called *LOL* except of Snoopy~ but they looks KAWAII to me :)
As usual I pre-stamped all images on paper to see how they works and in my personal opinion all N.Nail image plates are very nice. So far I have 3 different plates from them and they all are so good! Very easy to pick image on the stamper and all images are made very detailed. Nice image plates which are certainly not let down!!
Image plate was sent from KKCenterHK.
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  1. anastacia! That is soooo cute!!!

  2. I love your vertical gradient you did and the little figures are super kawaii! The one with the little pajamas is my favorite! Great job sweetie :)

    1. ThanQ dear!
      I think U talking of Snoopy, I know only him LOL~


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