Thursday, August 02, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012 Nails

Warning! This blog post contains feet/toe pictures! 
Edit: I decided to add my fresh made manicure as well. Orange gradation with daisies sticker on top. Very simple...

Finally our summer vacation is started. My kids are home and hubby got his summer vacation as well. We have lots of amazing plans on how to spend these 3 days together. Yes, it's only 3 days and because of this we are gonna travel inside of Korea only. Of course we are gonna go to the beach and I have changed both toes and nails for this occasion. I chose bright neon colors "to bring attention" sort of nails LOL~
Please excuse uneven tan thats because I walk a lot outside and really do like wearing quite open shoes. I had 3 broken toe nails lately and I shortened them all...
Products used for this pedicure:
All flowers was done with white nail polish. I learned this technique from my nail tech.
Here is the main design I got idea from. It's sample nail art I made at the nail school. It's a gradation background with white flowers on top. I never tried to create any nail designs with polish only and I found it pretty hard LOL~
And now perhaps I'll come back and continue to watch watch Olympic Games 2012 :)
Go Go Go KOREA!!


  1. These are such summery and happy designs!! The nail art sample looks amazing too:D Enjoy your holidaaaaay~~~;D

  2. Wow you must have the steadiest hands in the world to create such a detailed pedicure! It's gorgeous!

    1. Awe! ThanQ so very much :) I've practiced on the paper before do it on my toes :)

  3. Very nice! Excellent!!!


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